Tabty Haasza

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Tabty Haasza
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Heidi Rawhe Haasza
Father Alan Haasza
Spouse Megan Haasza (Divorced)
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -21 Day 21 (Age 35)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.1 meters
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Akheton Corporation
Title Owner and CEO
Rank [M-5] President
Awards Trade Federation Citizen

Avance Coalition Citizen

House Vigihan Knight

Tabty Haasza is best known as owner and CEO of the vast Akheton Conglomerate, which currently consists of Akheton Medical Services, Akheton Mining Corporation, Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation and Akheton Vehicle Corporation. He is slightly less well known as a geological engineer of some brilliance and more recently, has acquired renown in the medical field. He is typically seen in a suit when making public appearances.


Growing Up

Tabty was born and raised on Naboo by Thyferran immigrants, Alan and Heidi Haasza. Though they could not give him everything materially, they made a happy home for their only son, and raised him with solid values. His father was a security officer and taught Tabty to work hard, to share what he had, and to respect the law. From his mother, a gracious woman and speech therapist, Tabty learned the importance of clear communication and treating others as he would like to be treated, as equals, with courtesy, tact and genuine respect.

He grew up in a single-family residence with a small yard, the rocks and insects of which served to fascinate the young Tabty for hours on end. As a small child he developed the habit of picking up pebbles and stones when he went out with his parents, and placing them in the yard, in orderly geometric designs, when he returned home. The Haaszas didn’t seem to mind that Tabty turned the lawn into a veritable rock garden - though it’s doubtful that they divined where his interest rocks and rocky terrain would lead him.

With a thirst for a broad spectrum of knowledge, and determined to make his beloved parents proud, Tabty worked hard in school and sports, becoming a two time podracing champion in Chommell before graduation.

As an Adult

His divergent interests presented problems when it came to selecting a career and Tabty fell into a pilot’s job with the Akheton Corporation. His solid work ethic and easy personality soon had him marked for advancement. Here he encountered Darwyn Vercades, who took an interest in the young pilot, teaching him how to manage personnel and information and how to run a business well.

In time, Tabty made the move to Akheton Security Forces, where his passion for order and the lessons Vercades taught enabled him to manage that enterprise. Here, Tabty began to develop real confidence in his ability to both get along with various types of sentients and to help them as needed. He got a taste of what it was like to make a difference in the lives of the sentients who worked under him and began to view Akheton as his family.

It was while he was running Akheton Security Forces that Tabty hired Lee Cunningham as a logistics pilot. Seeing talent and promise, Tabty began the process of grooming Lee to take an active role in the company, much as Vercades had done with himself. The process made fast friends of the two and Tabty’s transfer to Akheton Mining Corporation did not change that.

Serving there proved to be a time of great personal development for Tabty. He hit his stride as both CEO and geological engineer. He lived in his work clothes on a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter - a habit he maintains to this day aboard the black and yellow [TH] Haasza Hauler - and ran the company from there. He had developed an almost insatiable need to keep moving which both helped get the needed work done and encouraged his Ahketon family to give their best. From there he transferred to Akheton Vehicle Corporation and ran that entity with much success.

Megan Haasza

On Y12D55 Tabty married a coworker, Megan Haasza, president of Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation. The two were inseparable and very much in love. However, their happiness was ill fated. Not long into the marriage, Tabty awoke in stun cuffs in the ship of Akheton Security Force's director, Rochi Zaraki.

Tabty, who had always held himself to the law and is possessed of an intense dislike of surprises, has been heard to say that that awakening was the most traumatic thing he has ever experienced. He swiftly learned that his wife, Megan, had approached Lord Marshall Tar Alaks regarding joining Black Sun and sworn to do anything, including bringing down Akheton, to do so. Megan had claimed that Tabty would join her in her traitorous endeavors. Almost immediately, Alaks had notified Vercades, now the owner of the Akheton Conglomerate and a personal friend of his, who instructed that the Haaszas be turned over to stand trial for conspiracy.

The Naboo Royal Courts found Tabty innocent of all charges, fully exonerated and released him. Akheton employees were outraged that Tabty had been arrested, as he was their leader and someone they trusted and held in affection and esteem. They demanded that he be reinstated as the President of Akheton Mining Corporation.

Megan, on the other hand, admitted to her crimes and using Tabty's name in an attempt to gain credibility. She was found guilty and sentenced to serve five years in prison for her crimes against Akheton. Crushed at this evidence that his beloved was not the person he had thought she was, that he had trusted too soon and too thoroughly, Tabty petitioned the Naboo Royal Courts for a divorce before leaving the building. The divorce was granted shortly thereafter.

Tabty threw himself into his work and his name has not been romantically linked with anyone’s since, though sources indicate he is open to the idea. He remained at Akheton Vehicle Corporation until his mentor and friend Vercades, now Akheton’s owner passed on Y13D52, leaving the Akheton Conglomerate to Tabty. He had worked his way from the bottom, to the top.

