Sven Wan

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Sven Wan
Sven Wan.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Died Year 14 Day 359
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation InterGalactic Banking Clan
Rank Leader
Prior Affiliation Meteora Enterprises

Sven's first major raffle was the Big Ship Raffle which commenced on Year 14 Day 259. The Big Ship Raffle concluded on Year 14 Day 300. 1st Place: X Halk; 2nd Place: Spiri Solon; 3rd Place: Karvainen Kummajainen; 4th Place: Altir Adutorie; and 5th Place: Jevon Lambright. All prizes were delivered as per the original Raffle outline. [1]

Shortly before he became the leader of IGBC Sven Wan opened up his Sven's Investment Scheme. This would run until Day 316 when it would be completed. This initial investment scheme only involved 100 shares, and went fairly smoothly generating extra income as expected with all investors getting the appropriate payout for their investments by Day 316. [2]. Dar Batra, Maha Michi, Fures Nocti, Furium Primun, Alan Scott, X Halk, Rall Dack, Darian Dash, Thrax Ryder, Jack Hildor, Kalek Vesar, Todd Wraithson, Ewoge Gewi, Dav Ord, Keyukep Xiuhcoatl, Philip Gannicus, Tyrion Fordring, and Tomas O'Cuinn were all investors during this first legitimate run of Sven's Investment Scheme.

On Year 14 Day 286 Gilbert Reed made Sven Wan the leader of his newly acquired corporation InterGalactic Banking Clan. On Year 14 Day 294 Sven announced the reopening of the IGBC offering a number of services including savings accounts, personal loans, facility management (atms, banks, casinos with 50/50 split), facility operation (other facilities), personal market access, trade station construction, and middle services. As an incentive to get folks to assign him as a facility operator he ran a weekly raffle wherein among the people that signed up that week by assigning facilities could win a million credits.[3]

Shortly after ending the Big Ship Raffle on Year 14 Day 305 Sven started the Big Ship Raffle II. The rules remained largely the same with a few tweaks. The top prize this time was a Modular Taskforce Cruiser which enticed many to take a chance on the raffle. The conclusion date for this raffle was to be Year 14 Day 360. Having built on two previous endeavors that had ended well and due to his good standing with Centrepoint Market Sven was able to reel in a few more folks on this, including several that are usually wary of such that might be scams and the like.[4]

Starting about 2 weeks later on Year 14 Day 316 Sven's investment opportunity #2 was begun. Having been successful in the previous investment scheme this one drew in more investors, far to many to list here. It had a goal of 500 shares compared to the original 100 shares of the first one. 466 of the shares were bought by various individuals. [5].

Kelmanis Vaan raised early concerns on Year 14 Day 353 that Sven might be running scams claiming that he had not completed trades that had been issued recently. Hazara Kila next said that he had sent credits for a ship a couple days before and was also still waiting. Minerva Umgee next revealed that she had sent an A-Wing and not received payment. Akuma Ell stepped forward with reports of a Namara trade uncompleted where the ship had been sent and payment not received, he though took the route that perhaps Sven was just away for the weekend. Alexander von Ismay then reports that Sven is somewhat active and copies some communications he'd received. Varep Fato and Lucmark Warren step forward next also with ship deals uncompleted. Lilith Delcroix and Ku`Bakai Roche suggest maybes he's just busy or something came up that has delayed trades. Mr. Vann is insistent that he has been on and all records show that Mr. Wan had indeed accessed holonet communications during this time. Matt Solomon expresses concern over the growing number of trades having one outstanding himself but remains optimistic. Gorlyn Boggs wonders if the investment scheme #2 is just a ponzi scheme that's run out of steam. Xanxus Drol reports he's tried to reach Mr. Van but to no avail. Theofan Maercan next reveals previous conversations with Sven but that he had backed out due to the demand to send first. From here it continues on for about another day. [6].

On Year 14 Day 355 at 21:33 hours Sven Van posted on the Trader's Holonet, Thanks for donating to the Sven Wan fund. From His Big Ship Raffle #2 he reveals the following spoils:[7].

  • 19,925,000 credits
  • 3 x Cloakshape
  • 8 x Escape pod
  • YG-4210
  • 2 x Tie-wing
  • YT-1300
  • Gozanti Cruiser
  • YT-2000
  • Y-Wing BTL-S3
  • Aurek Tactical Strikefighter
  • JM5000
  • 578-R Space Transport
  • 2 x Cloakshape
  • 5 x Escape pod
  • 3 x TIE-Wing
  • Cloakshape/H Fighter
  • Dx-9 Dropship
  • Chir'daki Deathseed
  • 2 x Y-Wing BTL-S3
  • Minstrel-class Space Yacht
  • 2 x Cloakshape
  • 5 x Escape pod
  • YG-4210
  • 2 x Tie-wing
  • YT-2000
  • 2 x Y-Wing BTL-S3
  • A-24 Sleuth
  • Marauder
  • Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate
  • R-41 Starchaser
  • R-41 Starchaser
  • Muurian Transport

And from the investment scheme #2 he reveals the following spoils:

  • 324,000,000
  • CR-90 Corvette
  • CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette
  • Ardanium Size: 2,337
  • Varmigio Size: 7,536
  • Rockivory Size: 72
  • Tibannagas Size: 66
  • Quantum Size: 3,024
  • Lommite Size: 1,335
  • Rudic Size: 2,016
  • Meleenium Size: 4,530
  • Durelium Size: 2,511
  • Meleenium Size: 9,090
  • Meleenium Size: 9,090
  • Meleenium Size: 9,090
  • Shipyard II
  • Security Control Panel Security Control Panel
  • Hoverscout
  • Hoverscout
  • Hoverscout
  • Reconnaissance Troop Transport
  • Namana-class Light Cruiser
  • Kaloth BattleCruiser
  • Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser
  • YT-1210
  • Corona-class Frigate

He calls out Minerva Umgee for the death of his dear friend Dar Batra claiming her A-Wing would pay the bounty for anyone bringing her ear to him, though given what all he's stolen including from several bounty hunters how he believes any of them would believe this is almost beyond reasonable intellect.

He finally mentions around 20 million various odds and ends not listed mostly scammed from the poor of the galaxy, sending them even deeper into poverty. Response so far has not been very supportive and more than one veiled threat who was caught up in this ponzi scheme. Sven Wan's days are probably numbered in the galaxy.

Sven Wan did not seem to live long after his big scams. On Year 14 Day 359 at 0237 hours there was a change in leadership announced for InterGalactic Banking Clan where Sven Wan was replaced by Paparrin. Maha Michi at 0348 hours reported that Sven Wan had been reported killed. Sven had been a stockholder of Maha's corporation Huppla Pasa Tisc and as such upon his death the share had been returned to Maha. At this time it remains unclear exactly how Sven died. No bounty hunter has yet stepped forward to collect any existing bounties. Speculation runs the gambit of overdoes of Ryll, to sundiving, to arrest and execution, but so far no definitive answer has been provided. Tz Juil claims to have communed with the Spirit of Sven Wan using an ancient and bloody rite, though Syn casts doubt on his statement. However Paparrin does confirm that Sven's death caused his assent to the CEO position of InterGalactic Banking Clan, that he is attempting to reimburse as much as he can and states that the bank will close soon without further investors or administration. [8]