Solarius Masha

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Solarius Masha
Biographical Information
Race Geonosian
Homeworld Geonosis
Mother N/A
Father Aeonian Masha
Spouse Unmarried
Siblings Alex Masha, Sollas Masha
Children N/A
Born Year -5 Day 34
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Political Information
Affiliation Ecumene
Positions Grand Moff of the Alignment, Archduke of the Trellik Hive, Prelate of the Commonwealth
Prior Affiliation Infinite Empire, Mining Guild, The New Order, CIS, The Cooperative, Pentastar Alignment, Trellik Hive, The Hyporian Commonwealth
Awards N/A
Signature Solariusmashasig.png
"Regardless of legions raised to test me; or betrayers in my amidst. My ascendance is inevitable. A day, a month, a year; it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. Your striving is insignificant. Your death will be the same."
— Solarius Masha

Solarius Masha is a young Geonosian, born into the Trellik Hive. Bearing the name of Masha and declared a sole heir of a galactic entrepreneur Aeonian Masha, he has been raised to lead businesses and revel in politics.


Early Years

Solarius Masha was born Year -5 Day 32 Much of his young life was uneventful. That was until his father Aeonian Masha left Geonosis to join the Falleen Federation. From then on he studied on Falleen Prime, along with the other children of the officers of the Federation. Life at Falleen Prime was full of surprises daily, including not one but two visits by then King of Falleen and Tresario Bisz Aldaris.

Mining Guild

Birth of the CIS

Death of Aeonian Masha

Creation of Creshaldyne Industries

Intermediate Years

Proclamation of the Pentastar Alignment

Fleur the Great and Terrible

Friends in Need

Rift Alliance


Return to Politics

Regency of the Commonwealth

Path of Exile


Trading Info

Middle for the Pentastar Alignment - Unlimited Amounts

Grand Moff of the Alignment,
Preceded By:
Year 11 Day 134-Present
Succeeded By: