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Biographical Information
Race Anzat (formerly Falleen)
Homeworld Qat Chrystac
Spouse Unknown
Siblings None
Children None
Born Over 200 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8" (173cm)
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola Pirates (Year 8 - Present)
Rank Leader
Positions Pirate Queen
Princess of Huruk-Rah
Reputable middleman
Prior Affiliation Starsign Shipyards (Year 6 - 8)
Eidola Pirates (Year 5 - 6)
Order of Krath (Year 5)
Jedi Praxium (Year 4 - 5)
Outrider Trading (Year 4)
Galactic Empire (Year 2 - 4)
Awards Detailed below

A female Anzat and current leader of the Eidola Pirates, Syn (pronounced sin) is best known for her ownership of the heavily modified YT-510 Solitaire, the fastest starship in the galaxy, and for her ransom of an Imperial Executor in exchange for a personal Super Star Destroyer.

Her earliest public records place her in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire in Year 2, where she rose to the rank of Captain and served on Naval High Command prior to her resignation following the removal of Emperor Charon. After reportedly working covertly with two different pirate groups and an assortment of Charon loyalists, she used her considerable wealth and the reputation that she had accumulated as a widely-regarded trader and middleman to take control of the Rachuk sector and founded two production companies there: Starsign Shipyards and Starsign Mining. After several years of providing a variety of YT freighters to the public at low costs, she abruptly sold both companies, as well as all of her real estate within Rachuk, and returned publicly to the Eidola Pirates.

Until being diagnosed with the Metamorphosis Plague in early Year 14, she occasionally made formal public appearances at significant galactic events as leader and representative of the royal Falleen clan Huruk-Rah.


Early Years

Young Syn

Syn was raised as a Human on a neutral world once called Qat Chrystac prior to its reclassification, the sole adopted child of a man and woman known as the Becketts. They chose not to reveal her adoption or its circumstances, either publicly or to Syn herself, and so she was raised without knowledge of her true parentage. Characterized by a series of misdemeanors and arrests, her youth was not a considerable source of pride. As Imperial rule had thus far failed to extend to such distant reaches of the galaxy, her homeworld was undeveloped and relatively uneducated, and thus the limited public education system failed to keep her mind occupied. She turned instead to theft and crime, but this, too, ultimately failed to provide the challenge for which she had hoped. Yet that came to an abrupt end when she tried her hand at the largest theft she had ever planned, and was subsequently discovered and apprehended.

With her adoptive parents in league with the local authorities, she was given no choice but to join the military, and so she was shipped to the Imperial Naval Academy on Obroa-Skai, thus beginning what would soon become a lengthy and illustrious career within the Imperial Navy. It was at this time that she adjusted her surname to "Becket," in an attempt to distance herself from the parents who had sent her away. There are no reports of any subsequent encounter with the Becketts, who most likely relocated to an unknown location at some point, and are believed to have passed away due to old age since.

The Galactic Empire

Although she resisted substantially to such a dramatic change in lifestyle at first, Syn began to discover her talents, as well as a more productive outlet for her need for challenge and constant activity, while within the Navy. She rose swiftly through the ranks, assigned as fleet fighter commander in a squadron of TIE Interceptors, then commanding a Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, then a trio of Carrack Cruisers, and finally a Victory-class Star Destroyer of her own as she was promoted to the command staff of the Second Assault Fleet, the Navy's famous offensive fleet. She spent much of this time managing a private ship rental service during her free hours that was renowned for aiding the poor and taking in only minimal profits while trusting her personally acquired goods to strangers. This launched her career as a respected middleman among the galactic trading community. Following her additional work in handling all Naval personnel assignments and starship logistics over a two-year period as an officer, she ultimately received a position on Naval High Command as a highly-decorated Captain in charge of coordinating with all of the fleet commanders as Naval Affairs Officer, fourth in command of the Imperial Navy, and frequently filled in for the other three Naval commanders during their leaves of absence. During her time as an officer, she was also charged with overseeing the Empire-wide Tactical Essay Contests, leading Navy meetings, helping to develop Naval Academy course material, and administrating the Imperial holonet and various newsgroups and mailing lists.

