Slip Stream

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Slip Stream
Slip Stream Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Sullustan
Homeworld Sullust
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Prior Affiliation The StarVengers
Loronar Security

Slip Stream was a male Sullustan who served in the Falleen Federation Navy. Circa Year 3, he was a star-pilot affiliated with Lukastar Narvaka's StarVengers, a notorious and quasi-piratical band of smugglers. He later joined Eldrik Kuraine's Loronar Security and then the Falleen Federation. Although he was on-leave when the famous Battle of Beta occurred and Kuraine was slain, Slip returned to help serve the Federation during the chaotic aftermath of the battle.


Beginning his career as a small-time smuggler and transport specialist, Slip Stream joined The StarVengers where he served with distinction as a fighter pilot. Upon the retirement of several top brass, he was promoted to the rank of Admiral and served as acting Executive Officer and Admiral of the Fleet.

Upon the destruction of the StarVengers by Venom Kazvar, Slip spent several months floating around the galaxy before landing a job in Loronar Security under then-Admiral Eldrik Kuraine. Upon Kuraine's ascension as monarch of the Falleen Federation, Slip followed his leader to the Federation and accepted a job as a fighter pilot and squadron leader. During this time, he recruited his old friend Jennos Ackbar, a former comrade-in-arms from his StarVengers, to join the Federation. Slip later took a long furlough from service for personal reasons.

While on furlough, Slip heard the devastating news that King Kuraine had been assassinated at the Battle of Beta and that Imperial forces had decimated the Beta system. He returned to the ranks of the Federation Navy, and soon distinguished himself as an excellent pilot and tactition, earning himself the rank of Rear Admiral.

Years later, Slip Stream seemingly achieved revenge on his nemesis Venom Kazvar — the destroyer of The StarVengers — when Kazvar was caught in Federation space aboard a Carrack cruiser. Kazvar died while resisting an arrest being carried out by Admiral Slip Stream.

Registered Ships

  • Mon Jolsuxas, Falleen Prime, Y-Wing, Fighter
  • Black Nova, Falleen Prime, Y-TIE, Fighter
  • Cerberus, Falleen Prime, YT-1300, Freighter
  • Quicksilver, Falleen Prime, YT-2000, Freighter


  • Slip Stream Signature.gif