Order of the Sith

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This page is about the Galactic Empire's Order of the Sith. For other incarnations, see Sith Order (disambiguation).
Order of the Sith
General Information
Status Active
Leader Dark Lord Darth Virsunas
Motto Sith Code
Headquarters Dark Temple
Historical Information
Founded Unknown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Imperial Union
Type Force Sect
Holosite Order of the Sith

The Order of the Sith, also known as the Sith or Sith Order, is the Force-using group closely affiliated with the Galactic Empire. It is an organisation of Force Sensitives who adhere to the tenets of Sith ideology. Since the reformation of the Galactic Republic into an empire, the Order has held close ties with the Throne, though at times there have been schisms resulting in the creation of different orders, each swearing fealty to their own claimant to the Imperial Throne or mantle of Dark Lord.


The Order of the Sith has existed longer than anyone can remember. It has existed in many different forms throughout the millennia and was often believed to have disappeared only to return once more to strike fear into the hearts of many. During the times of the Imperial Core the Sith operated completely out of the galaxy's view, until the assumed a more visible role again when they merged with the Imperial Core to form the Dark Empire.

After the merger between the Dark Empire and the Galactic Empire, the Sith Order was renamed to Order of the Dark Hand by Vodo Bonias.


The Order of the Sith is led by the Dark Lord of the Sith, who is typically the most powerful of the Sith. He is advised by the members of the Sith Council. The Council is comprised of the leaders of each division of the Order as well as any number of honourary members, to be appointed by the Dark Lord.

Former leaders

Former Dark Lords of the Sith include:

Contrary to popular belief, Darth Gwar was never Dark Lord of the Sith. Instead he granted himself the title Venerable Dark Side Master throughout his reign as Galactic Emperor.

Current leadership

On Year 12 Day 240, the Dark Lord Volentus fell from grace and was exiled from the Order and branded the Shamed One by decree of the Emperor. A member of his Council, Darth Astes soon claimed the mantle of Dark Lord and shortly after took on the new name of Darth Virsunas, no longer assocating with the name given to him by the fallen Sith regime.


As a Sith's strength and power increase, he is given a rank or title. From weakest to strongest, these ranks/titles are:

  • Sith Acolyte
  • Sith Apprentice
  • Sith Knight
  • Sith Master
  • Dark Lord of the Sith

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