It was also during her time in the Navy that she met Kosh Naranek, Falleen Lord of Black Sun, during a brief vacation. Although no records exist of significant subsequent contact between the two, much less any expressed public affection, they were married months later, leading the Imperial Security Bureau and the galaxy at large to wonder at the ulterior motives of the arrangement. The marriage did not last long, as the Galactic News Service shed light on an affair in which Kosh had been involved, and she was able to have the marriage annulled, a move which her Imperial peers seemed to fully support, likely due to the Falleen's shady reputation.

Syn's Imperial ID, Year 4

However, during the months following her promotion to Captain, an Imperial splinter group known originally as The Core and later as the Dark Empire rejoined the Galactic Empire and ultimately resulted in the removal of the popular emperor she had served throughout the majority of her career, Emperor Charon. It was also during this time that she began to notice a number of changes occurring within her own body, perhaps spurred by the significant stress she was undergoing as a result of her bureaucratic and military work as well as the new regime's questioning of her loyalties. She met with her personal medic for a diagnosis and learned that, in an advanced medical procedure, her DNA had been spliced with that of a Human at an early age to disguise her true identity, perhaps to give her the chance the biological parents she had never known had lacked in a galaxy so consumed with bias against non-Humans. She was a Falleen.

This did not bode well for her as the new leadership of the Empire took a much firmer stance against aliens in the ranks than Emperor Charon's regime had, and the breakdown of her splicing was irreversible at such a late stage and with the relatively limited knowledge of the field. She had been contemplating a resignation for some time, and this solidified matters. She turned her resignation in to Uebles, the new Emperor, along with the rest of the once-magnificent Second Assault Fleet. She then sought out Tembre Fe`ll, a half-Falleen entrepreneur and mercenary with whom she had become closely acquainted after her first marriage had ended, and accepted his standing proposal of marriage. The two were wed on board Tembre's modified Carrack-class Cruiser, the Hangover.


Outrider Trading and the Jedi Praxium

Syn spent the month following her Naval resignation holding down a temporary job as head of the transportation department for a small and unsuccessful trading company, Outrider Trading, operated at the time by Mystiel Raleigh, having rapidly sought out a neutral company in order to avoid being publicly labeled a wanted traitor. She found the work dull and beneath her, and so when the company was sold to the legendary thief, Keir Santage, and enough time had passed that she deemed it safe to move on, she and Fe`ll joined the Jedi Praxium where they led the Naval and armed forces respectively. Within the Praxium she became reacquainted with a number of former Imperials who had made similar career choices, including her old friends, Phryss and Eric Jackson, and were using the Praxium as a safehouse for Imperials fleeing the Empire due to the regime change.


Syn's Imperial warrant, Year 5 - 12

Seven months with the Jedi Praxium had taught Syn that the group had fallen into a state of stagnancy and would be unsuccessful in opposing the Empire to any great extent. And so, she again found herself submitting her resignation, and found work instead in the Order of Krath, at the time a small band of pirates assembled by the infamous Noghri and former Sith Master, Thraken Solo, seemingly as disillusioned with the Empire as she. She spent several months with him, accompanying him on numerous campaigns and assassinations, and the two reportedly became close friends.

However, circumstances eventually led to her departure to the Eidola pirates, founded by Teniel Djo, the teenaged daughter of Keir Santage, where Thraken soon joined her before he was assassinated by a H'nemthean named Oilios Katastrefor. Syn remained with Eidola for a few more months, operating covertly as a pirate, and successfully keeping her affiliation concealed in order to preserve the trading reputation with which she made the majority of her profit. During this period, she was primarily known for a series of public pranks representative of her sense of humour, including the much publicized "sale" of Coruscant, in addition to numerous other planets throughout the galaxy, through a fictitious realty service she had invented with Fe`ll called Galactic Realty. Despite the shady nature of the service, its jab at the Empire by failing to recognize the superpower as a formal government resulted in considerable public support extending even to many of the other governments in the galaxy, and the two partners in crime acquired a sizable amount of money in exchange for their technically meaningless printed certificates of planetary ownership. This behaviour led to an Imperial bounty placed on her head sometime in Year 5, which was removed nearly a decade later.

Starsign Shipyards

Syn, Year 5

However, her surreptitious activities with Eidola insufficient in allowing her to maintain her desired high levels of activity, Syn took her leave in order to found Starsign Shipyards, a neutral and independent ship production company, with a number of close allies and associates from her prior affiliations. Here she enjoyed many years of astounding success as the galaxy's sole producer of the speedy YT-510 personal freighter, providing these and other freighters at a cost so low it opened the market to a significantly wider consumer base than previously known. With the aid of her friend, Tom Servo, she opened Starsign Mining as a sister company to more efficiently acquire the raw materials required for production and further expansion throughout the Rachuk sector. It was not long before she controlled the entire sector, although the Starsign Corporation headquarters tower and the bulk of her factories and mines were located on the world Argolfin, later known as Oshora III in the galactic reclassification of all known worlds and systems in Year 13.

Despite Starsign's selective and infrequent acquisition of new employees, the organization consistently experienced an unusually low rate of employee turnover and retirement, and boasted one of the highest average salaries available at the time. While some of the employees were existing associates of Syn, others, such as Olwin Froon and Stack Soto, later went on to make their own mark in the galaxy as prominent members of other organizations and governments.

Although it was for many years unknown and oft-speculated whether connections remained between Syn and the pirate groups of past, after nearly three years heading the mining and ship production companies comprising the Starsign Corporation, she abruptly sold both companies without public remark as well as the entire Rachuk sector that she controlled, and was subsequently spotted in the company of various notable Eidola pirates in the Outer Rim territories. Journalists speculated that she had grown bored of her business success, had burned out, or that perhaps it had all been a scheme to accumulate considerable wealth and power in order to solidify her reputation before returning to her less respectable activities and companions. Regardless of the nature of her motivation, this period marked the first public record of her status as a billionaire.


Syn, Year 14

After several months, her return to Eidola and her previous affiliation with the pirates became publicized, and word spread rapidly throughout the galactic trading community. Her reputation as a trader and respectable middleman was called into question from time to time by newer traders, but accusations were promptly dismissed by the rest of the community due in part to her popularity and influence, and in part to the lack of evidence of any untrustworthy behavior as far as middling and trading were concerned. The activities in which she engaged in her personal time that did not relate to commerce transactions were deemed irrelevant to her trading status.

She has thus far remained affiliated with Eidola since Year 5, primarily known to participate in and frequently mastermind murders, captures of notorious individuals, and the occasional rescue of allies, as well as functioning as an honest middleman for traders with whom the pirates opt to trade legitimately. Many of the older details of her association and specific activities with the pirates remain largely unpublished, but she is frequently seen in the background of Holonet footage and images, and her presence is often mentioned in articles pertaining to some of the group's more renowned activities.

Syn formally took on the role of second in command of the pirate group sometime in Year 13, where she worked alongside her longtime friend Warlord Squall Chitose, rapidly becoming one of the more public faces of Eidola through her activities and snarky media releases. She assumed leadership of the group in Year 17.

Unlike the more elusive pirates, Syn makes no secret of her whereabouts and is known to frequent the planet Ylesia in Hutt Space, where she publicly invites friends and enemies alike to visit and engage her in combat or games of capture, claiming that the majority of her visitors have been permitted to leave safely with a handful of souvenirs. She is commonly spotted in the company of numerous wild creatures, many of which she claims to have bested in combat and domesticated.

Rescue of Kai Oryk

In Year 10, Kai Oryk, who was at the time leader of the Neo-Mandalorians and would later become Mand'alor of Mando`ade, was captured on board a C-3 Passenger Liner. He had sought to trade the ship to Angela Skorzeka of The Damned, a group composed of individuals linked to Black Sun. Dac Kain had been requested to carry out the transaction for the two traders, as Oryk needed to board the vessel over the course of the trade, and was asked not to transfer full piloting codes to ensure Oryk's safety, instead only to add Skorzeka to the crew manifest so she could board as well. Unfortunately, Kain's affiliation with The Damned was overlooked, as he was installed as the leader of Mecrosa, an item producer owned by The Damned, and later to be operated by Black Sun. Consequently, he granted Skorzeka the piloting codes and stood idly by while the criminal abducted Oryk, rather than completing the transaction. With a Year 15 news report later revealing Kain's formal affiliation with Black Sun, his actions became somewhat less surprising in hindsight.

