Tanner Transport

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Tanner Transport
Tanner Transport Emblem.jpg
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Garth Tanner
Motto "Accept No Substitute"
Historical Information
Founded Year 2
Political Information
Affiliation JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
Type Transport Service
Holosite Tanner Transport (Archived)

Tanner Transport was an independent transportation company owned and operated by Garth Tanner, the head of the Transportation Division for the JUGANOTH Mining Corporation circa Year 2.


"Tanner Transport is an individually run transportation company. It's a case of the little man taking on the big boys in the transport stakes. At present it is a three ship operation and is growing. The current ships in use are a YT-1300 Corellian transport that seats 8 and can carry your cargo, as well as two Dropship Transports."[1]


Garth Tanner is a former member of the JUGANOTH Mining Corporation. He is a daring fellow much like the swashbucklers of old. His usual attire consists of black pants, a white or light blue shirt and his nerfhide flight jacket. A modified DL-44 blaster is holstered on his right thigh with a second modified scout blaster in a shoulder holster. He has no visible markings.[2]


  • Flagfall: 600cr/person
  • Cargo: TBA
  • Distance: 200cr/Sector
  • Express: +50%

The express charge applies only if you require a direct route, instead of multiple stops.


  • Tanner Transportation Banner 1.jpg
  • Tanner Transportation Banner 2.gif


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