Slayn and Korpil

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Slayn and Korpil
S&K Avatar.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Skyla Pendragon
Owner Helen Hawk
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 144
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Ship Manufacturer

Slayn and Korpil (S&K) is a neutral shipwright firm founded on Year 13 Day 144 by Lady Helen Hawk. Previously, two organizations bearing the same name had existed before circa Year 6 and Year 12.


First Incarnation

Slayn & Korpil was created by a Rebel Alliance officer, Colonel Jeff Knight, when his career had ended. He initially named the company "Slayn and Korpil." The company name later changed to Falleen Naval Contracts after Aidon Sadow sold it to the Falleen Federation during Year 6 or so.

Second Incarnation

The second incarnation of Slayn and Korpil occurred during Year 12 Day 143 and the organization was led by Taylor Renzie. Due to widespread distrust of the reformed shipwright by other galactic polities, the existence of this second S&K was brief.


Circa Year 13, Lady Helen Hawk and her cadre of employees decided it was time to remake S&K as a neutral corporation. Under Hawk's guidance, the business headquarters of Slayn and Korpil was relocated to the Roche System. It was a great tour but in year 15 Day 246, Roche system was sold and thus eXiles, wanted to rebrand themselves as the company was no longer needed in Roche System.