Siou Wolfsbane

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Siou Wolfsbane
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Marr'ae, Zabrak
Father Cangeson Wolfsbane, Human Clone
Marital Status Single
Born Year -15 Day 251
Languages Galactic Basic, Zabraki
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 83kg
Coloring Tan / brown markings
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Ternion Corps (Year 25 to Present), Aliit Alor'a, The Wolf Pack, The Howlers
Rank Lieutenant, with Ternion Corps. Ruus'alor of Aliit Alor'a.
Prior Affiliation The Syrens (Year 5 to 7) Black Dust Industries (Year 7-11), Maim's Workshop (Year 24-25)

Siou Wolfsbane, a Zabrak engineer by trade, from Corellia. Currently, she is a serving as a member of Ternion Corps, a Clone Wars veteran advocacy group that has gradually activated new front line combat units with a fresh birthing of Clone soldiers. Siou is also a Mandalorian of Aliit'Alora.

Early Life

Born to a well to do family on the southern hemisphere of Corelliain the year -15, Siou Wolfsbane was treated as a normal child; never spoiled; never pandered to. A small monthly allowance was saved for her, which she would be able to access on her 21st birthday to help her on her way in life.

Her father, Cangeson Wolfsbane, was a mechanic, and by Siou's 18th birthday he had a small company chain through several townships around. This venture allowed him to take a backseat and let his various managers do the hard work for him, giving him time to spend with his daughter.

The time they spent together was used to further Siou's education into the details of mechanics, as she had picked up small bits of knowledge, and experience, following her father around for several years before hand. Her experiences involved the fixing of various speeders, and droids, and other smaller devices.

With the guidance of her father, Siou had built a simple droid to help her mother out when both Siou and her father were busy with work.

Siou's mother, Marr'ae, was overjoyed when Siou presented her with a protocol droid to help.


Siou standing on the bridge of her ship

In year 7, once she reached her 21st year, Siou was given access to the account which held her parents savings for her which she used to purchase a small, broken down freighter. She spent several months doing the ship up, making it space worthy for her to use.

Siou decided to put the ship to good use and use it to pilot goods around the galaxy, and after not very long, Siou had gained a reputation for being reliable, never deviating from her set course. From A to B, with some r'n'r time once at B. Her reputation also spread to show how discreet she was. Never asking questions about the freight she was carrying. Just loaded up accordingly, and took it off.

This line carried on fine for Siou, until, on one trip so was boarded by Imperial Stormtroopers carrying out a uniform sweep, when they came across some contraband weaponry in one of the crates from a supposed legit client.

Siou had no allegiances towards the Galactic Empire, or the Rebel Alliance but Siou was not willing to get a bad reputation with either faction! She explained that she didn't know what she was carrying, realising just how bad that sounded when said out loud, but she had been stopped by an Imperial Sweep several times before and had never had any issues.

The Stormtrooper Commander was willing to let it go, on the proviso that she handed over the contraband, and details of the client to him.

Since that incident Siou made it a policy to get every new client checked out first before the job, to make sure every customer she worked for was legit, and above board!

Siou has had stints working with the Syrens, who were a group of affiliated pilots created by Lady Mia DeMornay, as well as Black Dust Industries.

The Freighter Years

Between the years 11 and 25, Siou spent most of her time in the background, quietly living a life as a spacer.

During the year 24, on a routine job, Siou's hyperdrive unit gave out half way through a jump, started hyperskipping and landed her in the middle of a battle. A group of pirates, attempting to raid some ore freighters, thought Siou to be easy pickings, but had not anticipated the arrival of the Arkanis Rangers. Captain Danna provided cover for the Llandoger Trow, and saw off the pirates. Danna provided Siou the option of flowing at sublight to Tatooine, which would have taken several weeks, or be taken down to Austan IV, at which point, a salvager would be sent to collect the Llandoger Trow, and bring it to the port for Siou to work on.

