Stephanie Barefoot

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Stephanie Barefoot
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Adrianna Soprano-Xarlac
Father Christopher Soprano
Spouse Lilith Delcroix
(m.Year 18; separated Year 21)
Siblings Xyre Weltmon (adopted)
Neria Derycke (adopted)
Charlena Halo (adopted)
Scott Hood (adopted)
Nathan Barber (adopted)
Children Artemisia Rhode-Barefoot
Rapier Barefoot-Rhode
Sinclair Delcroix (adopted)
Born Year -7 Day 301
Languages Galactic Basic, Hapanni, Kubindi
Quote "I'm the Money!"
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 168cm
Hair Color Black/Brunette
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Rank Consul
Prior Affiliation Athakam MedTech
Freedom Galactic News
The Smugglers Alliance
Awards Order of Lord Hegemon

Stephanie Barefoot is a Hapan woman, previous head of construction within the Tion Hegemony and Lady Hegemon of the same government, first woman to ever hold the title since the creation of the Hegemony.



Little Stephy 2.jpg
Young Stephanie

Stephanie was born Stephanie Soprano on Day 301 of Year -7 on the planet Tatooine in the system of Tatoo. She was an only child to Christopher Soprano, a noted merchant of foodstuff and Adrianna Soprano who was an excellent seamstress. She grew up in the wealthy suburbs of Anchorhead. Apart from occasional Sandpeople raids, she had a happy first few years. But when she was six, her mother contracted an illness and despite the best medical treatment available, Adrianna died.

The affect on Christopher was devastating. Grief affects people in different ways but Stephanie's father became addicted to gambling. Maybe it happened to be the need for more credits or maybe just a way to take his mind off things? Whatever it was, it led to much unhappiness. He was never abusive to Stephanie but he certainly neglected her somewhat. She often was to be found wandering around on her own after the school day was over. This solitude actually allowed Stephanie to quickly develop an imagination and her dreams of exploration and adventure were foremost in her mind.


At the age of ten she lost her father. Christopher had begun betting larger and heavier sums of money. The occasional big win would lead to much joy. It always would mean a new toy or dress or pair of shoes for Stephanie, but sadly the big wins were rare and on a fateful occasion at a Mos Espa pod race, Christopher lost it all to the commanding Hutt. The business, the home, everything. When the gangsters henchmen turned up to collect, Christopher had been drinking and an argument broke out. Before little Stephanie's eyes, a tall Twi`lek blasted her father down at close range. The cruel smirk on his face stayed with her for a long time. She was forcibly thrown out onto the street and ordered to 'disappear'. However she did not, and under the cover of darkness, she returned that night. She gathered together a few clothes and provisions in a backpack. She also took an old family heirloom. A saber belonging to some distant relative on her mother's side. She lugged it around with her and it is still by her side to this day.

Fending for Oneself

From that point on, Stephy had to struggle just to survive. Anchorhead did not take kindly to beggar's so she soon hitched a ride to Mos Espa. Here it was commonplace to see the orphaned, lost and infirm wandering the streets. Stephy soon grouped up with a gang of urchins who begged, borrowed and even stole. Simply to feed and clothe themselves. They had no schooling but they learned the lessons of the streets and back alleys very quickly. In quiet times alone, Stephy would wield her saber at anything that could be sliced. She trained herself at the street-fighting and dirty tricks combat often used on Tatooine. By the age of 13 she was more than capable of defending herself.

She found work as well. Occasionally doing odd jobs for the market traders but her lucky break was finding a regular job with a Jawa repairman. She would fetch and carry and deliver, not for a wage but for her food and a bed in the shed out back. She also became a formidable seller of droids and speeders. Wealthy merchants find it hard to turn down a pretty face, even on a very young girl. She soon learned that a short skirt and cheeky giggle could net her a nice bonus.

All the while she continued with the night time thieving. One evening, while trying to sneak into a wealthy widows bedroom and failing a couple of times to scale a wall and enter a open window by making too much noise, she had the idea of kicking off her boots. With a nimbleness and speed that astonished her friends, she silently climbed a drainpipe, tiptoed over the roof and slid through the window. She returned quickly with her bag full of precious jewels. She threw the noisy footwear into the bin and her comrades named her Stephy Barefoot. Stephanie liked it and dropped her family name forever.


One day while sharing a few drinks with her Wookiee friend, Tyvokka Cruithne, in her favourite and seediest bar, she took notice of two tall Twi`lek's that had just entered. Stephy stood slowly and unclasped her saber. She motioned for her companion to go and she took a step around from the table. One of them was her fathers murderer. An anger and insane hatred welled up inside and with a speed and agility only she knew she had, jumped onto the stool and then the bar itself, scattering bottles all over. With a vicious horizontal slash her revenge was complete. Stephy was out through the door and down the street before the Twi'lek`s head hit the floor. Tyvokka blocked some initial pursuers which gave Stephy the chance to escape. After a brief farewell to the Jawa and collecting her few savings and clothes, she made for the nearest starport. The Hutts police their own and she needed to get away from Tatooine.

