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HomeworldSluis Van
Average Height1.7 meters
Skin colorLight Brown to Deep Green
Hair colorNone
DistinctionsSerpentine Lower Halves, Forked Tongues
Average lifespan76 years
Known MembersList of known Sluissi

The Sluissi are a serpentine race, with a muscle-bound tail providing the lower half of their body, while a more humanoid torso with two arms finishes their structure. Their hands have four fingers, of which one is opposable. As with less sentient serpentine creatures, they can use their forked tongues to smell their surroundings. Their skin is covered in scales that can be a range of colours, with the brighter, more flamboyant being rarer.

Patient and calm even under extreme pressure, they worked methodically and to protocol rather than take esoteric measures. This tends to infuriate over sentients who think they are not giving events their full attention. This insistence on taking their time, as well as their natural knack for tinkering with mechanical components have led to them being known as some of the best starship builders in the galaxy, and their shipyards are some of the best renowned in the galaxy.