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A System, also known as a Planetary System or a Star System, is a group of planetal bodies orbiting one or more stars. In very rare cases, the term system may also define a cluster of black holes or stars without planetary bodies.
In current astrography, a system is set within a Sector, e.g.: the system of Kessa within the Sector of Kessel.

A typical map of a Star System, in this case Ingo

Star Systems usually consist of one or more planets, with or without their moons, and possibly the debris remaining from the formation of primary planets and central star, such as comets and asteroids.[1]

The galactic standard approach to naming star systems is to base the name off the central star or planet.[1] Most often, the remaining planets take the central star or planet's name and a number is added as a suffix to mark the distance of the orbit course from the sun. As an example, Oetrago system with Oetrago as central planet (the second in order of distance to the sun), and the remaining four planets named Oetrago I to V (skipping II).

There are one or more star systems in each Sector of The Galaxy. Hyperspace jumps are conducted by entering the co-ordinates of a specific System within a Sector into the ship's navcomputer.

Noteworthy Systems

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