Sun News Systems: Jury selection in the Rosom case.

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Posted by Plojo Rosom

Onboard the YT-2000 Pitiful Anonymous at galactic position (208, 204).

-Report filed by Nyla Rym -Location Courthouse

The jury selection continued today in the trial of Prince Plojo Rosom of Kuat. The Prince has been accused of several improprieties by the Antarian Rangers Security faction.

Below is the listing of the eleven already chosen jurors:

- Crib Culton

- Tork Bendor

- Lindgart Adjer

- Kayleb

- Revrac Edalb

- Ranofer Zedlav

- Phryss Zarlock

- Thraken Solo

- Hopkins

- Sarelli

- Rion Scytheblade

The remaining juror will be selected from the following list of four people:

- Cellos Soyak

- Syn

- Ratso Rizzo

- Hastings

Noted Falleen judge Orion has been assigned to this case, and accepted by both sides.

Prince Rosom was seen leaving the courthouse with a group of attorneys and bodyguards. When asked for his comments he gave these words.

"I'm quite happy with the way things have proceeded thus far. The selection process has been fair and relatively quick. Fortunately I know I'm innocent of this particular charge and I know the jury will find similarly once its all said and done."

And when pressed about the Tenloss Syndicate the Prince had this to say.

"Who? Call me when they do something. Groups pop up all the time claiming to be better, we'll see."

This reporter expects to hear more on this subject soon. We'll be here with regular reports from the courthouse as the trial progresses.

Stay tuned to Sun News Systems for all information on Black Sun, and the Dark Prince, Plojo Rosom.