A New Akheton

In pursuit of the security of Akheton employees and all of Naboo, Tabty soon set about forging business alliances, increasing Akheton’s influence and expanding the conglomeration. Lee Cunningham, by this time serving as president of Akheton Cosmonautic Corporation, served as a sounding board during these vital and sensitive transitions, and soon became Tabty’s acknowledged right hand.

On Y13D116, Tabty realized the culmination of his longstanding interest in xenophysiology and many plans with the opening of Akheton Medical Services, which has seen success in the pharmaceutical and cybertech industries.

As of Y14D20, Tabty managed to pull the conglomerate off blacklists across the galaxy and establish their position as politically neutral in galactic conflicts.

Naturally friendly, Tabty continues to attempt to gain as many friends as possible and conduct his multi-billion credit organization in a way that will attract only positive attention. He says, “I know things aren't equal for everyone yet, but I can't really expect that to happen overnight. I'm just out to make a living and some friends along the way. I have no desire to conquer anything or anyone.”

Tabty’s open-hearted viewpoint has resulted in disappointment more than once, but it has also won him steadfast friends and supporters. Notable among these is Tar Alaks who had left behind his life of lies, deceits, murder, and hostile takeovers - standard Black Sun fare. Tabty, believing that people can and do change, invited Alaks to be a part of the Akheton family. Alaks proved to be a more than worthy addition and and excellent friend and Tabty is currently in possession of his famed Baktal'Ruuk.

When pressed, Tabty admits to being bothered by sentients who expect to have everything handed to them without putting in the required work, as he feels this shows a demonstrable lack of respect. As he points out, “Whatever happened to starting at the bottom?” Still, Tabty is well known for his philanthropic endeavors. He does his best to make things a bit more equal for sentients in need that find him.

It is hard to imagine the businessman doing anything besides running the Ahketon Corporation on a full time basis. His affection for Naboo and her citizens and his Akheton family is palpable. Tabty rarely leaves the system he calls his home and his parents, who spend their time sight seeing the Galaxy in their YT-2000 Forerunner visit him occasionally at his residence on the privately owned moon Storm 29.

Tabty still has a taste for racing - ships now - and is a three time Krieg's Run Racing champion, winning the race once and taking second place twice.

Throughout all of the ups and downs of his personal and professional life, Tabty has remained true to himself and the values his parents instilled. He has a reputation as a no-frills sort of honest businessman, but his true passion is seen in the way he lives for his home, the people of Naboo and his Akheton family.


Recognizing the overwhelming need for more kindhearted individuals, Tabty sometimes takes it upon himself to indulge in philanthropic ventures. Often times, these ventures are funded through Akheton's profits or on occasion from Tabty's personal funds because as Tabty puts it, "being a billionaire has its advantages." Although many of the smaller donations and assistance to other sentients are never kept on record, a few of the larger scale and more successful programs still exist and have information available.

One Sandcrawler Per Jawa


One Sandcrawler Per Jawa (OSPJ) was a program started by Tabty Haasza through Akheton Vehicle Corporation, because all across the galaxy, there are countless Jawas who are unhomed, forced to live either in human domiciles, or aboard vast starships constantly moving from starport to starport. The conditions in these facilities are horrendous by Jawa standards, often furnished with such 'luxuries' as carpets, refresher stations and beds! A true Jawa longs for the sand-blasted durasteel of their own sandcrawler, surviving along with their tribe in the deserts of Tatooine scavaging droids for sale to the local moisture farmers.

The program consists of an Akheton customer paying full price of one Sandcralwer (the customer's), and half of another (the Jawa's). What happens then is Tabty Haasza and the Akheton Corporation pick up the remainder of the tab and donate the Sandcrawler to a Jawa in need completely free of charge to them. It gives the opportunity for everyone to be charitable who might not otherwise have the method or the means to.

Akheton Corporation says it is their belief that there are not enough charitable causes in the galaxy. Too many people are engrossed on their own selfish ambitions of credits and power, and very few people work for causes to help others in need. There are other groups who invest in similar causes, but they are doing their investment for a return on their end.

Galactic Rescue Ops

Tabty was approached by a new up and coming pilot in the Galaxy, Mouse Woodlake, in Year 13 on Day 222. The young captain had grand ideas of starting a company that would provide service to the the new people of the Galaxy completely free of charge. In order to accomplish these dreams, Mouse needed ships, a planet to call home base, and the backing of a well-known individual to attest to his trustworthiness. Although Tabty couldn't provide staff or the passion to get his business of the ground, he could help out with the material items.

Mouse was able to air a commercial throughout the Galaxy advertising his company which was not yet off the ground. Tabty endorsed this service, and allowed Mouse to use both Tabty's and Akheton Corporation's name. Soon after the commercial aired, large amounts of other support and donatations to the cause flooded in. It was through these donations and the kindness of others that Mouse was eventually able to start his own official company, Galactic Rescue Ops. The rescue operation is still active and helping the new and poor people of the Galaxy.

Personal Effects

Storm 29

Prized Vessels