Starsign Reveals Plans to Donate Earnings

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Posted at Year 6 Day 242
By: Syn -- Starsign Shipyards

RACHUK-- From Argolfin in the Rachuk sector late last evening, Syn Becket-Fe`ll, founder and CEO of the Starsign Shipyards production company, assembled the press in front of a newly-completed factory to make an announcement regarding the company's future. It was there that she announced plans to donate a portion of the company's earnings to the less wealthy citizens of the galaxy. These donations would occur in the form of monthly raffles, with all citizens with access to less than an unspecified quantity of credits and assets eligible to participate.

"The exact sums are not yet determined," she said, explaining that the percentage of earnings would greatly depend on the company's projected sales, as well as production costs, which cannot yet be estimated. "We need to ensure that Starsign Shipyards will remain capable of functioning independently, and that these raffles can exceed several million credits worth of prizes." She went on to explain that the asset value of eligible participants was also not yet clear, due to the uncertain state of the economy, and fluctuations which will inevitably occur between that time and the present.

"When I was much younger and less financially stable than I am at this time, several individuals, namely Law, IWAssassin, and Discord, assisted me in times of difficulty," she said when asked about her motive behind the planned donations. "Had it not been for them, I might still be struggling to make something of myself. As such, I intend to use what they helped me to create in order to give something back to the community, and hopefully assist others in the same manner I received aid."

She went on to explain that she had attempted individual raffles in the past, but that this was simply no longer financially feasible due to the extraordinary costs of structuring the ship production company into a functional form, pointing out that the entirety of its capital, registration fees, purchases, and construction costs had come from her personal bank account. To this day the company has no means by which to earn money, and she expressed regret that these donation plans would need to be delayed, to take effect only once the company was fully on its feet.

She stated that the estimated time at which this is expected to occur cannot yet be speculated on, and clarified firmly that Starsign Shipyards has no intention of profiting from these raffles. She closed the press conference by expressing her hope that others in similar positions would serve the community in such a manner as well, and that citizens profiting from such raffles remember that generosity and emulate it once they are able.

"Of course, no one has obligations to give to the less wealthy," Syn pointed out, "but company leaders should be aware of who their employees are, who play a significant role in their company's success. The average salary such an employee earns is rarely enough to cover expenses in this day and age, much less to allow them the financial independence to one day be able to pursue their own dreams. As leaders, we should be willing to help those in need so that they can realize their own potential some day."