Super Battle Droid

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This article is about the B-2 Super Battle Droid. For other "Battle" Droids, see Military Droids
Super Battle Droid
Superbattledroid (large).png
Terrain GasGiant.gif Mountain.gif Ocean.gif River.gif Swamp.gif Volcanic.gif
Light Blasters None
Medium Blasters None
Weight Stats
Weight 0.3000 T
Volume 1.8 m³
Weight Cap 0.0000 T
Volume Cap 0.0000 m³
Hull Stats
Hull 300
Deflector Shields 100
Ionic Capacity 300
Required Materials
Quantum 9
Meleenium 90
Rudic 25
Tibannagas 7
Varium 8
Hibridium 0
Other Information
Batch Quantity 1
Skills Dexterity: 3
Dodge: 2
Projectile Weapons: 2
Estimated Material Price 34,792 Credits
Affiliation Trade Federation

The B-2 Super Battle Droid design arose from the Trade Federation's need for a more hardened and independent battle droid. The B-2 Super Battle Droid, often referred to simply as Super Battle Droid or SBD, is equipped with heavy blasters, allowing this formidable unit to excel at confronting more challenging targets like speeders or light mechanized infantry. These capabilities combined with improved processing cores allow them to be deployed on autonomous assignments throughout the field of battle. The Super Battle Droid, unlike its predecessor the B-1 Battle Droid, has its processing units fitted deep inside its shielded torso, allowing for greater protection from enemy blaster fire. Improving upon the B-1 Battle Droid design, the Super Battle Droid can operate independently of a droid control ship. For optimal performance, however, a control signal is most often employed to improve overall function and coordination with other battle droids. When operating independently, the droid will often disengage its target if line of sight is lost. Autonomous operation of the Super Battle Droid is indeed limited; however, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the B-1 Battle Droid class.

Standing just under two meters high, this heavy-framed metallic soldier is a capable battlefield figure. These units, while equipped by default with heavy caliber wrist blasters, can be outfitted with specialized blaster rifles. Using electronic signal emitters located in the hands, the droid can fire these weapons without the use of a physical trigger. Twofold, this reduces the potential of battlefield opportunists from scavenging weapons from damaged droids and also reduces the amount of dexterity required in the hands of the droid.