Talyda Stewart

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Talyda Stewart
Biographical Information
Race Twi`lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status Single
Born Year 1 Day 344 (Age 18)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Coloring Grey blue
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation N/A
Title Combat Medic
Rank Cadet

Young Life

It is believed that Talyda was born to her family on Ryloth, however when Talyda was very young a band of slavers attacked the homestead that she and her family resided at. All who did not perish in the attack were taken prisoner and quickly transported off planet. This all occurred when Talyda was too young to recall the names of her parents or even her own last name. Even the memory of the viscous attack would become harder to recall as Talyda grew older. After the attack the prisoners were detained aboard a HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Freighter which departed Ryloth with the Tattoo system as it's destination. Upon the freighters arrival on Tattooine the prisoners were offloaded from the ship and auctioned into slavery by the highest bidder. Talyda, the young Twi`lek earned the slavers quite a large amount. She was sold to a black market corporation that worked in the industry of providing armaments to the bandits that terrorized the galaxy at large.

Growing up on Gand

Still very young, Talyda was moved to the planet Gand to a hidden slave labor camp on the planets surface. Gand as it is known is a harsh environment to be in. The toxic gases in the planets atmosphere are lethal to all but the Gand race. This would make living conditions excruciating to all of the slaves sentenced to this unforgiving world. Growing up Talyda would see terrible suffering. The slavers were relentless in their treatment of the workers, forcing them to survive off of barely enough food to function throughout the day. Many would perish under these conditions. Still Talyda you could almost say was fortunate as she was sentenced to the kitchens of the camp. She was rarely subjected to the outside conditions and was often able to steal extra food for other slaves and herself. Confined to the barracks at night, with the rest of the slaves, Talyda eventually learned some basic medical skills. She would use these to try to help the other slaves the best she could. As the years went on it would seem there would be no hope of ever finding a better existence.

Redemption from Slavery

One early morning however, before the light of the Gand sun could even be seen through the toxic atmosphere, Talyda would be awoken by the sound of blaster fire. From the window DX-9 Dropships could be seen descending on the labor camp, slavers firing on the freighters to no avail. It would seem that intel had reached Shadola Sector Security the policing force of the sector. Upon receiving the information that this labor camp existed in SSS territory, a strike force was assembled and dispatched to the location. Talyda was still watching as the events unfolded out her barracks window. The dropships had reached the ground, still maintaining cover fire as the doors would open to reveal a woman standing in the entrance, a lightsaber in hand clearly visible as the purple glow radiated in the dark. She sprang towards the slavers followed by several BN-DO droids and SSS patrol officers in full riot gear. The skirmish wouldn't last long and by the time the noise of blasters firing ended the sun would be up. The woman with the lightsaber was a Mirialan and another Mirialan could be seen beside her with Sergeant stripes visible on her uniform. Patrol officers could be seen working to free the slaves as Talyda would find herself walking up to the two Mirialans. She would discover that these two were Aylee and Lily Stewart. The SSS offered any assistance it could provide to the now freed slaves. Talyda however wanted to join up with the sisters. Having never known her last name the sisters decided to adopt Talyda offering her their own. At this point Talyda would enter the ranks of SSS in the SMC division as a combat medic where she would serve under Senior Commander and Grand Master Legend Myre.