Trapped on board and awaiting his execution, Oryk sent out a distress signal to a number of companions, including Syn, who immediately set course for his position in the Solitaire. While Oryk methodically broke through the blast doors separating him from the airlock, Syn tried to enter into negotiations with Kain, but the novice middleman refused to take responsibility for his deliberate sabotage of the exchange. Upon arriving in the system herself, Syn found that the vessel was continually engaged in sublight travel to dodge any would-be rescuers. Fortunately for Oryk, no vessel in the galaxy could match the Solitaire's speed, and once he had broken through the last blast door and the C-3 was turning about for another lap, she moved alongside and ferried her ally to safety. For her assistance, he swore her a life debt and gifted her with his personal Stouker, at the time a remarkably valuable and unique weapon, and the two became close friends.

Fleur`De Rouge

Fleur`De Rouge, Gand freelance bounty hunter known for her capture of the New Republic Chief of State, Cheda Quche, in early Year 14 was long suspected of having ties to the Eidola Pirates and Syn in particular, once referring to her as a valuable source of guidance. According to the bounty hunter prior to her death, Syn had secretly been involved in the ransoming process of Quche, which ultimately culminated in his delivery to the Galactic Empire. It is uncertain what transpired between the two associates to create a rift, but only a month after Quche's execution, the Eidola Pirates reported that Fleur had pursued Syn as her next target, and had subsequently been killed on Ylesia. The billions of credits in assets that Fleur had reportedly been paid in exchange for Quche's capture--in addition to a number of her personal assets--ended up in Syn's hands and were later sold to various buyers.

Capture of Executor Seele

Syn's active Imperial warrant

On Year 14 Day 232, a note crafted by Syn was released to the Galactic News Service, announcing her capture of Seele, Executor of the Galactic Empire, and demanding a Super Star Destroyer as ransom for his safe return. Further updates revealed that the Executor had been captured on the surface of Ylesia, although none of the parties involved provided an explanation for his presence in Eidola space. According to the news release by the Eidola Pirates, negotiations briefly broke down due to suspicion and mistrust on both sides, but the Galactic Empire ultimately capitulated, turning over one of their prized Super Star Destroyers, which was subsequently called Ragnarok. Footage released from the Eir aura, a personal Sprint-class rescue craft owned by Syn, depicted the Anzat feeding on the Executor, but the pirates' news release described him as in a state of good health.

About a week later, the Galactic Empire confirmed the Executor's safe return, but denied both the payment of the ransom and the rumoured Anzati feeding. As a result of this series of events, an updated Imperial bounty was placed on Syn's head. Despite the Empire's claims to the contrary, various uninvolved parties have since claimed to have spotted a Super Star Destroyer broadcasting Syn's ownership codes in the orbit of Ylesia, and a satirical press release by Trilon Inc. originated from a Super Star Destroyer called Ragnarok in the Cha Raaba system where Ylesia is located.

Murder of Padme Smith

Syn drew the ire of the Nagatee Kingdom with the murder of their Minister of Industry and duchess, Padme Smith (later Padme Knight), late in Year 14. According to Syn's gloating report, she and fellow Eidolon, the Iridonian Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson, briefly conspired to capture Smith when the Force user agreed to test the Iridonian for Force sensitivity. As soon as Smith boarded, the Iridonian set course for Cha Raaba and unsuccessfully attempted to fight the captive into submission during transit. While enroute, the Iridonian tried to ransom Smith back to her husband, Jeff Knight, as well as her friends and family within the Nagatee Kingdom, but she was turned down. At the same time, rumours reached the pair of pirates that Smith had arranged for friends to intercept her at Ylesia in order to spring her free upon her arrival. Consequently, Syn promptly subdued and slew Smith just outside of the Cha Raaba system. She allegedly paid her Iridonian associate 100 million credits as consolation for the other woman's inability to secure a ransom.

