Skeebo III

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Skeebo III
System Skeebo
Sector Shadola
Galactic Coordinates (434, 172)
System Coordinates (10, 7)
Astrographic Entry Skeebo III
Type Gas Giant
Primary Terrain: Gas Giant
Rotational Period {{{rotation}}}
Orbital Period {{{orbital}}}
Population 22,253,505,868 inhabitants
Controlled By Alissma
Governor Kuro Neko
Magistrate Alicia De`Kova
"Many of you might recognize the name. For those of you who don't, Skeebo III is a well-known hive of villainy."
— TriNebulon News

Skeebo III is a gas giant in the Shadola sector of the Outer Rim. It is controlled by Alissma and governed by Kuro Neko.


Once the home of an ambitious plan to develop a gas giant that catered to any sentients who were looking to find a safe home, Skeebo III is now a desolate wasteland of overcrowded buildings, hotels, taverns and casinos that blot the horizon.

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