Taka Aioko

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Taka Aioko
Taka Aioko Full Body.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Naoki Aioko
Father Sono Aioko
Quote Destiny reveals itself to everyone, but only talks to those who are willing to listen.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'8" (173cm)
Coloring Brown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Rank Former CoS
Positions Governor of Tythe, Knight of the Republic
Prior Affiliation Outback Industries (Year 8)
Awards Detailed below

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Taka Aioko is a Thyferran jedi best known for his two terms as Chief of State of the New Republic.

Before holding that position Taka Aioko worked exclusively in civil sectors, and covered many positions leading several nationalized companies, eventually becoming Minister of State. Taka Aioko refered himself many times as a man of action.

As Minister of State, he worked in the restructure of the New Republic organization and was appointed Second in Command of the New Republic. Before his election to Chief of State, he commanded successfully Operation Chiron, which liberated the planet Sacorria from CorSec and the Galactic Empire, for which he earned the Perlemian Star of Freedom.

Soon after elected Taka Aioko successfully commanded two other operations: Operation Blackbeard, which liberated the planets Galus and Hararyn from Eidola, and Operation Argo which liberated Adbauniac from Black Sun.

Aioko was re-elected in Year 13 Day 17, becoming the very first sentient to have filled the role of Chief of State for two consecutive administrations. In addition to be a record per se, his two-year administration managed to break what the galaxy had called "the curse of the New Republic Chief of State," referring to the past gloom history of the New Republican Chiefs of State.

Taka Aioko's double election made him the sixth and seventh Chief of State of the New Republic, despite some sources indicate Cheda Quche as the seventh CoS. Taka Aioko was also elected as Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance for two consecutive terms while holding the chair of Chief of State of the New Republic.


Physical Description

Taka Aioko is a Thyferran man with a lean frame. He has dark hair and brown skin, and looks to be around 38 years of age. He wears formal jedi gear most of the time, but enjoys wearing Hawaiian shirts when he is kicking back. He is very active and full of energy, which often spurs others onward. He is easy going and straight forward, maintaining a sense of calm through adversity.

Early Years

Taka was born in the human colony of Mirega on Thyferra. The world is a primary source for bacta, and farming is a way of life there. As a youth Taka would labor with his father, working their land to produce Alahzi to be used in bacta creation. It was hard, back-breaking work, but as a young man Taka learned to value the simple things in life, that anything worth having must be earned. His mother, Naoki, was a beautiful, gentle hearted woman and his father, Sono, was a hardworking man of the land.

Growing up he always had a special place in his heart for starships and space travel. Late at night after working the fields all day he would look through a book he owned that detailed various starships. He must have read through it a thousand times, but it didn't matter. Any chance he had to see a ship or even set foot in one he was there. Taka longed to leave the planet but it was almost impossible under the rule of the Empire. While he enjoyed the simple life of Thyferra, he knew deep down inside that if he were to stay here he would forever wonder what might have happened.

Eventually the New Republic liberated the planet and Taka decided it was a good moment to travel to their Capital Planet, Adbatar.

Corellian Transport Services

In Year 8 Day 119 by chance or by the Force and while travelling around Adbatar City, Taka made the acquaintance of Johnny Moon, a Corellian Transport Services (CTS) officer who offered him a job in the company. Taka quickly adopted Johnny as a father figure and kept in contact for a long time, even after Johnny was found to be force sensitive and left to join the Jedi Order.

Taka thoroughly enjoyed himself while working for CTS. He was doing the things he loved and he excelled in his pilot training, quickly moving up to captain of a starship. He also met a lot of friends that he learned to depend on along the way like, Kit Lorcan, Adhrakhon Tlakh`sar, Van Harrad, Mosiah Brightblade, Nathos Alzoon, Rekka Deott, Craulani Ortesma, Jenssar Drovvad, Kurva Darksword, Draelin Dumas and Azzi Blackgate, who would eventually become his main mentor.

Taka Aioko CTS.jpg
Taka's Signature in CTS.

Things were really looking up for Taka back in CTS, and then he met a girl, a new CTS recruit. Her name was Craulani Ortesma and she quickly became his best friend's student. Taka and Lani became good friends and continued in this way for a while, but they both knew there was some chemistry between them. However, they were both just starting out in their careers and were hesitant to take the relationship any further. Sadly for him, they fell out of contact for a while when Taka was sent to help outside CTS.

