Tanda Bela-Trepada

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Tanda Bela-Trepada
Biographical Information
Race Nimbanel
Homeworld Bespin
Born Year -7 Day 26
Quote "Lieutenant Tanda Bela-Trepada. I'm sure in better circumstances I'd be pleased to meet you."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Yellowish brown
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Dacen Tibanna's personal fleet
Rank Lieutenant
Positions Commander of Seraph squadron
Prior Affiliation Local crime lord

Tanda Bela-Trepada was a squadron commander aboard the Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser Archangel. He served in Dacen Tibanna's personal fleet under the rank of Lieutenant. He attained this rank because of his creative problem-solving skills, advanced even for his race, and incredible talent in the cockpit.

During an ambush on an unknown Krath planet, he flew the R-41 Starchaser Seraph I alongside his wingman, Seraph II, as an escort and recon scout for Dacen aboard the Nu-class attack shuttle Guardian. He came under fire from the ground-based turbolaser battery after it destroyed Seraph II, and he was forced to make a rough landing in the jungle following a collision with one of the freighters lured to the scene. With some quick maintenance, he was able to get the fighter operational again and made a sprint back to the safety of the Archangel, where he used the information he had gained in the incident to help formulate the successful counterattack that neutralized the turbolaser.