Starenska Eyona

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Starenska Eyona
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.62 meters (5'4")
Eye Color Brown/Hazel Eyes
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Outer Rim Excavations

Astralwerks Engineering

Arkhan Heavy Industries

Danzig Inc

StormOne Recycling

Outrider Trading

Blue Sabre Transportation


Blue Sabre Transportation

She nearly joined Hapes under Artermis until she met Uther Von Kaldreon. They freelanced under "Danzig Inc" at first until they purchased Blue Sabre Transportation (BST). She served as Uther's Vice President for nearly four years. During this time she made a great friend by the name of Kahooperukh, who also became her Noghri protector and Senior Security officer. Eventually Hooper (Kahooperukh) returned to his home world in a Pinook fighter that she lent him.

BST was progressing beautifully. She was appointed training officer and controlled a fleet for a time. During this time there was some controversy over a member with a streaking fetish. Ultimately she had to step down from her duties due to personal problems. She was gone for several months but when she returned she was welcomed back in with open arms. At the time of her return, BST had doubled in size from what she remembered. She again returned to a Commanding Officer role but it was a short lived return as her personal problems again forced her to step down again.

Outrider Trading

She was a brief member of Outrider Trading, but nothing notable happened during her time with the group.

StormOne Recycling

She was second in command of StormOne Recycling, a recycling company founded by Isoldor Storm.

Astralworks Engineering

Shortly after StormOne Recycling, she became CEO of Astralwerks Engineering (AE) under the New Sith Order. She was not a Sith herself but always believed in a non-discrimination policy. Through the implementation of a transportation program, she increased the company's net worth to upwards of 35 million credits before they had even begun item production. She later felt betrayed by Isoldor Storm, who accused her of dishonesty and demoted her. The 2IC of AE had defected to Eidola Pirates stealing many of the organization's ships.

She had worked a deal out with Teniel Djo to reclaim most of the lost assets, except for one YV-666. Isoldor rejected the deal and thus they lost it all. Further details of the arrangement were never released.

After her demotion and Isoldor's rejection of her attempt at negotiating with Djo, Starenska went about rescuing several members of AE that were upon ships now owned by Eidola. One of these she rescued was Christian Dale who would become a lifelong friend of hers.

Outer Rim Excavations

She helped in the creation and naming of Outer Rim Excavations (ORE) about Year 7 Day 149 with Tomal La`blake and became a member under the leadership of Vip Fortuna after its creation. She briefly held the position of Vice President within ORE. Unfortunately, due to a falling out with Liam Helmrow of The Antarian Rangers, she decided to move on and seek out other opportunities.

Arkhan Heavy Industries

On Year 9 Day 265, Starenska became leader of Arkhan Heavy Industries (AHI) after the unfortunate illness of Victor Arkhan. AHI had about 20 million credits in the organization's account, all to be owed out in 45 days. Throwing herself into the work with diligence, she pulled the the company out of debt and accrued for it a surplus of more than 100 million credits.

An unknown member in late Year 10 then contacted the owner and reported that she was slacking off and not performing her duties. The owner, without discussing the matter with Starenska, demoted her. The organization was then looted and she was unassigned the ship she was flying. A friend of hers, one Alex McMount, rescued her from an unknown fate.

Known Ships

  • The Phalanx: A YT-1300 she acquired from Jessey Stone early in her career. Presumed to have a number of unspecified modifications. Registry ID number is unknown.