Taka was sent by Kit Lorcan, his CTS liason, to work with Republic Mining Corporation (led by Nov Chebot) and Alph Virpen on the reconstruction of Tierfon system after the war against the 12 Colonies. Taka worked side by side with other pilots like Braiden Novalis.

The New Republic at the time was under a constant state of turmoil, and after a couple of months working in that project and a tax planet with them, Nov, Alph and Kit quit the NR leaving Taka's career in a crossroads: with all his direct bosses gone he decided to leave as well, just a couple of days before Amun Sokar would loot RMC.

Medical Classes

Since he first joined the New Republic, Taka was always interested in Republic Medical. His Thyferran blood had always made Taka interested in pursuing a career as a doctor. While he was still in CTS he started taking his medical classes, where Sylesta Orion was the teacher. With time he made many more friends at Republic Medical, like Cyon Silverwing, Mabilah Gaian, Kaito Mizuno, Keishi Miahr and Sephe Nighthawk.

Safetyhouse Program

During one of his visits for the medical courses at Republic Medical, Taka Aioko was hired by Master Uzziah Akim as project lead in the technological department of the Safety House Program. Said program compiled different locations where allied personnel could get medical assistance accross the galaxy.

Thyferran Social Club

While in CTS Taka started the Thyferran Social Club, a place for Thyferrans from all around the galaxy and from all sort of goverments to keep in touch. The list of Thyferrans included Alanna Taralom, Josh Jericho, Selene Tal-Kyrte, Bento Hadaar, Aeternal Conclave, Mabilah Gaian, En Sabah Nur, Sylesta Orion, Kaede Kazegami, Craulani Ortesma, Hiyo Rogo, Wolfgang Rasolam, Kaito Mizuno and many more other non-thyferran friends.

Outback Industries

When Taka found himself without instructions for days due to his bosses leaving the New Republic he decided to pursue other ventures. Taka's Thyferran friend Selene Tal-Kyrte had asked him for help in Outback Industries (OI) and he just couldn't refuse. After working and getting to know Selene better they both discovered they had the shared dream of rebuilding their home planet, Thyferra, and OI could be a great tool for it. Tragically this dream came crashing down when Adam Flynn and his gang looted the NR and took over Thyferra.

As soon as Taka heard the news about the coup in the New Republic, he grabbed his pilot suit and hurried to lend a hand, rescuing a few people like Republic Medical Doctor Keishi Miahr and SFC Marshal Jack Niels. The damage was already done and Taka soon returned to OI.

Taka Aioko became OI's leader just after a couple of months of working in the company. The successful was big, the company grew from just a handful of members to over 30 people, allowing them to become the backbone of the Tamerin Foundation. He recruited many people who would later become friends and follow him back to the New Republic, like Walter Griffiths, Colin Saracco and Kristina Roberts.

Taka continued on in his life, fulfilling several positions in government at different points in time, such as Counselor, Governor and Lord Lieutenant. Taka also performed as a diplomat for the New Anzatan Order in the New Republic mediation between NAO and Kathol Republic.

But before leaving the New Republic he had promised he would go back in a non distant future. Many of his longtime friends were still with the NR and he sorely missed them, especially Lani, whom he happened to run into when he previously returned to assist during the aftermath of the coup. After making the decision to return he started talking with her again and this time it was clear there were feelings of more than just friendship present. As Taka got more involved in Anzatan politics he didn't like what he saw. He described their leader Wilhelm von Ismay as the equivalent of a third world dictator, someone who had many lackies around, people who would flatter the Regent when around him and plan his assassination the rest of the time. Not long after Taka resigned to all of his positions and titles and returned to the New Republic, with his journey in the Tamerin Foundation only lasting six months.

Republic Medical

Taka Aioko RepMed.gif
Taka Aioko's signature at RepMed.

When Taka decided to go back to the New Republic, joining Republic Medical was no brainer for him. Taka had developed a friendship with Republic Medical's doctor Keishi Miahr after the coup, and she recommended Taka for one of the jobs he always felt attracted to, Director of Operations in the medical department of the New Republic. Taka Aioko joined Republic Medical on day 121 and he was able to repeat the success he had in OI, taking command of the operations department, where he reinstated the RMSUs and recruited many members. While coordinating with the medical area and the military Taka met someone who'd become one of his most admired and trusted colleagues, Jahu Skyla, also known as Husky.

Just after a few months of coming back, Taka didn't like what he saw in the Republic's leadership. He grew more and more suspicious of the likes of Edhrikor Tlakh'sar and Owen von Ismay, so he decided to get more involved. He was also concerned about Keishi, who had met Wilhelm von Ismay when she visited Taka at Outback Industries and whom she started to develop a relationship with.

At the same time Taka and Lani continued to meet, often, and developed a much deeper relationship. Taka proposed to Lani, who though surprised at the suddenness of it all, felt the same and she accepted. They planned the wedding for a few months out while Taka settled into his new job working the medical department of the NR and Lani departed on a long mission. Upon her return they enjoyed their wedding at the Home One Cruiser NRS Nautilus.

Associate Minister of Technology

Recruited by his old mentor Azzi Blackgate, who at the time had become Minister of Trade & Industry and a Jedi Knight, Taka is appointed as Associate Minister of Technology, overseeing the vehicle and droid national companies (Triton Dynamics, Industrial Automaton and Ubrikkian Industries). Azzi and Kit Lorcan continued to develop Taka's abilities as company administrator, instructing the basics of delegation. With time Taka would become what they used to call 'Nat Paramedic', someone who could take over a stalled or headless company and jump it started. During his time as Associate Minister Taka was also in charge of the Middlemen Program.

Year 9 Day 214 was the day Taka Aioko took over leadership at Ubrikkian Industries & Associate Minister of Technology. Taka Aioko was once again able to take a company with a low amount of personnel and turn it around, keeping a base of over 30 active workers during his administration. Nevertheless his focus was on training new leaders that he could delegate his work, and eventually leave the company to dedicate himself full time to his role of Associate Minister.

On year 10 Day 90 left Ubrikkian Industries to focus on his duties as Associate Minister

On year 10 Day 118 Caitiri Ja'Brai retired as CEO of Triton Dynamics and Taka Aioko took over.

On year 10 Day 179 Industrial Automation and Triton Dynamics merged as Industrial Automaton, with Taka Aioko as CEO

On year 10 Day 120 Became second in command of Trade and Industry

On year 10 Day 199 Taka Aioko was appointed leader of Republic Medical as Kaede Kazegami went on an extended LOA

On year 10 Day 284 left Republic Medical

On year 10 Day 325 Taka Aioko was appointed leader of Incom Corporation

Library of Maps

On year 10 Day 288 Taka Aioko proposed Ministry of Culture Officer Ruben Wan a new project, a library of maps. The project quickly became a joint effort between The Ministry of Culture and the Associate Ministry of Technology.

After a brief discussion Minister Aioko came up with the first version the very next day and kept growing during the following years. The Library was managed by Officer Ruben Wan and included maps of vehicles, ships, facilities and space stations that were mostly donated by different citizens. With time it became an information hub that was used as reference by senbes around the galaxy, including many people from outside the New Republic.

Minister of Trade and Industry

Shocore Planet, Vyzerod
(later Tythe III).

On Year 10 Day 333 Taka Aioko is appointed as Minister of Trade and Industry by Chief of State Zeff Traner. Aioko's continuous work, recruiting and delegation were enough to revitalize the Ministry of Trade and Industry. As result, military and civil production bloomed, and the department was also able to help with several crisis: the galactic housing crisis (Pop Op), the galactic city decay crisis, the Boolfin and Geedon IV crisis.

The main focus during his Ministry administration was implementing solar system based nats. Before, nats had production centers in distant planets, depending on JMC for materials. Under this new plan a nat would be allocated in one system, and they would manage their own mining, aiming for efficiency and self-sufficiency.

On year 10 Day 347 Taka was replaced by Izjna Khaldho as the leader of Incom.

On year 11 day 86 Taka Aioko was appointed as governor of the uncharted system of Vyzerod (later Tythe). With time this system would become the base of operations for Taka, a system where he trained and planned future operations. In one of the system planets, Shocore, Taka developed a planetary design that would become a literal symbol of freedom for the galaxy. Rates for housing there sky-rocketed in because of this and millions of citizens decided to move to different parts of this true symbol of freedom.

Minister of State

Taka Aioko MoS.jpg
Minister of State Aioko.

