T-Series Tactical Droid

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T-Series Tactical Droid
Light Blasters 1
Weight Stats
Weight 0.1000 T
Volume 0.5000 m³
Weight Cap 0.0000 T
Volume Cap 0.0000 m³
Hull Stats
Hull 75
Deflector Shields 0
Ionic Capacity 40
Required Materials
Quantum 4
Meleenium 45
Rudic 8
Other Information
Batch Quantity 2
Estimated Material Price 8,612
Affiliation *Cerberus Corporation

The T-Series droid was introduced on Year 14 Day 128. It was the culmination of a joint research project by then existing Droid Manufacturers in wake of the Great Animosity Plague that had broken out in early Year 14 on Derra IV. The idea was to produce a light military droid that could be easily manufactured and put into service quickly. Since the operation was a collaborative effort, droid parts for the T-Series had to use more general designs than the usual droid lines to protect the integrity of the droid manufacturers lines.

The final product is not perfect, there seems to be some variation on voice and personality. T-Series droids are also known to feel themselves superior to those who are less heavily armed. Higher level sergeant T-Series droids, in their arrogance, have been known to issue orders that may conflict with their company commander's order. This can lead to wide spread confusion when the droids are used in large numbers.

Though they are not the best for large scale battles, they are more than capable of taking a beating, clearing out small types of wildlife, and keeping street thugs from becoming too confident. Overall, that can be seen as a success.