Starsign Shipyards

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Starsign Shipyards
General Information
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 40
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer


Starsign Shipyards was an independent ship production company founded by reputable middleman and former Imperial, Syn. It was headquartered on the planet Argolfin, and within a few months of its founding, controlled the entirety of the Rachuk sector, with factories distributed throughout the Rachuk system. The majority of its day to day operations, including ship production, sales, and construction and expansion through the sector, were managed directly by Syn, but the company was officially subdivided into four divisions: Management, Transportation, Marketing, and Personnel.

During the 29 months of its operation under Syn, the company was involved in the production of YV-666s, YT-510s, YT-2400s, Escape Pods, and T-24 satellites. It was particularly renowned for the consistently low cost of its YT-510 freighters, selling them at 950,000 credits apiece in an effort to provide high speed starships to individuals and less wealthy traders for personal use. Despite the low market prices, the company maintained sufficient profit margins to continue its production lines indefinitely, speculated in part to be due to the opening of Starsign Mining, headed by two of Syn's associates, Tom Servo and Phryss, as a means of providing raw materials directly to the company.

Following its highly successful 29-month production run, the company was suddenly sold without public warning to Jacob Jansen of the Trade Federation, followed by the sale of all of its Rachuk assets and facilites to Aratech under Jesfa Ackmin. Syn released a brief notice of the change in ownership on the Galactic News Service, but no detailed explanation was provided.

Under the Trade Federation, Starsign Shipyards was later merged with the Techno Union and no longer retains its original name.