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Planet 3.png
System Sriluur
Sector Periphery
Galactic Coordinates (400, -105)
System Coordinates (0, 14)
Astrographic Entry
Type hot/breathable
Primary Terrain: grassland, volcanic, crater, rock, desert
Rotational Period 22 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 295 standard days [1]
Population 14,074,591
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Governor Eidola Pirates
Magistrate Utono Brutza
Sentient Races Weequay


One of the last planets along the Sisar Run to be colonised, Sriluur was ignored largely due to its unforgiving environment. When the Huok, a notoriously hardy species, finally undertook a colonisation drive, they were met with fierce resistance from the native Weequay tribes.

Although "civilised" by the autocratic rule of the Huok, the Weequay maintain a fiery nationalist fervour for their homeworld, which they believe is granted divine protection -- thanks to its proximity to their god "Quay", a close-orbiting moon. Religious doctrine forbids any Weequay from leaving the planet without special dispensation from a shaman, and even those lucky enough to be granted such a privilege are bound by oath to return to the Sriluur temples as often as possible.

In recent years, powerful Hutt magnates from across the galaxy have aided Sriluurian movements, largely out of appreciation for the Weequay's noble sacrifices in the historic Third Battle of Vontor. While meant to empower the local populations, and offer help finding off-world employment, the Hutt influence has also left critics decrying the increase in criminal activity.

The planet also serves as a nexus for numerous other local trade routes, making it a popular destination for traders. [1]

The dominant topographical features of Sriluur are white deserts, dry scrub-lands and rocky fields, and sandstorms were frequent. The planet has enormous copper reserves, but these were never exploited through large-scale mining, with miners instead preferring to focus on other metals, minerals and gems—exports vital to Sriluur's economy. Its oceans are high in acid content but still home to some lifeforms.[1]


The planet experienced an early period of intense tectonic activity, which was responsible for Sriluur's abundance of volcanoes. Its harsh, predator-ridden ecosystem originally forced the Weequay to roam the planet's deserts. Not until the species' technology advanced to an industrial level some 25,100 years ago did they establish their first cities along the shores of Sriluur's acidic oceans. This development was vital to Weequay civilization, as the cities helped protect them from the planet's many predatory species, and gave them easier access to the bountiful seas.[1]

Sriluur remained undiscovered by the galaxy at large until some 25,100 BCGT. Even then, it was not frequently visited by other species aside from the occasional trader, and managed to avoid the expansion of the Human conqueror Xim's empire during the last years of the Pre-Republic era. Weequay mercenaries were among the thousands of troops recruited by the Hutt Empire to combat Xim in the Hutt–Xim conflict. Following their victory in that war, the Hutts began pressing their interests on Sriluur, to the extent that it was considered to be part of Hutt Space. The Galactic Republic did not discover the planet until somewhere between 15,000 and 8,000 years ago. The Weequay homeworld went untouched by all major galactic conflicts up until the Galactic Civil War.[1]

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