Sith Imperium

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The Sith Imperium
Political information
Type of government Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Head-of-Government Voice of the Emperor Arthur Von Kaldreon
Commander-in-Chief Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Executive branch Dark Council
Legislative branch Dark Council
Judicial branch Dark Council
Affiliation Neutral
Societal information
Capital Tamra III
Territory Tolonda
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credits
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 8 Day 351
Status Active
Holosite Data Missing



The “Sith Imperium” is a dictatorship in the southern outer rim that remained in hiding for many of its natural lifespan. Uther Von Kaldreon reigned and continues to reign as the ruler of the Sith Imperium and all its prior incarnations it concealed itself within the galaxy. Having used many various brandings to conceal the truth of his followers and the destiny of the Imperium of Sith. The Sith Imperium used its position to garner military advancements cut off to those of neutral, warring, or "Dark" side influence of the force. Lord Emperor Von Kaldreon used his influence to bide his time and defend his realm as they continued to prepare for the day they would become revealed as the Sith Imperium. At one point in the history of the Imperium it had aligned with the Galactic Alliance and Rebels from across the galaxy. Sensing the dark side was deep within the minds of those within the alliance he used this to his advantage. Aligning with corrupt, self serving, and malicious entities that hid behind the visage of peace, unity, and democracy allowed the Imperium to go unnoticed and grow itself. Seeing that the alliance was destined for failure and the many attempts it had to use its influence to control those who had joined it. The Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium chose to withdraw from the Galactic Alliance in order to pursue a path onto itself in the galaxy.

Casting off all its prior identities of the Archduchy of Tolonda, Infinite Empire, United Coalition of Rachuk, and others. The Sith Imperium finally became fully open to the galaxy revealing itself. Under the watchful and ancient eye of the Lord Emperor the Imperium became known to all. Focusing on old holocrons that were found on various worlds describing the lost culture of the true sith. Lord Emperor Von Kaldreon aimed to restore the true and ancient ways of the Sith and cast off the false identities of the Dark Jedi claiming false heritage.

Government and Politics

Imperium Hostilities

The Sith Imperium was forced into a position of war with many of its former allies that comprised the Galactic Alliance which further showed the corruption that dwelled within them.

Imperium Ceasefire/Truces

The Sith Imperium currently holds a ceasefire with Faerytail Family, Tresario Star Kingdom, Black Sun within the galaxy. While it is a state of constant war with the Galactic Empire passively due to claiming Sith heritages.

Society and Culture

TSI culture is one of constant war and a mindset of war. It is the belief of the Sith Imperium to conquer those who would be considered unable to defend itself, conquer those who challenge them, conquer those who conflict with their cultural system. The Sith Imperium takes pride in the acknowledgement that it focuses on a military mindset and invests a vast portion of its economic status towards the growth, development, and expansion of its Ministry of War. Sentients whom become a citizen of the Imperium are immediately indoctrinated into the Ministry of War and defense of the State and Royal Family. As to keep the Imperium thriving and alive for many generations to come it is taught that everyone must be ready to fight and defend the Imperium.

Although with a heavy mindset on militarism as part of the ways. The Imperium does not forget its core other principles such as those inducted into the Sith Order are the champions, guardians, and enforcers of the realm. Those who have been gifted with the force are often swept away into the Order without any warning. This is to begin their training and to mold them into the ancient teachings passed down by the Lord Emperor, High Priest, and that of the Prince. The Sith are the teachers sent to teach other members of the Imperium about our destiny, our culture, and where we came from as a people. Spending countless hours, days, and years the members of the Sith become the strongest of the warriors, teachers, and that of Royal Families protectors.


The Sith Imperium is considered one of the smallest economic powers in the galaxy in terms of governments. Due to the lack of territory, production, and other valued resources over the years the Imperium has been a slowly progressing on the front of the "Economic" power. Having been forced to recognize this multiple times through the years the Sith Imperium worked on finding ways to invest, develop, and hopefully expand its economic foot print. This remains a challenging position for the future of the Sith Imperium since its foundation and is expected to be its weakest spot of the Imperium. But the Dark Council and its advisory members selected by the Lord Emperor have been reallocating resources to improve on this position. The Dark Council and its members will continue to acknowledge this will remain a weak spot for the future of the Imperium but with time hope to develop it into a greater position that can help advance the Imperium.

The economy of the Sith Imperium being known by all as its weakest aspect is often the most targeted section of the Imperium. The current Lord Councillor of the Interior Machiezmo Juggalo continually invests allocated resources, requesting new resources, and bringing new staff to his team. Using his knowledge through the years and that of those in his Ministry he has and will continue to revamp, expand, and flourish the economy of the Sith Imperium.

Ministry of War

The Ministry of War is the core fighting machine of the Sith Imperium. Lord Councillor Xyre Vindictus currently in in charge of the Ministry of War in its entirety by the blessings of the Lord Emperor Von Kaldreon. With the support of the Lord Emperor, Dark Council, and other Ministries the Ministry of War continually works to enhance its fighting forces. Knowing that the Ministry of War is the front line defense and assault forces of the Imperium. The Ministry of War uses a simplified one structure system to manage its military forces. The MoW uses the Sith Imperial Army as its core structure which is trained into multiple Battalions to work as a solid cohesive team. Building bonds with each other those in the Battalions learn the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Learning how to aid each other in their respective battalions they learn to fight, drill, and become a fighting force for the future of the Imperium.

Due to the many years of military officers going rogue, betraying the state, and or defecting to other governments. The Sith Imperium has been forced to adopt a constant military production route to keep its armories supplied. The Ministry of Interior works closely with the Ministry of War to constantly develop, build, and enhance the Ministry of War. To keep it growing and standing as a formidable force in the means of military power. While the military in past years has seen several losses with its constant shift in leadership. It is believed under the leadership of the Lord Councillor of War Xyre Vindictus that the military has achieved new precedence as a fighting force. One day the re-vamped and constantly training military forces of the Imperium will be seen on the battlefield and test their skills.

Ministry of State

The Ministry of State is the political subdivision of the royal family. The Ministry of State is currently overseen by Prince Arthur Von Kaldreon and left under his dutiful guidance. Those who serve in the Ministry of State are officers of the Imperium trusted to leave the realm to develop relations. Serving as that of diplomatic officers, trading advisors, and intelligence sharing officers to those they are assigned to. Ministry of State staff are hand recruited by members of the Royal Family. Only through the invitation of Lord Emperor Von Kaldreon or Prince Von Kaldreon can one gain a position into the Ministry of State.

Although the primary focus of the Ministry of State is external affairs. The MoS focuses on many other aspects of the Imperium including that of citizen affairs, recruitment, propaganda to name a few roles within the group that comprises the Ministry of State. Each role services portions of the Imperium to ensure a healthy, strong, and developed citizen to achieve their goals and future.

Ministry of Interior

The civilian workhorse of the Sith Imperium. They are the engineers, builders, mine managers, medics, and civilian pilots of the Sith. This division consists of 3 subsidiaries factions, Silviut Corporation, Genetech Corporation, Vulca Minerals.

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Sith Imperium
Subsidiaries Genetech Corporation · Vulca Minerals · Silviut Corporation
Sectors Tolonda
Branches · Ministry of War · Ministry of State ·Ministry of Interior


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