At the starport she sent out a communication seeking sanctuary with The Smugglers Alliance. To her astonishment she recieved a reply, from a Lady Ma’at Seshet. In a couple of days after sleeping rough, a huge YV-666 landed and a tall and elegant figure came looking for her. Ma`at was a commanding figure but showed a kindly smile at Stephy's scruffy appearance. She led her into the cockpit of a YT-1300 called The Blazer and quickly explained how to fly. Stephy had become a smuggler on her 19th birthday.

The Smugglers Alliance

Dracon Cor.jpg
Dracon Cor
Seshet's Protege.jpg
Seshet's Protege

The work she had to do came in dribs and drabs but Ma`at was her one constant adviser and confidant. They became friends and soon she was introduced to the leader himself. Dracon Cor had a fearsome reputation among the smugglers but Stephy found him to be affable, generous and always ready to listen and help. Her enthusiasm and loyalty obviously impressed. From dispatching contraband speeders, collecting new recruits, delivering weapons and drinking large amounts of alcohol, Stephy did fit into this lifestyle. But on Y13 D80, her friend and mentor Ma`at was killed. In very mysterious circumstances it has to be said. Whispers and murmurings abounded surrounding her death. Some said she was a Black Sun deep cover operative. Some said she had stumbled on a plot, but whatever the reason, Stephy mourned her loss deeply. Perhaps moved by Stephy's grief, Dracon Cor presented her with one of Ma`at's old ships. A Firespray Interceptor that he named Seshet's Protege. It was also around this time that the daughter of her old Wookiee friend, Kadivi Cruithne also had joined up with the group of smugglers. Stephy dispatched Fluke Walker to Kashyyyk to collect her. Kadivi and Stephy became immediate friends and they often were found drinking together in various smugglers bars around the Morath systems. With Ma`at's demise an opening appeared in the recruiting role. Stephy rather forced herself into it despite some objection from others. She was confident her ability to communicate to strangers and her rather quirky sense of humour would appeal.

Another Blow

Only a few weeks later, Stephy suffered another loss. Her leader Dracon Cor was assassinated. Again, also in a mysterious and secretive way. Despite barraging everyone in the alliance with questions, Stephy could learn little of the who's and why's. The new leader, Mutus Nox tried hard to continue with operations but to no avail. Without the true leader, the band of smugglers soon disbanded and went their separate ways. Stephy and Kadivi were suddenly out of employment. A few offers came along but a friend of them both, Nick Doom, persuaded them to join him in Mindabaal. And for Stephy, a very unexpected new role awaited her.

Freedom Galactic News

Never once had Stephanie ever considered a possible career in journalism. So she was at first sure Nick Doom was pulling her leg when he offered her the position of Director in the information and satellite company, Freedom Galactic News. In fact one of his first questions to her was "Can you write? To which she simply replied; "I can tell a good story sure. Just don't get me involved in politics!" Several weeks later, she was writing and editing a piece on the Chiss ideological and political debate. To this day, she cannot fathom out how this came about, but it did begin to give her ideas and notions about other glossy magazine type pieces. These involved a series on the 'Ladies of the Galaxy' that sadly never got off the ground. When she wasn't burning the midnight oil writing and interviewing Chiss folks, she was running logistics for the company and still doing the recruitment work that she didn't want to give up. There were some fun times with her and Kadivi. She met some nice new contacts but it soon became clear to those close to Stephy that she was trying to do too much.

Running Away

Nick Doom.jpg
Nick Doom

Her leader Nick Doom soon started to disappear at frequent intervals. When he did return, he flashed a cheeky smile and all was well, but this cavalier attitude was putting a further strain on Stephanie. Perhaps it was the thought of running the logistics for a planetary development that put her off? Perhaps it was the fact her writing was being ignored? No one really knew what it was, except she was beginning to feel ill. Her friend Kadivi seemed happy enough so Stephy parted company with her and everyone else in Mindabaal and simply flew off in a bland, nondescript old YT-2000. She had no clue of where to go, no thoughts for a future. She simply headed to a deep space station to collect a robe she had purchased. During this trip, she was contacting three women who she had befriended. They would play a huge role in her life and she sought their advice desperately. Neria Derycke was a fun and energetic girl who Stephy had got to know well and she would tell stories of work in the Tresario Star Kingdom navy but this all sounded like too much work for Stephy, at least during that present time. Dr. Crislyn Anessa Waryn had also become a close confident during the times in Mindabaal, and she suggested travelling to Argai and taking the time to relax. This sounded much more like it. Lilith Delcroix who Stephy had got to know while discussing design and artwork for her forgotten news articles simply suggested to "Keep going, trust your heart and your destiny will find you in time." So, after recovering her 'special' robe, Stephy decided to do just that. She set course for Argai and the Tion Cluster.

Lady Hegemon of the Tion Hegemony
Preceded By:
Takao Asai
Stephanie Barefoot
Year 17 Day 328Y21 D201
Succeeded By:
Abraari To

Head of Tion Engineering and Construction
Preceded By:
Takao Asai
Stephanie Barefoot
Year 14 Day 307Year 17 Day 328
Succeeded By:
Kulton Duine