Squall Chitose

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Squall Chitose
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Asarya`katr (divorced)
Children Briston and Gwen Chitose
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola
Aliit Chitose
Rank Second in Command, Warlord
Positions Second in Command of Eidola
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rebel Alliance
Falleen Federation

Warlord Squall Chitose is the second in command of the Eidola Pirates and leader of the Mandalorian Clan Chitose. He is a well known soldier, tactician, diplomat, and anarchist.


Squall Chitose grew up on the arid world of Tatooine. His parents were wealthy, being part of the self-proclaimed nobles of Tatooine. He was childhood friends with former Black Sun leader, Plojo Rosom, and romanced the Dark Prince's sister briefly. As a child, Chitose's pastimes were shooting and camping in the wilderness. When the Galactic Empire took interest in the small desert world, Squall's parents were called on to be part of the negotiations. However, they were killed by the Empire as a show of force during the meeting.

Squall was only fourteen years old at the time.

When Imperials came to seize his parents' estate, Squall used his father's blaster to kill the officer in charge. He was able to hold off Imperial troops long enough to make it to Mos Eisley, where he managed to access some hidden assets that had belonged to his parents. He was able to buy passage off Tatooine and drifted for a few months before coming into contact with the Rebel Alliance.

Rebels & Empire

Squall originally applied for Alliance Star Fighter Command, but an unavailability of positions made him eligible for the Alliance Marines. Upon completion of Officer Basic, Squall became a lieutenant in the Cougar Company under High General Shae Briston. After distinguishing himself in battle, Squall was promoted to Captain. As the commander of Cougar Company, he showed tactical brilliance to the degree that he was advanced to the rank of Major General, becoming the executive officer of the Marine Division in Planetary Command.

When Shae Briston became the Supreme Commander of the Alliance, Squall took his place as the High General. He became the youngest member in High Command at the tender age of sixteen. However, political tensions caused Shae to step down as the Supreme Commander. Squall, being a vocal supporter of Shae's, was almost instantly discredited by Davvyk Lysander and David Salohah, the latter of whom had replaced Shae as the new Supreme Commander. Enraged, Squall left the Alliance and started his life as a mercenary. He was taken under the wing of an older man named Adam Zad. Squall learned a lot from Zad but eventually left for the Imperial Army.

In the Empire, Squall was a member of the infamous Dark Blade Legion under Colonel Maureen York. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant and was a contemporary of Mark DeMeer. He soon left, though, realizing that the Empire was corrupt, bloated, and evil.

Kuraine Inc.

Squall during his tenure in Kuraine's Armed Forces.

Squall joined Astralwerks Engineering, led by Eldrik Kuraine, where he met his wife-to-be, Asarya Katr, and his new best friend, Finn Setanta. He spent many happy years with Kuraine Inc., moving from Astralwerks to Nebular to Loronar Security to the Falleen Federation. There he was appointed commander of the Falleen Army, and later the Lord Commander of the entire Falleen Military. Over this period of time, he masterminded many brilliant military operations, such as the theft of the Star Galleon, Operation Big Score, and the theft of the Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone. For his bravery and tactical ability, Chitose was awarded many decorations and granted the title of "Warlord" by King Kuraine.

Post Shadowstone

After the raid on the Shadowstone, Squall went on a short expedition with Finn Setanta and Keir Santage. Outside of Nar Shaddaa, Squall and company were attacked by Black Sun forces, under the leadership of Banquo Knox. Keir's forces were completely surprised, and Squall and Finn tried to run interference to allow Keir's Carrack to escape. Squall managed to take out a Viper starfighter, but sustained heavy damage. Keir tried to escape the system by jumping into hyperspace, but he never returned and has since been presumed dead. Finn's Y-Wing was destroyed shortly before Squall escaped the system. Squall was therefore considered to be the only survivor.

