Sko Danbarr

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Sko Danbarr
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Tauber IV
Mother Ilora
Father Parlu Danbarr
Born Year -7, Day 43
Languages Galactic Basic, Ryl
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation None
Signature Sko-Signature.png

Sko Danbarr is a Tyferran female, offspring of an accidental Twi'lek and Tyferran rendezvous. An accomplished fighter, proficient in numerous fighting styles of the hand-to-hand arts, Sko makes her living as as security attache while moonlighting in the boxing ring. No opponent deemed unworthy, Sko engages whomever necessary to achieve her goals, or her latest pay-cheque. As year have transgressed, her motives and desires have become more relaxed, stepping back from fight regularity to establish a small friendship group and maintain a semblance of a normal life. Her travels eventually found her around the cluster of the Tion Hegemony, working closely with several dignitaries and emissaries on assignments across the galaxy.

Life Becomes

A Strange Start

Born the early stages of the seventh year before recognised time, Sko was the offspring of Ilora, a gorgeous Twi'lek, and a Grey Jedi, Parlu Danbarr. Conceived in the Jaso sector, Parlu abandoned Ilora before the birth of Sko due to embarrassment, wanting instead to return to his family in the inner-regions. Eventually born on the planet of Tauber IV in the same sector, Sko was cared for by her mother on the cold planet for many of her childhood years. Adapting to the cold environment from a very early age, Sko spent hours exercising from the age of six, running mile upon mile across the cold ice and snow of the planet without hesitation. Her stamina was observed by her mother, who encouraged her to pursue competitions and other avenues to improve. Over several years she would regularly conquer athletic competitions and gatherings, taking victory frequently. At the peak of her success around the age of ten, her focus became distracted through an impromptu return of her father Parlu. Using his abilities with the force to manipulate, Parlu introduced Sko to the ways of the Keetael, a move Ilora was strongly against. Loosing interest in athletics, Sko was taken under her fathers' wing for months at a time as he visited, spending weeks in training in the mountains, learning various martial arts, fighting methodologies and survival tactics.

As her knowledge began to grow, Sko commenced her teenage years as an amateur fighter. With an affinity for grappling and brawling, Sko found it easy to power her way through opponents, earning a nice income on the side. Answering to no-one, Sko began to distance herself from the bitter arguments of her parents, moving away at fifteen to a small cottage on the other-side of the planets icy surface. Through solitude and desire to improve, Sko continued to foster the ways of the Keetael, rigging up large piles of snow and ice, using them as walls for her to practice her kicks and punches to build a higher than usual pain threshold.

Ilora, before Sko's birth.

After numerous successful fights, Sko was ready to settle down. While not even eighteen, she had managed to amass a small fortune for herself through her prowess and strength in battle. Bruised and regularly nurses numerous wounds and broken bones, she required time of heal and reassess the next phase of her life. Returning home to her mothers' she walking into her mother stabbing Parlu through the chest with his orange bladed lightsaber. Showing no remorse of the loss of her father, Sko stood still in the doorway as her father drew his final breath. Despite their numerous experiences in the mountains, Sko didn't appreciate the prolonged absences of her father, being treated like a shunned offspring, along with the treatment of her mother. While she showed her mother support through the hardship, Sko had little choice but to hand her mother into the authorities of the Jaso sector. With her mother in prison, Sko used some of her winnings to purchase transport off the planet, disembarking near the moon of Danteel Companion.

Starting fresh in a new sector meant a large amount of Sko's finances were depleted within the first few months of her arrival. Having a desire to transition into security, she realised quickly that she required additional studies before this could become a reality. Due to the Imperial control of Danteel, Sko was able to utilise Imperial communications hub to registered for larger fights with greater reward. Adapting the moniker of The Spear, Sko inked herself before engaging on the next phase. With victories becoming less regular due to the far greater challenges she now faced, Sko spent much of her time outside of the fighters' circle studying holovids of her opponents, in-between studies on security protocols, weapons training and espionage.