On year 11 day 219 Taka Aioko was appointed as Minister of State by Chief of State Aves Sunfell. In this period Taka continued to remain very active and the civil side of the New Republic was able to keep fighting new galactic crisis, like the the galactic taxation crisis. Taka also kick started project Odiseo, a joint project between Republic Medical and Ubrikkian Industries which produced large amounts of medical hardware for the New Republic at large.

During this time Taka also created the position of Secretary of State, which he basically described as second in command of the Minister of State or 'Ministry Paramedic', and appointed Azzi Blackgate in that chair. Also the mass production of Home Ones in the Galactic Alliance started.

Due to his continuous work in the handling of day to day general obligations, Taka is appointed Second in Command of The New Republic. During that time Taka also noticed that the New Republic had tactical advantage in a few enemy planets, so he began researching and planning the feasibility of their liberation. Time was a big factor due to the city decay crisis and inminent volatility of the solar system reorganization. Operation Chiron is conceived and executed, triggering what's also known as the Battle of Sacorria.

On year 11 day 350 Taka gave the last briefing "This next day 350 at approximately 8 hours we are going to be arriving to our target's orbits, one moon and the main target, a planet. I will talk to you all individually to clear out doubts, so don't worry. In this step coordination is going to be a key, we need Beta and Gamma teams to start building at the same time and finish as soon as possible, because every minute is going to count in our favor.

I'm not going to lie to you guys, we are going to be fighting a strong and determined enemy who knows their territory like the palm of their hands, so I expect to find resistance and at some point it might get hairy. But if they don't react fast or they don't make the right decisions, we can liberate the planet. We have the advantage, we are prepared.

May the Force be with you all."

After long hours of fighting which costed hundreds of Wookiee lives, on year 11 Day 353 following a rebellion against the Empire, the NR helped toward Sacorria's independency. Brute force was not quite enough to keep the citizens of Sacorria down, as they have stepped up and taken power from the old leader, long hailed as a puppet of CorSec, and forced all CorSec-aligned politicians to resign their positions, ceding power to local control. Six days later Sacorria held elections and decided to join the New Republic.

Chief of State, First Term

On year 12 Day 17 Taka Aioko became the sixth Chief of State for the New Republic by getting 96 votes and Ghon Webb finished as runner-up with 17.

Advisory Council:

Taka's original Advisory Council had a few changes compared to his predecessor, Dan Russ replaced Kapryn and Cheda Quche replaced Gryffin Grayurra. Lance moved back to the SFC and Taka's old position (MoS) was occupied by Andre Archer. At the same time Twiggy Samp took over the position of MoNR and Franco Nejo was appointed as MoCE. Taka said at the time "A team not only needs good and skilled people to work well, it also needs that chemistry that makes each person have a complementary role according to the rest. So these 2 past weeks we've been thinking hard how would be the best configuration for a working Advisory Council and talking to all the people involved."

During his administration Taka also adopted many special advisors, in particular experienced citizens and AC's 2ICs.

The complete original Advisory Council was:

Dan Russ.png
CMO Dan Russ.
High Marshal
Lance Nightsky.
High Admiral
Josh Jericho.
High General
Orion Chran.
High Ambassador
Cheda Quche.

Andre 100 100.png
Minister of State
Andre Archer.
Franco Nejo.
Twiggy Samp.
Jay Ceveri.
Edvin Simson Avatar.jpg
Edvin Simson.

On year 12 day 45 after Andre's absence he was replaced by Franco Nejo as MoS, and Franco's position as MoCE is taken by Walter Griffiths.

One day later Franco appointed Natalis Oro as Secretary of State.

On year 12 day 104 Lukastar took over as DNRI.

On year 12 day 169 Cody Starslinger took over MoCE.

On year 12 day 195 Azzi Blackgate took over MoS.

On year 12 day 260 Biffis Maximus took over MoT&I.

On year 12 day 329 Endaro Kassan took over MoS.

On year 13 day 27 Archer Oaz took over MoCE.

On year 13 Day 89 Lahasa Fy took over MoT&I.

On year 13 day 102 Frollo the White took over MoCE.

On year 13 Day 236 Lukastar Narvaka took over HAdm.

On year 13 Day 236 Wedge Achilles is appointed DNRI.

Private Sector:

During his campaign Taka stated that "I think a wealthy State with wealthy individuals has the most chances to succeed than any other variants, that's why everytime this discussion came up I always said we should be encouraging the private sector. And I think I've supported that with actions, for example when I took over the Ministry of Trade & Industry I encouraged our nats to remove the restriction that you would only get the New Republic discount if you didn't resell, because I thought that was a good oportunity for the regular citizen to make their own credits. Apart from that I think I've had good experiences working with different PSAs in the past, like OMC and FreiTek.