Concurrent to the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, the defense of the Beta System was being planned. Squall was involved in the planning phases, and was set to jump into the system with reinforcements. During the defense, Kuraine was murdered and the Ul-Yanin System was destroyed through the treachery of Prince Tholin. With his home destroyed, Squall returned to Fallen Prime to help with the restructuring of the Falleen Federation. It was at his suggestion that Bisz Aldaris took the Falleen throne, though it was rumored that Squall was in contention for the position himself despite not being a Falleen.

After Bisz was coronated, Squall resigned from the Federation. The devastation of the Battle of Beta extended into his personal life, and he and Asarya began to experience problems. They separated, with Squall leaving to wander the galaxy. During this time, he was invited back into the Rebel Alliance with the commission of Colonel. He accepted and helped General Cevin McClane get promoted. He was awarded with the position of second in command.

Squall eventually stepped down from his command, opting to try to salvage the Malebranche Pirate operation that had been betrayed by Teniel Djo and left in ruins by the Draxes. Again, he left the known galaxy to become a mercenary in the outer rim. He left Malebranche under McClane's direction, and it was promptly looted by Zachai Dracolis, an Eidola Pirate. Until Dracolis's death, Chitose hated him.


During his time in the Unknown Regions, Squall worked as a mercenary. During one operation, his party was defeated and he was captured. While undergoing torture, Chitose had a vision of Kad Ha'rangir, the Mandalorian God of Death and Life. He promised the God a lifetime of blood in exchange for his escape. Chitose's escape from his captors is noted for the extraordinary violence he wrought upon them.


Upon his return to from the Unknown Regions, Chitose was approached by Samuel Vimes, the leader of the Kathol Republic, to lead their military forces. Squall structured their military and led uneventfully until Vimes' sudden temporary retirement due to illness. Squall took over the government and was called upon to resolve a crisis involving the Eidola Pirates and the Tenloss Syndicate. He was able to tap into unknown diplomatic skills to prevent war between Kathol and the two groups.

Vimes soon recovered from and returned, but Squall was unhappy with the state politics. Soon, he began quarreling with Auron Kun, who eventually staged a takeover of Kathol. Squall promptly left on bad terms, and joined his old friends in Eidola.


Squall worked on some smaller scale operations, until he murdered Kara Tamerin, an associate and family member of Auron Kun, publicly on the holonet. This began his ascension in prominence in the pirating world. He was also able to board an imperial Star Galleon and murder Imperial Prefect Raelin Orlean and Imperial Army Officer Aeia Tavell, the latter of whom was the sister of the Director of Imperial Intelligence, Alexander Fel.

Squall laid low for awhile, doing regular missions for Eidola. Early into Year 10, he was approached by Joni Yuma to join a new company she was founding. Squall accepted a position as second in command of the group with a plot in mind. He lured her down to the planet Kirdo, where he and some Mando`ade friends captured her. Upon her death he took control of the company and its assets. He liquidated everything and sold the company shell. He was also able to hunt down and kill the remaining members of Yuma's company. The death of Yuma increased Squall's already considerable infamy when he killed her live on the GNS.

He spent the next couple of years managing Eidola's day to day operations and occasionally took leadership of Eidola while Teniel Djo was off running cons. That was until Year 12 Day 207, when Teniel Djo and several veteran pirates committed a mass suicide in the Maw. Leadership of Eidola passed to Squall, who was proclaimed Pirate King.

Squall as leader of the Eidola Pirates

In late Year 13, Squall was involved in an altercation that left him stranded in hyperspace aboard a vessel captained by the Raptor Pirates. Though the Raptors endeavored to wait Squall out by remaining in hyperspace, Squall evaded capture for months by barricading himself in a small Sprint shuttle. On Day 4, Year 14, Squall developed a way to reroute the shuttle's hyperdrive, allowing him to escape. The maneuver, which ripped the shuttle from hyperspace, severely damaged the engines. However, Squall was free and was able to call for pick up. The method of escape has been informally dubbed "The Chitose Maneuver."