With her focus on training and development, Sko was able to embrace new teachings, leaning on her Keetael background to gather greater momentum during her fights. Deciding to compete in her final organised fight on her twenty-fourth birthday, she was victorious, ending her career with a record of fifty-seven victories to sixteen losses. Transferring to the Duro sector several days later, Sko took a number of security assignments under the CorSec banner to gain experience. Working on a number of small security details for attaches and diplomats, she began to understand the basic methods of personal security, leaning on her past to neutralise numerous threats along the way. Not settling in one place for long, Sko travelled from CorSec to Ailon Nova Guard to gain as much exposure as possible. Understanding numerous protocols and methods of security, she believed she had the foundations in place for a more private enterprise, one she controlled herself and maintained a vested interest in its operations.


Establishing a primitive homebase in a rented office on the Hemei trading station, Sko researched numerous renowned business owners, diplomatic officials and people of royalty in an effort to ascertain their security loopholes. Rejection after rejection, Sko became deflated as she struggled to gain any contracts to grow her business. Stepping out into the open, she began attending various formal occasions she had managed to intercept on Imperial communications channels. Attending various Galactic Concordinate functions, Sko began to identify key players high enough in government, but unprotected from security personnel. Taking a number of short-term assignments for dignitaries within the Trade Federation, she began escort operations and personnel protection for a number of officials forced away from the capital of Taanab. While the assignments didn't have an extended lifespan, it gave Sko experiences and allowed her reputation to grow as someone who could get the job done with no risk posed to the client.

Through her growing connections within the Concordinate, Sko travelled to Kastolar where she undertook a number of escort assignments within Sienar Conglomerate space. Despite the minimal risk and basic nature of the work, Sko was enthralled by the chance to grow her reputation and keep the work coming in. Thanks to her work, she received an invitation to the fifteen anniversary celebrations of Sienar operations. As she accepted, she happily attended to gala solo in an effort to mingle with prospective clients to her growing business. Initial on her guard, she finally recognised the ability to relax due to the ample security at the venue. During the occasion, she met Lara Navos, a rebellious Kuati who was in the midst of departing on assignment, who decided to invite Sko along. Surprising, Sko chose that moment to accept and departed with Lara towards the Tion Cluster to commence a number of assignments.

Through their journey back to the Cluster, Sko grew to know Lara, the woman of attitude and bloodshed, one not to back down from a fight. Despite Sko's fight training, she wasn't one to engage in hostility outside of an organised occasion unless absolutely necessary. Despite that, she felt drawn to Lara's attitudes. The woman had no inhibitions, and was more than happy to do whatever was necessary to get the work done. By the conclusion of their journey back to the cluster, Sko agreed to work exclusively with Lara as a personal aide. Despite Lara's bravado, recent attacks on her life had shaken her confidence, and having Sko by her side would allow an extra layer of protection for her. Sko continued to work with Lara throughout operations in the Cluster, while periodically aiding her in operations at the Lazarus, in a security capacity only.

After the sale of the Lazarus by Lara to a consortium made up of her employees, Sko transferred onboard the Xanadu-class Superyacht, the Heretic Reverence to maintain operations and maintain security for Lara’s operations. This grew in responsibility as Lara continued to diversify her operations, including increasing the size of her personal assets, also seeing them through tenuous tenures within the Exelis Crime Syndicate. Upon Lara’s departure from the group, Sko began to broaden her own personal horizons. Increased vacation days and travels throughout the Outer-Rim gave her an new perspective on what she wanted to achieve personally, and with the assistance of Lara, purchased numerous stocks in local businesses throughout the Fath sector. With transactions processed and increasing commitments elsewhere, Lara bid farewell to Sko, eventually selling the Heretic Reverence via public auction in the process, giving Sko the freedom to explore her personal goals throughout the galaxy.

Understanding Sko

Inside the Mind

Sko, while an intense fighter and someone who takes work very seriously, enjoys downtime. Her engagement to the outdoors is paramount to her existence, and will also maintain a connection with nature throughout her life. She is courteous and respectful to those around her, maintaining a clean lifestyle as she continues to grow her private security operation. Regularly seen in black, she maintains a somewhat formal attire regularly when not in her fighting attire under the guise of The Spear. While she has remained private about her romantic history, Sko has lived her life as a lover of the female form, regardless of race. She has had a number of unsuccessful relationships throughout her life, not meeting anyone that is able to maintain a similar lifestyle to her own.