Creature Capture

At the end of Year 14, Syn was alleged to have been involved in the theft of two creatures, a Corellian Sand Panther and Kintan Strider, at the time worth nearly 400 million credits. Known to be an avid creature collector, she had purchased an Eopie and a Womp Rat from Belloq Tull, a trader associated with the Avance Coalition through his command rank within The Wraiths. When Tembre Fe`ll, longtime Eidola pirate once married to Syn, arrived to retrieve the purchase on her behalf, he gained access to the storage of the two valuable creatures and absconded with them. Demands to return them to their rightful owner were met with counterdemands by Fe`ll for an exorbitant ransom greater than the creatures' value that was declined. When asked to intervene, Syn refused and denied all knowledge or interest in the theft. However, a later news release of hers depicted the two creatures in her possession and clearly sought to taunt their former owner.

Bacta Heist

In Year 15, Syn appeared in a filmed satirical news report to announce the theft of 17,000 crates of bacta refills and assorted medical supplies valued at over 5 billion credits from Alpha Medical Corps, nationalized medical provider of the Avance Coalition. Although the report was heavily sarcastic in nature, it strongly insinuated that the Eidola Pirates--in particular a Kel Dor by the name of Tsin Vus--were behind the enormous heist. Although her role in the plot was not revealed in the report, only weeks later, the Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate containing the stolen cargo was spotted in the orbit of Ylesia and hundreds of crates had been distributed among associates and trading partners of Syn.

Trade Federation

Syn's relationship with the Trade Federation has long been nebulous. She applied for citizenship in early Year 14 and was one of the few to be granted Level 2 despite her criminal history and role within Eidola, due to her impeccable trading record and her status as a reputable middleman. Past ties to the Federation include her previous employment of Olwin Froon, Trade Federation's Regent, while she owned and operated Starsign Shipyards, as well as her subsequent sale of the production company and its datacards to Viceroy Jacob Jansen. Duceroy Nohv Schiller is also connected to Huruk-Rah, the Falleen royal clan that Syn once led as Nathran and in which she remains as princess and elder.

However, the amiable relationship with the Federation soured two years later when she captured their newly appointed Director of Trade, Lilith Delcroix. Allegedly, the two formally met as guests at the Falleen Federation's 15th anniversary celebration, which they attended together. They were seen in close embrace over the course of the evening, leading rumours to circulate among the other guests and when Syn took her leave, Delcroix followed shortly afterwards. According to Syn's later remarks to the press, Delcroix chose to follow her to Ylesia of her own volition in order to deliver heavily discounted supplies and to pursue a relationship that Syn claimed to have found undesirable, suggesting that their association at Falleen Prime had been the product of deception and emotional manipulation by the Anzat. Delcroix was disarmed of her prized lightsaber, and was released once Syn received the strikingly low ransom of 200 million credits. Consequently, Syn's Trade Federation citizenship was revoked.



In Year 5, Syn underwent a series of blood tests and discovered a portion of her heritage, that she was the descendant of one of the ancient kings that had ruled Falleen Prime prior to the formation of the Falleen Federation. Due to this, she formally became part of the Huruk-Rah, known as the Royal Clan of Falleen. As her parentage remained unknown and no others with a direct blood relationship to her had been discovered, Syn became the heir of the Third Royal Line, thereby inheriting the title of Princess. When Prince Jace Meridan, the clan Nathran (or leader), met his demise at the hands of the Sith at the infamous Battle of Beta one year later, she assumed control of the Royal Clan altogether with near unanimous support from the rest of the clan. She served as the clan's mouthpiece on the Sejm, the Falleen Federation's conglomerate of clan Nathrans and government officials, before this was disbanded by the Federation under King Bisz Aldaris due to significant and recurring political drama, coupled with Bisz's fear of losing support as leader of the government. It was later reestablished by Bisz's successor, King Rick Farlander, in an effort to solidify the bonds between the government and the clans and encourage clan participation in select governing decisions.

She led the clan until her resignation before the Sejm in Year 14, after she became a victim of the Metamorphosis Plague, citing her desire to see the royal clan remain pure of blood. Her chosen successor, Prince Jado Dur`rik, named her Yar'borouh, or honoured clan elder, despite her genetic mutations. She became the second Yar'borouh of Huruk-Rah since the founding of the Falleen Federation, alongside Prince Tholin, whom she had elevated to that position herself many years prior. This was an unprecedented move in permitting a non-Falleen to remain a Huruk-Rah member, justified by her legitimate clan heritage and the unusual circumstances involving the brief galaxy-wide spread of genetic mutation.