We can't provide equal opportunities for New Republic Citizens to build on New Republic planets if we don't introduce equal limitations to all private parties, including PSAs. For example, if PSAs intend to build 100% of a planet, that leaves 0% for all the other PSAs, individuals or nats. I think this isn't the direction the NR should be taking and this directly breaks the governor's act. And by the way it doesn't make much sense to have a private company collecting taxes and using entire planets for their sole profit.

Also I want to point out that the limitations we are introducing are the same for everybody and Lance posted most of them in the forums, so we are trying to be fair with everybody and offer you, me and everybody the same chances to build in our planets.

Having said that, I understand that some PSAs have the need to keep growing, and in my opinion there's options out there. One could be keep building on other planets that we need to develop, for example I wouldn't see an issue with our private sector building their FI cities where we need shields built, this way we both help each other. Another option could be PSAs acquiring their own territory from third parties, I know it's expensive but the NR could offer loans in a case by case basis."

Taka emphatically opposed the private requests to sell New Republic planets, but he provided billions of credits in loans to groups like ARE and BMF so they were able to buy their own territory from third parties. Arbran system was an example of that.

GLBTGC and Discrimination in the Military:

During his campaign Taka stated "Well, I believe right now there's no legal recognition for any type of marriage, but if some day it changed I think the rules should be the same for traditional than for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual/gender confused (and let me add interracial) couples. I don't see any real reason why we should limit how two mature people can relate in a sentimental relationship.

It's true we don't have any written policies about this in particular, but I always thought it was clear that any type of discrimination over sexual preferences could carry serious consequences. If people think it's necessary to have something written, we could add it to our military regulations or (we could) poke the Senate for a more general law."

Constitutional Amendments:

Early on his first term Taka proposed two Constitutional amendments to the Senate:

Removing the Pardon Power from the Chief of State and limiting the amount of consecutive terms for the Chief of State to two. The first proposal didn't get enough support in the Senate but the second one was passed for referendum and became part of the Constitution later on.

Regarding the Pardon Power Taka said in an interview "Giving the CoS this power with no guidelines is giving a blank check, it can be easily used and abused. It goes against several basic justice principles, like the one that says everyone is supposed to be equal before the law, but a pardon right now can be applied on a whim or on a biased level, there's no guides for consistency. Also the rule of law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law, but in this case basically the Chief of State is." Later he added than the alternative of "adding guidelines instead, would basically be creating a Supreme Court made of one person."

Later he added "I also take issue on how the proposal was treated in the Senate, how it was discussed and classified in one session, and revived in another session without declassifying the original discussion, so the public and even many Senators couldn't see many of the reasons behind it. I feel the only purpose was to slam the proposal without even providing the content to back it up."

Regarding the consecutive terms Taka told the Senate "I think a Chief of State shouldn't be able to run again after two consecutive terms, for one or two elections. I believe in a democracy a goverment shouldn't be guided by the same person indefinitely, even if that's what the people chooses. The diversity of views and opinions is what makes us grow and we should encourage that. [...] The most important thing is avoiding the potential for monopoly."

Operation Blackbeard:

During the transition Taka had already moved the troops for Operation Blackbeard to the Unknown Regions. And just a few days after taking office, the invasion of the Taris system began. As Taka always used to do in his operations, he was the first to set foot on the field. He used to say "In order to inspire your men by your example, you have to be with them. And to address the situation correctly, you have to be on the field."

On year 12 Day 34 a new treaty was established on Galus (Gevarno V) today between governing officials and diplomats from New Republic; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.

Taka Aioko CoS.png
Taka's Signature as Chief of State.

On year 12 Day 45 a new treaty was established on Hararyn (Darkknell) today between governing officials and diplomats from New Republic; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.

Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance:

Taka Aioko was selected as the fourth Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance on Year 12 Day 62 and served for two successive terms. He was the first one who came from the New Republic. At the time Taka stated "It's a honor, but it's also a complicated situation, ANG's case and TSK/FF's issue has put the GA between the wall and the sword, so we all agree we need to evolve. That's the only thing we tend to agree tho. But alas, hope is the last thing that dies, so we'll keep trying, we can't fail this time."

