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==Welcome to The House of Tal`Shen-Aran ==
"Family is Everything, Loyalty and Trust"
Historical Information
EstablishedYear 6.
General information
HeadquartersGlom Tho IV
FlagshipBayonet-class Light Cruiser Family Honour
HomeworldGlom Tho
Family Crest


Patriarch Elm Aran began his family in Year 6. During his time in the ranks of the Rebel Alliance Elm came into contact with many youths, who, much like himself were bereft of family. Beginning with those whom he served with Elm began to adopt these wayward children to him, replacing the family he had never known and giving these young individuals a family that they lacked.

In its beginnings the House is strongly associated with, Corporate Alliance, Galactic Medical, Haven Recycling Corporation, The Pentastar Alignment and several Noted personalities Of the Galaxy. The Family is built on the idea of the family rather than the naturally occurring relationship of families. The family home is in the system of Glom Tho which was discovered by family members when the family-owned and ran Creshaldyne Industries and previous owners of Scitrok mining. After colonizing and developing the System by family members and former employees of Creshaldyne Industries they built the first Starport leading to an influx of refugees from the present Galactic conflicts.

The Lords and Ladies Of Glom Tho are known to the growing populace as the Eldars and watched over by the father figure Elm Aran Titled as Patriarch also know as (Pops) to those closest to him. A member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Due to actions and attitude changes within the Confederacy of Independent Systems The House of Tal'ShenAran and the Corporate Alliance renounced its an affiliation with the aforesaid Confederacy and was temporarily, formally a member of the growing Rift Alliance.

In Year 18, tragedy struck as Eldar Shall Ti betrayed the Corporate Alliance and the family by brutally murdering Elm Aran.

These days members of the family are spread throughout the galaxy. But the main concentration of members has focused upon the Confederacy of Independent Systems an alliance of smaller to midsize independent factions based in Mid and Outer Rim Territories.


Patriarch & Matriarch
Elm Aran.jpg

Elm Aran


Cal Armuntar

Adopted brother

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Gabbi Yuri-Aran

Confederacy of Independent Systems

First Adoptees

Echuu Shen-Jon

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Pocas Nukie Portrait.jpg

Pocas Nuckie


Larry Skywalker



Jaydon TaVolarian

Sienar Conglomerate

Apoc Starder


Gretchen O'Hara


Second Adoptees
Stack SotoUnknown Xpofer TomasUnknown Adam Nuckie


Allana Aran.jpg

Allana Aran-Kutol

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Siejo Kutol.png

Siejo Kutol

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Trace magus.png

Trace Magus

The Pentastar Alignment

Sabo Magus

Lant Mining Corporation


Florian Laiden


Tika Majere

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Third Adoptees
Leo Iscander.png

Leo Iscander

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Shall Ti.jpg

Shall Ti

Disavowed Traitor


Pat Kil`astra

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Krios Malana



Kran Chan

Confederacy of Independent Systems

Daniel Skyrunner
Kassandra Dasiva Siem Ro Kutol1.png

Siem Ro Kutol

Close Family Friends

Solarius Masha


Alex Masha