Talak Kasra

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Talak Kasra
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Mother Lorell Kasra (Deceased)
Father Bryan Kasra (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings K'ev Cha'bo (Deceased)
Children Mavis Luu - Adopted
Lisa Grey - Adopted
Languages Basic, Mando'a
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.94 meters (6'5")
Political Information
Affiliation The Krath
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation
Signature Signature.JPG
"Bu'yraolyara arasuum, akaanir ra ramaanar. Resist stagnation, fight or die."
— Talak Kasra

Descriptive Features


           \\\CLASSIFIED: FOUO\\\

Talak portrait.png



I.D. #: TK00275

D.O.B.: Y-6 D67

B.E.S.D: Y14 D314












Talak Kasra was a very light-hearted individual who was also noted for his sarcasm, previous to his long years in service as a military officer. Over time, Talak grew much more shrewd, unrelenting and cold-hearted. While he retains his morals of protecting the innocent and defenseless, he has come to a position where he no longer values himself as a warrior of good, so much as a warrior in general. Talak holds a particular distaste for pacifists and idealists, quoted to have called them "weak of mind and body." Many have noted his token phrase of (Translation: Resist stagnation, fight or die)


Early Life

"Partaylir, ad, ibac mhi liser ratiin bu'cina o'r Kad Har'rangir."
— Byran Kasra to Talak

Talak as a Kid.png
Talak wearing a set of armor that his father had commissioned for him when he began training as a warrior, Age 7

Talak was born on the planet Okyaab III to Bryan and Lorell Kasra (Maiden name Ayn). During his formative years, Talak was raised largely in the traditions of the Mando'ade, given that his father was a Mandalorian and served in the Mandalorian military. While not of particular note, Bryan did serve honorably before dying on an unknown world in the outer rim. Shortly after Bryan's death, with Lorell spiraling down into depression, the small family made their way back to Hapan where he was raised by his mother until she died. At the age of 13, a now alone Talak became a stow away on a ship bound for Trade Federation space. Once he reached their territory, he was quick to take up employment in the Trade Federation and enter their academy. While Talak endeavored to join their military, he was bound to follow the slow process of the Trade Federation's academy system, which eventually began to fail to keep his attention. After a few months, Talak left the academy and once again was left without a place to call home. That is, until Charles Osten found him.

Bryan Kasra.jpg
Photograph of Bryan Kasra, circa Y-2.


After being found in the slums of his birth planet by none other than Charles Osten, Talak pleaded and begged for a purpose, to serve in the military as his father once had. Charles apparently took pity on the boy and took him to enlist in the Military Academy on Mandalore. After less than a month, Talak had aced his exam and been granted entry into the Mandalore Navy. His first duty assignment was with the Fourth Fleet, being assigned under the fleet's commander Andrew Panzer. During his tenure in the Fourth Fleet, Talak was approached by none other than Grevendar Togl who extended an invitation to join Aliit Ar'Klim. Little did Talak know, his initiation into the clan as the first military member to ever be a part of it would be the defining moment for both himself and the clan. After a few short months, the military system within Mandalore changed, disbanding the fleets and combining them with the Marines to form a joint task force, which was later restructured again into the individual Akaata and Ol'averde (2 Akaata with 2 Ol'averde each). Talak continued to work his way up the ranks, despite Tyr DeMeer's general suspicion of anyone within Ar'Klim, until finally he had reached a point to become a part of the command chain. First being appointed as the Executive Officer of the 1st Akaata, 1st Ol'averde where he continued to serve under his commander Daniel Skifighter. After several months, Talak was once again promoted, finally resting at [C-2] Al'verde (Translation: Commander. Standard Equivalent: Rear Admiral) and taking command of his own unit, the 1st Akaata, 2nd Ol'averde Prudiise Ca'bur.

