Skerad Murem

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"What this galaxy needs is more unemployed politicians."
— Skerad Murem on Governments
Skerad Murem
Sekrad Murem
Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Iridonia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -16 Day 142
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Weight 93 kilograms
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Positions Smuggler


Outline of Skerad's Facial Scarring

Skerad Murem has an abnormal appearance compared to most Iridonians. After his first incarceration in an Imperial detention center, Skerad's four vestigial horns were removed in an attempt to obfuscate his identity. Shortly after he was released from a second Imperial detention center, Skerad felt the time had come to honor the Zabrak tradition of facial tattoos. Not the type to be outdone, Skerad had his facial tattoos done with a laser scalpel instead of the traditional ink. The result was a raised scarring of the flesh in a tribal pattern.

As if the lack of vestigial horns and the scarification wasn't enough, Skerad also has cybernetic eyes. Upon initial inspection the eyes are merely replacements, but further analysis shows a large amount of electronics not common in typical replacement eyes.

Skerad also has a large number of upper body tattoos. Most of which are in Huttese script, but neither of the Imperial prisons were able to decipher their meaning. It is unknown whether the symbols have meaning or are merely decorative.

On any given day Skerad will be wearing a black sleeveless shirt, a pair of brown pants and a pair of black rancor hide boots. Usually a holstered DL-44 blaster pistol sits at his hip, suspended by a well-made, brown bantha hide holster.

In a situation where subtlety is not necessary, Skerad wears his heaviest armor and wields his handmade Ryyk Blade.


Skerad Murem has a typical Zabrak personality. He is headstrong and will not accept defeat. Above all things he lives for freedom. Rashness is typical behavior for Sekrad. Though he is more prone to more straight forward action, Skerad will use underhanded tactics and deception to win.


Early life


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