Sirius Cyan

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Count Sirius Cyan
Biographical Information
Race Devaronian
Homeworld Devaron
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Political Information
  • Count of Serenno
Prior Affiliation See Career
"I've had it with these motherf#cking crystal snakes on this motherf#cking ship!"
— Sirius Cyan, somewhere in Hyperspace


Born in the ancient world of Devaron, Sirius comes from a long-line of successful traders and businessmen who also dabled in the politics of Devaronian society with a respectful degree of success.

Following tradition, Sirius started trading at a young age but his wild temper coupled with an incontrollable eagerness to travel made him turn into the stars and seek employment as a mercenary. A short lived experience, he soon found out he much rather resolve disputes using his head, eloquence and reason than brute force and death threats; however, he left with a newfound understanding of the principles of warfare and close quarters combat, knowledge he treasures and finds immensely helpful when in need of getting out of a bad spot.

Sirius follows the ancient rite of Kampar and is a loyal supporter of its Order, having fullfilled the necessary rites to be part of it as a Neophyte. A well-known trader and collector of exotic and rare vessels, he can be found negotiating in public or dealing and mediating deals behind doors.

Sirius was made Count by decree of Count Bossive Ketwol of Serenno, sovereign of D`astan.


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