Taka would also serve a second term as SecGen, and a new treaty was signed. The main objective was allowing non governments in the alliance, and a more fair balance of power. Mandor von Uberwald, Leader of Rogue Squadron, had this to say about Chief of State Aioko's time as SecGen:

"I've only had the chance to see Taka's leadership abilities in the course of our work in the GA. What I've noticed is that he doesn't strive to do everything himself, but instead gives the right tasks to the right people. That is what makes a good leader in my opinion.

As for his work as a SecGen within the GA, the fact that he was the man who decided to start the process of reforming the GA treaty speaks for itself. It was a job that had to be done and done in a way that would keep the GA together as an alliance. Everyone realizes that the GA is found around the NR and everything could have easily gone wrong. Taka tried it and it worked for the GA and as a perfect example - the GE tried to do a similar reform within the IU and failed miserably. That's all that has to be said I think"

Operation Argo:

During Operation Argo Taka and Franco Nejo were able to go beyond the enemy line unnoticed and reduce Black Sun's control of the planet. The subsequent plan to secure the planet counted with two full battle groups from the military and it was highly successful. They managed to liberate over 97% of the planet in a few hours, allowing the NR to shield it completely in the future. Black Sun didn't put up much of a fight.

On year 12 Day 138 a new treaty was established on Adbauniac today between governing officials and diplomats from New Republic; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.

During the operation in Adbauniac Taka arrested Deren Strife, which prompted tensions with the Anzatan Commonwealth. "We took the planet quickly and while I was at it I found Deren in one of the cities we were building, I didn't know if he was there to arrest our builders or not, after checking with NRI it turned out that he had a past with Black Sun, so I decided to arrest him.

And about the reference from NRI potentially being fabricated, in one of the first responses by Deren he confirmed he had worked for Black Sun. So no, it wasn't fabricated.

After a few days I was contacted by the Anzatans with a group of demands about Deren, like handing out all our information about this case within 2 days. Apart of that being pretty rude for a diplomat, we knew they've always had strong connections with Black Sun. And I had in mind Deren had a commanding position during a time where Black Sun did a lot of harm to the NR, so I wasn't willing to let the guy walk just like that.

Nevertheless, I always thought this was a case for the Justice Department, not the executive, so I suggested doing a hearing like we did for a very similar case in the past (Turner's). I basically passed the ball to the JD so they could decide if a trial was needed or not, according to the Criminal Organizations Act.

I believe it never took place because Deren failed to appoint his defense, you can ask Raikov what happened because he was the Associate Minister of Justice at the time. The Anzatans tried to appoint Deren's defense but the JD decided that Deren was the person who had to.

My point of view about what to do with Deren has been always the same, our judiciary should decide his fate, it's their jurisdiction. I've been opposed to setting him free over a political decision, or just as a diplomatic leverage, but nevertheless I passed his custody when I was asked to by Cheda.

Obviously I'm less than happy on how easy some people give in to the lies and clumsy badmouthing coming from the Anzatan Commonwealth, something that was present during the whole Deren case as well. I don't even know why I'm still targeted, Azarin knows how the NR works and that Deren was in the JD's hands, but if you still need proof of any of this, relevant or not, I can offer my logs with them. In my opinion their constant lies are proof they are not in the right and make me question how deep their ties with Black Sun go."

JMC Looting:

On year 12 day 142 JMC is looted and Taka described it as the lowest point during the first term "It made us lose momentum with the Tax Planet in Denab, caused a crisis in JMC and derivated in Vee Null's attack in Aracelezog. We had to pull many of our resources from different projects so we could secure the affected planets, and we had to keep moving stolen mats and rebuild our mining infrastructure for a long time."

Jedi Knight:

Taka Aioko Harpe.jpg
Taka's Lightsaber, the ancient Harpe.

On year 12, day 218 Vexander Graves discovered that Taka was force sensitive and just five days later Azzi Blackgate agreed to take him under his wings once again. By accepting his tutelage, Taka gained a mentor who guided him through the Force. Taka's force skills were honed to a fine edge by his master.

Taka reached knighthood before the end of his first term as Chief of State. During his trials Taka had a vision of a lightsaber sunk in the rivers of Tythe I. After flying his ship to said area, Taka chased a force ghost that guided him to the big Falls of Loadami. After swimming in deep inside a cave, Taka rescued a marvelous lightsaber.

