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Suntzu Large Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Emperor of the Galaxy
Admiral of the Imperial Navy (formerly)

Suntzu was the second recorded Emperor of the Galaxy[1] and the earliest known commander of the Imperial Navy.[1] He is perhaps best known for the brevity of his reign, which lasted only one month. Before his ascension to the Imperial Throne, Suntzu was the Commander of the Imperial Navy and retained this position throughout his reign.

In the past, there was some disagreement about which individual succeeded Suntzu. However, most sources — the Annals of the Emperors,[2] the O'Dwyer Manuscript,[1] and the Imperial Core War Library[3] — record Vodo Bonias as succeeding him.



Suntzu's tenure as emperor occurred during the so-called "Dark Years," a turbulent era many Imperial chroniclers chose to forget. In the eyes of Charonist historians, Suntzu was a weak ruler and, during his brief reign, "the Imperial spirit itself was crushed beneath acts of corruption and treason." While the reliability of these sources is difficult to assess, what is known is that Suntzu enacted unpopular policies which caused dissent within the Galactic Empire.


The commander of the Imperial Army, General Balseraph, accused Emperor Suntzu of implementing policies that favored the Imperial Navy. Balseraph soon gained the support of a former emperor, Drayson. Together, Balseraph and Drayson formed the Order of Darkness. This latter collective claimed that Suntzu was a puppet of Vodo Bonias. As these beliefs gained prevalence, Suntzu was viewed as weak by his subjects and forced to abdicate.

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Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Hiram Drayson
Circa Year -2 Day 315 — Circa Year -2 Day 350
Succeeded By:
Vodo Bonias