Solar Defense Agency

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Solar Defense Agency
Solar Defense Year 13.jpg
General Information
Motto "Customer satisfaction above personal wants and needs."
Status Merged (see: Biotech)
Leader Goran Goran
Owner Vee Null
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 32
Dissolved Year 13 Day 15
Political Information
Affiliation Biotech
Starsign Mining
Galactic Star Union
Industry Security provider
Holosite Solar Defense Agency

The Solar Defense Agency (SDA) was a paramilitary security company founded and financed by galactic entrepreneur Vee Null. Many of its personnel were former members of the short-lived Galactic Intelligence Agency. Incorporated on Year 9 Day 32, the company existed for several years and eventually controlled the Dalonbian Sector. However, following financial difficulty related to its rapid expansion, the organization merged on Year 13 Day 15 with Biotech.


The Solar Defense Agency announced on Year 10 Day 179 that a group of merchants had successfully taken control of the Board of Directors from the previous CEO. This group’s motto was “Customer satisfaction above personal wants and needs.” SDA prides itself on it's "customer first" credo. SDA works hard to build the reputation of a trusted and reliable "jack of all trades" company.

The tradition of allowing all races to join has been expanded. Having the right person for the right job is essential for fulfilling the needs of the client. Whether visiting a frozen world or a boiling gas giant, if your team isn’t relaxed and confident, then the client will never be.

SDA has rededicated itself to providing pilots and ships to ensure their client’s safe transport of materials and personnel. Large or small jobs, whether a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter or a single individual to pilot a ship, will be assigned to a trained and well-supported mentor. Training, equipment and a mentor will be provided by the company to each member before being sent on a job. Individuals and organizations wanting to inquire about using our services or employment, please contact Goran Goran with any inquires.


The Solar Defense Agency was a member of the Galactic Star Union (GSU) until the fall of The Azure Empire whereupon the GSU disbanded. By late Year 12 Solar Defense Agency had become the government of the Dalonbian Sector. The agency was dissolved due to increased costs surrounding the newly acquired Dalonbian Sector. The resources of the company were devoted to Biotech until a later date.

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