Not even two months after returning from his ordeal with the Raptors, Squall was involved in the capture of noted thief, murderer, and freelance bounty hunter, Fleur`De Rouge. Fleur had been connected to several thefts and the high-visibility capture of the Chief of State of the New Republic at the time, Cheda Quche. She challenged Squall and his then-second in command, Syn, to combat with an assassination in mind. She flew to Ylesia, where Squall and Syn captured and killed her. Eidola was able to seize ownership of much of the property the thief had stolen and acquired for Quche's capture in her brief career.


From his beginnings through various military careers, Squall has been known as a pragmatic tactician who generally disregarded the rules in favor of doing what he wanted. His pragmatism has allowed him to become reasonably successful as a diplomat, and he often engaged in negotiations even after assuming leadership of a pirate band. Although he has a reputation for wanton murder and cruelty when a situation calls for it, Squall is generally level-headed and nonviolent. He has also been noted for his loyalty to his friends, which has gotten him in a few precarious situations before. Over the years, he has been a less visible force in the galaxy, and although his more public associates have depicted him as a carefree drunk, it is unclear how much of this is an accurate characterization and how much is teasing.


Squall was married to noted Dark Jedi Master Asarya'katr von Ismay, with whom he fathered two children. Though divorced, the pair parted amicably and remain very close friends.

Squall's closest friends are many of his fellow Eidola Pirates. He has maintained a lasting friendship with the current Pirate Queen, Syn, and has also often been seen in the company of Pozz Umgee, Deric Adams, and Adam Zad over the years.

Deaths Attributed to Squall

Although the number of deaths for which Squall can be held responsible cannot be accurately estimated, some of his known victims inclue Kara Tamerin, Aeia Tavell, Raelin Or'lean, Joni Yuma, Arach Legend, Markus Oblivion, and Ender Daklan.

Known Battles and Campaigns

-Operation: Big Score (Commander, captured Imperial Star Galleon)
-Operation: Shadowstone (Successfully raided the ISD Shadowstone bridge, along with Keir Santage. Then saved the entirety of the operation by Killing Xarius Tylger and defusing the bombs he set to sabotage the operation)
-Battle of Nar Shadda (Accompanied Keir Santage on his hunt for Veynom's personal slave. He was the only survivor of Black Sun's attack, and managed to kill at least one of BS's Viper Attack fighters)
-Battle of Beta (advisor, waiting with reinforcements until the death of Kuraine)
-Operation Saint George


Many now defunct honors from the Rebel Alliance, Falleen Federation, Kathol Republic, and the Galactic Empire

  • Operation Shadowstone Campaign Medal
  • The Platinum Fist
  • Bartha's Star
  • Quantum Star


Being the former leader and now second in command of Eidola, Squall has access to a multitude of ships, including several modified and rare vessels.

  • Carrack S/class, Lucky Forward

--The Lucky Forward is a standard Carrack that Chitose salvaged from the Battle of Beta. For many years, the ship acted as his flagship. However, over the years, Squall has taken to using the more unique ships available to him within Eidola.

  • YT-1300, Heretic

--The Heretic is a YT-1300 with a modified hyperdrive, and is widely considered to be one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. It was gifted to him by Teniel Djo when he became the Pirate Queen's right hand man.

  • YV-666, Gráinne Ní Mháille

--The "GnM" is a very famous Eidolan capital ship. It was originally modified by Teniel Djo, and quickly became one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy. It is known for being the fastest capital ship in the galaxy.


"Such is the way of Eidola - brains will always beat out brawn...unless Squall is your brawn, then there's a good chance he'll just smash your brains in with the butt of his rifle."
— Teniel Djo

Leader of Eidola
Preceded By:
Teniel Djo
Squall Chitose
Year 12 Day 207Year 17 Day 333
Succeeded By: