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sul C`an Tribe
"Legends are our actions."
Historical Information
FounderAbbaji sul C`an
EstablishedPrior to record keeping
General information
Current headRael sul C`an

In Brief

Claiming to herald from the Ancient God Warrior Abbaji, the sul C`an believe they are one the major powers of the Kaleesh people. Proven warriors and adapt in financial matters of state, the members of Tribe sul C`an are leaders in their respective fields of study. Conditioned from a young age, most members who reach adulthood believe they are destined for greatness, and most importantly, God-Hood. Through their influence, the sul C`an were able to unite many of the Kaleesh under the Kolkpravis. This created a unique state of rule resulting in a quasi-oligarchy-meritocracy, with rule ultimately in the hands of those who show merit to the ruling family.


The sul C`an are organized predominately as a patriarchy, with most of the power lying in the hands of male members of the tribe. These males hold direct influence in political leadership, social privilege and control of property within their individual family groups. In most cases, the Patriarch does not take interest in the general day to day affairs of the individual family members that make up the tribe. They do, however, oversee them all and guide them on working toward the betterment of the tribe as a whole. They do this by funneling their efforts into large industry and military affairs of corporations and businesses under the control of the tribe.

While it is rare, it is not completely unheard of for women to make their way into various leadership roles as well. For them to make their way up the ranks, they will have fought hard to earn the respect and recognition of their male counterparts. They take great pride in the honors they gain because of this.

Active Members

Inactive Members

  • Shimin sul C`an