Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks

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Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
General Information
Motto "Letting you fight your own battles!"
Status Defunct
Leader Aleiida Waraiya
2IC None
Owner Anzatan Commonwealth
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 297
Dissolved Year 15 Day 221
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth, Cerberus Corporation, Anzatan Resource Extractions, Outback Industries
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks


Starypan/SunHui prides itself on producing affordable military ships for today's galactic troubles. Whilst the big governments produce their own warships to defend their territories with, Starypan/SunHui builds warships for the public to utilize. The goal is to provide paramilitary groups and governments who cannot produce their own vessels a chance to equip themselves with this companies main warship, the Kaloth Battlecruiser.

Aside from military vessels, this company produces ships privately for governments as an overflow as well as civilian style ships such as haulers and personal transport to aid people in their day to day lives. It is a company for both organizations and people ad it strives to provide high quality services for both the private sector and governments.

As a nationalized corporation of the Anzatan Commonwealth this company hopes to live up to the expectations of many planets who rely on the Commonwealth for their infrastructure and security.


Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks was the brainchild of an Alderaani businessman and his engineer sons who saw a the need for a large scale ship production company with an economic boom on Alderaan.

Despite its initial success, Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks fell victim to the instability of the Hallu system that rose with changes in its administration. The family-owned ship production company could not compete with some of the larger production corporations that the regional government contracted to build up its military forces and despite its unique efforts to outfit a more consumer target market, Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks was forced to the verge of bankruptcy.

When all hope seemed lost, in stepped Auron Tamerin with his team of experts to breathe life into a visionary company that lacked the means to adapt to an ever-changing galactic market and political arena. Auron saw in Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks the potential for greatness, supporting its aspirations to give the choice of defense back to the hands of the public. He promptly purchased the ship production company, vowing to continue the legacy started long ago by a humble Alderaani with a dream. As goals were reassessed and refocused, and the company underwent structural changes and stricter quality control, Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks moved its headquarters to the secluded Alisandor system, free from past influences that might hinder its revival. From its new home on Alis, Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks joins Cerberus Corporation, Outback Industries, and Kathol Mining Corporation under the banner of the Tamerin Foundation to provide products synonymous with quality and reliability, and is now ready to re-establish its position as a leading supplier of military vessels with its flag product, the Kaloth BattleCruiser.

Revitalized through the vision of Auron Tamerin and the Tamerin Foundation, and under the dedicated leadership of Colin Saracco, Starypan/Sunhui Spaceworks began a new chapter in its existence, working dilligently to provide the public with the means to protect themselves with military-class vessels at affordable prices.


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