Metamorphosis Plague

Syn was an early victim of the Metamorphosis Plague and announced her diagnosis on Year 14 Day 27. According to her report, one of her medical suppliers contracted the plague at Derra during a routine delivery before inadvertently relaying it to her on Ylesia. Her personal medic, a Huruk-Rah clanswoman named Xylah, diagnosed her shortly after she begin to exhibit physiological symptoms, and she fell severely ill while the plague ran its course. Over a period of several weeks, it resulted in her genetic transformation from Falleen to Anzat. She also learned that the mutation had rendered her sterile even apart from her unusual new physiology, a rare side effect found in fewer than 1% of reported cases.




Syn has long been known as an arrogant and dismissive woman with little patience for people or events that she considers beneath her. Under normal circumstances, she can be extremely difficult to get along with as she exhibits little empathy and rarely demonstrates interest in most affairs that do not directly affect her. Perhaps due to her unstable family life as a child and the eventual realization that she would likely never discover her biological family, she is unskilled at sincere interpersonal relations and makes enemies far more readily than friends. She tends to distance herself and prefers isolation over prolonged contact with others, and this trait grew more marked following her transition during the Metamorphosis Plague.

Due to her preference for working alone, she has a penchant for micromanagement and has been described as blunt and controlling by previous subordinates and employees. She seems unwilling or incapable of trusting others, and she has difficulty confiding in allies and delegating tasks if she can accomplish them herself, indicative of some manner of control issues. Despite her often uncooperative and abrasive nature, she has an enormous quantity of both field and administrative experience, and she is intelligent and highly competent. She is a lethal opponent both armed and unarmed, and few bounty hunters and opportunists who have pursued her returned alive.

Her experiences in data management within the Empire also laid the groundwork for her extensive collection of information and intelligence. Despite her often self-imposed isolation and general apathy, she often keeps close tabs on galactic events and is believed to possess a sizeable data collection that spans decades.

Syn's attitude seems to have undergone a temperamental shift since the Metamorphosis Plague and since discovering her connection to the Force. Her temper is often unpredictable and irritable, and her underlying motives unclear and superficially arbitrary. She seems highly fixated on her own amusement and benefit, often aiding others only to demand compensation or favors in return. She does not appear to possess a consistent sense of morality; she is known to have tricked, kidnapped, stolen from, extorted, and murdered sentients, but has also freely donated to, aided, and rescued others with no apparent ulterior motive or consistency, and she is one of the most trusted traders in the galaxy. This dichotomy has led to countless accusations of insanity, not an uncommon eventuality for many Anzati.

Despite her disingenuous and frequently manipulative nature, she seems capable of diplomacy and charm. With regard to galactic politics and drama she is opinionated and speaks her mind, employing wordplay, dry humor, and cleverness to gain support for her thoughts and ideas. She seems largely disinterested in other people, only rarely seen in the company of friends or lovers, and seems comfortable exploiting the feelings of others when it suits her. Even her marital status remains uncertain, but she has not been known to use a surname since shortly after her wedding to Fe`ll in Year 4.

The Force

Originally an atheist who did not believe in the Force, Syn discovered her own aptitude for it not long after recovering from the Metamorphosis Plague, through the use of her newfound mild telepathic abilities as an Anzat. She spent several years learning independently through trial and error before her longtime friend, Eric Jackson, at the time still a Sith Lord with the Galactic Empire, came into contact with her and became aware of her growing connection to the Force.

He cautioned her about her reckless use of abilities that she barely understood, and spent several years attempting to teach her, the two of them keeping the arrangement secret due to their political status as enemies. However, it was not long before Syn grew frustrated with his approach to training. She discovered that she could simply feel out and directly obtain the information she desired through her connection to him with an increasing degree of finesse that led them to begin to suspect that a Force bond potentially connected them. This greatly expedited the learning process, which appealed to Syn due in part to her prideful difficulty in accepting another's tutelage, and in part because it provided her with a convenient shortcut to personal power. It also enabled her to simply avoid their many ideological disagreements.

