New Republic Starfighter Command

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The New Republic Starfighter Command is a military organization that oversees starfighter combat operations for the New Republic.


The X-wing

The renowned and versatile X-wing fighter is a galaxy-wide symbol of the New Republic, and among its most well-recognized ships. A commitment to versatility allows the X-wing to excel in many roles.


The A-Wing

The fast and nimble A-wing interceptor is one of the premier examples of advance fighter technology. Among the fastest craft in the galaxy, it is used in various mission from escort detail to dogfighting.


The Y-Wing

A combination for anti-fighter and capital ship needs has resulted in the Y-wing. Associated with the New Republic for quite some time, it is seen throughout the New Republic fleet.


The B-Wing

The B-wing is the result of the New Republic's need for a heavy, but maneuverable bomber. Known for its ability to severely damage capital ships, it is used extensively throughout the New Republic.



New Republic Starfigther Command