000685 Kasra.png
Service ID from Talak's time in Mandalore

During his command of the Prudiise Ca'bur, tensions between the Mand'alor and Ar'Klim had risen to an all time high, with Grevendar and Tyr butting heads nearly everyday. Finally, when Grev had had enough of the tyranny and unwarranted suspicion, he enacted a plan that would not only endanger Talak's life, but would tear the public opinion of Ar'Klim to a new low. The Shadow Plan, which called for thousands of piles of raw materials to be stolen from Mandalore and secured by the, then, Krath Dynasty immediately labelled Grevendar as a traitor to the Mandalorian people, and brought unwanted attention on Talak. While Talak still remained loyal to the Mandalore cause, and was outraged by Grevendar's sudden betrayal, he also remained loyal to his clan. Taking the seat of Aliit'buir within Mandalore, Talak did his best to deflect attention away from those of the clan that remained loyal to Mandalore. While the position was really a farce, and Talak solely believed that Grevendar had the right idea just the wrong method. After some time, Talak decided that enough heat had been taken off of both him and the remaining clan members before retiring from Mandalore and seeking out the Krath.

The Krath

When Talak initially arrived in Krath, he had fully expected that he would have to start from the bottom and work his reputation in Krath to a level that would earn him the attention of those appointed over him, he was pleasantly surprised to find that he would start off as a Lieutenant working in the 2nd Battlegroup as it's Executive Officer. This allowed him to quickly work his way up the ranks, until the military system was restructured into the Krath Combined Forces. Talak, at the time a [C-1] Defender of Krath, was appointed as the interim Commanding Officer of the Southern Fleet and the overall military Executive Officer. As time went by, Talak finally selected a candidate to take over as the Commanding Officer. Varro Belle. This allowed Talak to fully assume his responsibilities as the Executive Officer of the Krath Combined Forces, where Grevendar began to train him in the duties required both for his own station, and the station of Lord Commander.

After several months of being the Executive Officer, Grevendar suddenly retired, leaving Talak to fill the void with his training incomplete and forced him to take over the various duties that Grevendar had once held to. This announced Talak as the Commander of the Krath Combined Forces, the Academy Headmaster, the Director of Krath's intelligence group and the director of RAISO (Rift Alliance Intelligence and Shadow Operations). With a suddenly full workload and his mentor having disappeared from known space, Talak began to pick up the pieces and adjust to his new role without the response of the current Ruling Council members, who had failed to answer his pleas for assistance to keep the military and various other sectors of Krath afloat. During this time period, Talak began to notice that Varro Belle had begun to act suspicious and turned to the intelligence records to find the source. What he found not only shocked him, but shook his belief that Grevendar could do no wrong. At some point, Varro had confessed to being an Imperial Spy and Grevendar had not only pardoned him, but swept the whole thing under the rug to protect Varro, effectively giving him a new start. Once this was discovered, Talak rushed to reboot the Tetan Shock Troopers to root out Varro's actions and determine whether or not he had truly left his Imperial ways behind him. Over time, Talak and the Shock Troopers collected evidence that hinted at something major approaching on the horizon, so Talak did the only thing he thought he could: he submitted both his findings and his recommendation to take action. 6 days later, without any response from the Ruling Council, Varro Belle enacted his plan. Black Sunday.

Black Sunday is a term that sparks a certain outrage within the Krath people, even to this day. During Black Sunday, Varro Belle and Iorus Lion smuggled Micheal McLeod and Kevin Wolff into the Krath to begin to wreak havoc, taking 13 high ranking officers hostage along with thousands of soldiers. They also managed to take tens of thousands of pieces of military equipment and over 2000 ships into custody before spiriting them away to Tresario Star Kingdom space. While Talak and the Shock Troopers worked quickly to stop this from happening, the damage was still severe and Krath was essentially crippled. Thus began the slow decline of the Krath Dynasty. With Frezt Raleigh and the majority of the Ruling Council unreachable, Talak struggled to keep the Krath afloat, managing not only his normal duties, but also managing the Economics Division and nearly every other part of the Dynasty. While he delegated as much as he could, his authority was still restricted to a lowly officer, as he had not been appointed to the Ruling Council and could not act in a manner to plug the holes fast enough, even with the willing support of those who served under him.