Taka Aioko didn't know much about it but he was able to notice that the name 'Harpe' was written on the handle. Harpe had a golden and silver handle with a deep white mysterious crystal which was suspected to be a Solari crystal. These misterious crystals are only visible in the late evening and are found on the planet Sacorria, although it is unknown if there was any connection between the lightsaber and the operation CoS Aioko had led months before in that planet. When turned on Harpe irradiated an undoubtly light side energy.

Taka quickly started feeling that it wasn't a coincidence that destiny had put many mentors in his way that later turned out to be force sensitive, just like it happened to him. First Johnny Moon, then Azzi Blackgate, then Evan Traner... and deep inside he knew there was more to come. Destiny reveals itself to everybody, and this was just the beginning.

Taka focused his training on the lightside of the force and tried to connect with the senbes around him. His initial training was based on the soresu form, but he decided to learn different techniques in favor of adaptability.

Jeff Knight:

On year 12 day 224 Jeff Knight is expelled from the New Republic in a joint decision between NRI and Taka. Past and current transgressions plus a serious warning from Jeff's own circle that he was planning to harm the New Republic if his PSA didn't pass sealed his fate.

Chief of State, Second Term

On year 13, day 3 The Chief of State-elect resulted Taka Aioko, with 58 votes, followed by Geran Nightshadow with 14 votes and Raven Morrow with 4 votes.

Taka Aioko Bounty.jpg
The Empire declares Taka
Enemy of the State and
puts a bounty on him

During his campaign Taka was asked what had he done best the past year as CoS, and he answered "I think it was probably keeping a cool head during all those moments that there was a general feeling of pesimism, something that periodically happens in any group. I think it's important for a leader to transmit that sense that everything's is going to be alright in the long run, just gotta keep offering solutions and steady work."

Personal Defense Sets

For a long time Taka instructed his administration to negotiate access to personal defense technology so it could be distributed between the general populace. After nothing coming out of it, Taka himself took matters into his own hands by negotiating with Rogue Squadron and producing the armor sets in Tythe III.

The program became pretty popular in the New Republic, and in its announcement Taka said: "Well, as it's well known we are getting closer to combat, and chances are the enemy could hit anywhere, we can expect battles to take place in our own systems. We take our people's security seriously and we are planning ahead to offer the best protection for everybody, including civilians. We don't really want to encourage people to fight without the proper training and coordination, but when it comes down to armour it's useful even if you don't intend to fight.

So we'll be offering 13 sets of armour to each person, including heavy armour, heavy helmet and energy shield. The first production run should be ready by next weekend, so we'll be giving more details in the following days. RDC and MoTI are also working on providing access to lesser armour for sale for those who are interested on setting up more squads."

Second Term Conclusions

The second year wasn't as prolific as the first one, and Taka admitted it in different interviews. "To be honest the second year was pretty slow and as a leader I failed to smooth the internal division in the New Republic, or at least trying to divert the focus to fighting the Empire or to more pragmatic projects like construction and production. I can't say in general that the Republic went in the direction I would have liked to, and that was partly my fault. There's still many radical, organizational and structural problems, and many of them will need a constitutional reform. It feels that lately we've been applying patches and putting band aids over wounds rather than finding a more standing solution. I guess there's still many challenges for the new generations to entertain themselves with."

Some years later he would go deeper in details "Sometimes I get surprised on how good some people remember those years. Especially that second term, I think people sometimes forget how big the divide was in the Senate and even in the AC. It was a constant state of swimming upstream. During my first term it was easier because most of the flak came from the Senate, but during the second term problems came from inside. It's natural that everybody has strong ideas on how to run their own departments, but it turned pretty difficult when some of the councilors also tried to impose their own ideas on other departments, including cross military/civil and perpendicular to how I intended to run the New Republic."

"Yes, I can admit that by the end I was exhausted and frustrated, but I think I could've just taken a short break and run for a third term. It just didn't go with my beliefs, and that's why I proposed that ammendment. I truly believe in diversity and I always thought that in one or two years I would have completed my cycle as a leader, so I took the end as a natural fact of life. And of course I was also weary of my own ego, it's easy to be betrayed by it and become what you hate the most. A tyrant. When you hold so much power you walk a thin path, and the day you stop questioning yourself you're very close from getting lost."

At the end of his second term Taka said in an interview when asked what goal he was proud of accomplishing "That’s an excellent question. There were a few things that I wanted to change when I decided to run the first time. I think we had assumed a ‘can't be done’ attitude, a victim and pessimistic stance. The successful attacks on Black Sun and Eidola, as a continuation of the attack on Corellian Security Force and Galactic Empire showed the NR and our enemies that we were still out there lurking. The Chief of State curse was another thing that bothered me and I thought we needed to get rid of."

When asked about his biggest frustration he added "Well, apart from all the infighting and the constant attacks, the liberation of Adbauniac was a double edged dagger. Hitting Black Sun was not only the right thing to do, after losing so many good people to them it became personal, so completing Argo was a great satisfaction. Yet it got zero repercussion or celebration within the New Republic. I think people only got interested with that guy I arrested during the operation. That just blew my mind, I felt I came from a paralel universe."

Governor of Tythe

Just a few weeks before his administration ending Taka was asked in different interviews what were his plans after the elections and he answered he was planning to keep training in the ways of the force and probably apply for governor of Tythe (former Vyzerod). Just a few days after leaving office, on year 14 day 28, Taka did apply for governor but some time later he would find out that someone else, Huwan Swelek, had applied for the same position very soon after Taka had left office.

Taka was also questioned about the timing and the reasons to apply for Governor, alluding to a possible abuse of access. Taka consequently withdrew his application, and didn't reconsider some days later after finally being offered the position. Taka said "I did overreact but I was bothered to no end on how quickly I went from CoS to likely suspect, over someone I had never heard of before. I felt I was being rushed out the door, severing the one tie I had stated I was planning to have. Even when I had my own doubts on the timing of the other person's application, withdrawing mine was not only a knee jerk reaction it was also the right thing to do since the other was sent first."

Over a year later Taka decided to apply again, and on year 15 day 122 he became Governor of Tythe once again. Nevertheless he halted his work once he took over leadership at Ubrikkian Industries, as he didn't have time to deal with the bureaucracy that comes with the permissions needed to build through nats. Taka had planned to go back to the New Republic proper and continue his governor duties from there, but UI was in dire need of active workers.

Back to Ubrikkian Industries

On year 15 day 202 Taka replaced Popara the Hutt as leader of Ubrikkian. Taka's old friend and then Minister of Trade & Industry Izec McCrimmon had asked him to help the New Republic's vehicle producer for one more time, and Aioko agreed. Like he used to do years before, he led the company and prepared the next generation to take over, in this case Jaxom Anlon. On year 15 day 312 Jaxom Anlon took over leadership and Taka took a lower role in the company.


After stepping down as CEO of Ubrikkian, Taka spent most of his time meditating in the swamps of Tythe I, and sometimes force training. When asked about his retirement Taka said "I never really expected to be retired for this long, to be honest. I offered my help a few times, but I was dismissed. I feel I could have given my input in different operations the New Republic held, like the one were Cheda was captured, but I was kept out of the loop like most people... I was sent to help with the Knight's Council during Azzi's administration but I got no response, and my rank there has always been so 'undisclosed' that I don't even know what it is. I know I was considered for Minister of State at some point, but finally I was never asked. I have agreed to take lower positions in the civil, yet I was never confirmed, just radio silence. But at the same time I also think it might be for best, I'm not as easy to motivate at this point in life. I have accepted that my role in the New Republic is to train in the force and do basic chores like prospecting when a friend asks for help."

Governor of Tythe

On Year 18 Day 15 the Thyferran Taka Aioko was appointed as Governor of Tythe once again.


Outstanding Excellence
Awarded by: HAdm Kapryn
Date: Year 9 Day 187
Reason: RepMed Award
Hydian Star of Excellence
Awarded by: MoTI Blackgate
Date: Year 10 Day 285
Reason: Nat Paramedics
Perlemian Star of
Awarded by: CoS Sunfell
Date: Year 12 Day 17
Reason: Op. Chiron
Chief of State's Medal
Awarded by: CoS Quche
Date: Year 14 Day 19
Reason: Trajectory
Perlemian Star of
Awarded by: Senate
Date: Year 14 Day 19
Reason: Trajectory
Hydian Star of Excellence
Awarded by: CoS Sunfell
Date: Year 11 Day 127
Reason: Proactivity
Outstanding Excellence
Awarded by: MoTI Blackgate
Date: Year 9 Day 310
Reason: AMoT Work