Siou opted for the latter, and in doing so secured herself steady work at the Jarijador Spaceport, as a mechanic, helping out a chevin called Maim Vendal. The agreement was mutually beneficial; she would work for Maim, helping with his backlog of jobs, and she could get access to materials needed to fix her ship for free. It was during this time that Siou met the veteran clones; Jax, Rato, Phlox, Wan, Yamaguchi, and Jewel. Over the next few months, the clones would become like an extended family to Siou, as they considered her a niece, given her father was also a veteran clone.

Ternion Corps

Siou in her gear as a junior officer

Siou Wolfsbane joined Ternion Corps in year 25, day 71.

Early in the year 25, Siou was approached by a man, calling himself Vir Calder. Vir had heard of Siou’s predicament, being without a ship, and asked if she would be willing to take on some work helping to clear out bandits and hostile creatures on a nearby planet that The Resistance were looking to inhabit. He promised an honest wage, for honest work, and would provide a ship and a squad of clone troopers to assist with the work. To sweeten the deal, Vir also said that whilst they would expect loyalty, should other work arise in the meantime, Siou would be free to pursue this work.

Taken aback by Vir’s earnest approach, Siou readily accepted. She was given access to the Pacer, a light freighter, and a squad of Clone Troopers, and, as a newly minted junior officer, set course to undertake her new job.

Visit to the B'omarr Monastery

Siou's gift from the B'omarr Monks

During year 25, taking advantage of her leave to explore the 17th Uli Swap Meet at the Mos Espa Grand Arena on Tatooine, Siou took some time to go explore the B'omarr Monastery, something she had been meaning to do for a while. Upon entering the monastery, Siou was greeted by a monk, who promptly asked if she had come to seek enlightenment by way of separating her brain from her body, to free her of distractions. Siou politely declined, but the monk kindly gave her a jar as a reminder of her visit, and that one day, should she ever wish to be divested of all distractions, and finally attain enlightenment, the monks will always be there, waiting for her.

Aliit Alor'a

Siou Wolfsbane in her Mandalorian armour

During combat training, Siou was sent to investigate a patrol that had gone missing. In doing so, Siou discovered the abandoned outpost of an old mandalorian clan; Aliit Alor'a.

Together with Zal Ragath, Siou started to work to find out about the history of the clan. Zal took on the role of Aliit'buir, with the aim of restoring the clan to its former glory.

To honour those lost, Siou pledged herself to the clan, and Zal took Siou under his wing and began training to become a Mandalorian, herself. Within time, Siou completed the training and trials set before her, becoming the first mandaloria trained by Aliit Alor'a in quite some time.

Given her role in discovering the clan, Zal Ragath bestowed the priviledge of becoming his second in command to Siou after the completion of her trials and induction.

Siou's armour was chosen by her as part of one of her trials to become a Mandarlorian, chosen from those she wished to honour. She also wears the pelt of a D`oemir Bear, which was a trophy from her final trial to becoming a Mandalorian.

HerdFest '25

Mid year 25, the Ithorian HerdFest commenced. Intrigued to get a deeper understanding of Ithorian culture, Siou went along.

Operation Kuill

Straight after HerdFest '25 finished, members of Ternion Corps, alongside The Resistance, Rebel Alliance, Jedi Order and other allied factions began operations to secure the newly discovered Arvala system.


Nayru Kahn is a Female Dresselian whom Siou met during her early years as a freighter pilot. The pair had met a in year 14, when Nayru's ship was damaged in space. Siou had welcomed her aboard the ship, and the two began working together; the Dresselian became a de facto bodyguard to Siou.

Scrappy is a basic K-4 Security Droid that serves as an additional support for Nayru.

Vir Calder - Employer

Zal Ragath - Aliit'buir of Clan Alor'a, and Siou's mentor.

The Wolf Pack - a group of veteran Clone Troopers and Chevin warriors, under Siou's employ.

The Howlers - a group of Falleen warriors, under Siou's employ.

Maim Vendal - a Chevin who "allowed" Siou to work for on the Llandoger Trow for free in her spare time, whilst working at his mechanics shop, at the Jarijador Spaceport on Austan IV.

Awards and Accolades

Op Kuiil - Arvala.jpeg Awarded for participating in the securing the Arvala system, year 25.