Finally things came to a head when many of Krath's prominent members gave the Ruling Council an ultimatum: Give Talak the authority to save the sinking ship, or they would leave being unable to bear watching Krath die. When this ultimatum reached the ears of one Lazarus Kell, who had been rescued from Imperial hands at the cost of Loedorvia, Lazarus quickly put into action steps to save the Krath. Immediately appointing Talak to the rank of Lord Commander and granting him entrance to the Ruling Council. Krath was far from saved, but it's people were beginning to see hope once again. Talak immediately began to put initiatives into action. Restructuring most of the departments within Krath, including the Krath Combined Forces becoming the Holy Krath Legion. This included lockdowns on authorizations to prevent another Varro, the appointment of a new commander for the Southern Fleet and a vast increase in pay for everyone. As time went on, Frezt finally returned and announced that the Ruling Council would begin the process to elect a new Grand Seneschal. Lazarus Kell, unanimously elected by the Council, immediately appointed Talak to the second highest ranking person in Krath, which had been restructured once again into the Empire of old. This made Lazarus the first Emperor in millennium and Talak was retitled as the Lord Imperator. All this was announced to the Krath public when one Varro Belle was finally brought to justice at The End of an Era.

Since then, Talak has branched out from being just a military commander to a skilled politician, Krath's leading diplomat, the new Nova Crystal Jeweler and one of the most well known people in Krath. Lazarus and Talak, along with the newly renamed Imperial Council began to bring Krath into a new golden age, one where the citizens of Krath need fear no more.

An Emperor Rises

After years of service to The Krath Empire, Talak was recognized for his selfless drive to bring back the golden era of Krath by none other than the First Emperor Lazarus Kell. In a not-so-surprising announcement on Y20 D221, Talak was officially crowned the Emperor of Krath, promising to continue his tireless efforts to strengthen the Empire and shed blood in the name of Lady Krath and Lord Kad Har'rangir. Along this path, Talak finally achieved a hard-fought battle for peace with the Imperial Union, signing the Treaty of Rachuk on Y21 D214, which granted the Rachuk and Eclorar sector to the Imperial Union in exchange for the Marasa Nebula and technology that had been stolen by the Tresario Star Kingdom on Black Sunday.

Talak KasraID.png
Service ID from The Krath Empire, circa Y21


Lord Kasra has many locations he frequents however it is known he has a headquarters located on Skeebo III, a Landing Pad aptly named Bral Ne'tra Kyr'am, or in Basic Fort Black Death. The facility is rumored to be the headquarters of Kasra's personal honor guard, Ne'tra Kyr'am.


Medal Name Faction
Mandalore Aam.jpg Mandalore Achievement Medal Mandalore
Ss.jpg Silver Star Mandalore
Bs.jpg Bronze Star Mandalore
Sgc.jpg Smugglers Guild Campaign Ribbon Mandalore
Asp.png Aka Slana'pir Ribbon Mandalore
Sea.jpg Sti'va Equate Award Mandalore
Loc5.jpg Letter of Commendation x5 Mandalore
Db24m.jpg Mandalore Duty Bar x5 Mandalore
Rec-5.jpg Mandalore Recruitment Award Mandalore
Medal Star2.png Shesharile Star The Krath
Medal Merit2.png Meritorious Service Medal The Krath
Medal Better2.png Betterment Medal The Krath
Medal Cultb.png Culture Medal The Krath
Medal LoCb.png Letter of Commendation x3 The Krath
Medal Serv1b.png Service Badge x3 The Krath
Rib GSR.png Ground Service Ribbon The Krath
Rib SSR.png Space Service Ribbon The Krath
Medal Recruitb.png Recruitment Medal The Krath