After the two parted ways and Jackson returned to the Sith, Syn took on two apprentices of her own, although she refused to disclose their identities publicly. The first was a woman who had spent several years attempting to develop her abilities independently, which appealed to Syn because that was how she had first approached the situation as well. But once her apprentice returned to her other duties, Syn began to train a more experienced student. She found that she preferred teaching apprentices rather than being one herself in principle, but she ultimately found the whole process needlessly arduous and often simply boring.


Galactic Empire

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received


Academy Recruit Indoctrination Test

Grand Admiral Tj

Y2 D98


Navy Achievement Award

Lord Admiral IWAssassin

Y2 D183


Fleet Commanding Officer Award

Lord Admiral IWAssassin

Y2 D183


Imperial Academy Basic Graduate with Honors

Lieutenant Spoz

Y2 D298


Imperial Literacy Award

Commodore Savk

Y3 D24


3 Letters of Commendation

Director Naal Soven, Rear Admiral OVERMIND 2x

Y3 D210


Imperial Citizenship Award

Moff Correll Aintab

Y3 D210(?)

2 DB

Duty Bars, 2 Years

Commodore Hack Skice

Y4 D25


Imperial Service Achievement Award

Rear Admiral Savk

Y4 D33


Navy Betterment Award

Vice Admiral Savk

Y4 D71


Battle Efficiency Award

Vice Admiral OVERMIND

Y4 D123


2 Unit Distinguished Service Awards

Vice Admiral OVERMIND 2x

Y4 D123


Battle of Alderaan Participation Ribbon

Vice Admiral OVERMIND

Y4 D123

Imperial of the Month

Year 4 Day 41

Veritas Press

1AVA 25.png

First Annual Veritas Awards (Year 14)

Syn was nominated for three of the six categories by the galaxy at large, and, following a public voting period, won in all three categories:

  • Person of the Year: The individual who most affected the events of the year, for better or for worse
  • Heist of the Year: Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele
  • News Headline of the Year: Syn's capture and ransom of Executor Seele

In the News

A public figure in galactic affairs for much of her history, Syn has been featured in numerous news reports and publications over the years. An archived selection of many of these releases is available here in reverse chronological order where possible. Specific dates for Year 5 releases are unknown. Her own produced material is in bold.

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Who Has 17,000 Crates of Bacta Refills? Not Alpha Medical Corps!
First Annual Veritas Awards
  • Year 14
Trilon Inc. Press Release
The Executor and the Pirate
Three Girls, One Death
Up From the Ashes of Despair
Contra Felicem Vix Deus Vires Habet
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Empathy from the New Republic
If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.
Shocking News!
Dastardly Villian Captured by Even More Dastardly Pirates
  • Year 13
Transitions of Power: Making or Breaking a Federation?
  • Year 12
Darasuum dralshy'a - Eternally stronger
  • Year 10
Is The Galactic Civil War A Fraud?
Dac Kain, The Damned, New Imperial Order Implicated in Illegal Kidnapping Attempt
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Left Wing Thinkers Dismiss Eidola Rhetoric
HOW **YOU** CAN GET RICH: Autonomous Collective Anarcho-Syndicalist Communes!
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The Occasionally Show with Tembre Fe`ll Episode 4
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Starsign Reveals Plans to Donate Earnings
Eidola Clarifies Bounty Rules After Imperial Killing Spree
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Failed Hack Notification
  • Year 5
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In Response To Recent Events...A Shakeup
Sun News Systems: TPA Leadership Changes
Jury Selected
Sun News Systems: Jury selection in the Rosom case.
The Free Alternative
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Hollow Fist
  • Year 4
Asleep at the Wheel
Galactic Realty #9:Galactic Realty Denounces Galactic Reality
Galactic Realty #8:Obra-Skai Has New Owner
Galactic Realty #7:Galactic Realty Unveils Planetary Ownership Database
Galactic Realty #6:Coruscant Market
Galactic Realty #5:Aristocracy Restored, Democracy Reaffirmed
Galactic Realty #4:Polluted Airwaves
Galactic Realty #3:More From Galactic Realty
Galactic Realty #2:Massive Hoax - Planets secure
Galactic Realty #1: In Other News
In Other News...
  • Year 3
Marriage of Kosh and Syn Naranek

Leader of Eidola
Preceded By:
Squall Chitose
Year 17 Day 333 — Present
Succeeded By: