Tar Alaks

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Tar Alaks
Tar Alaks Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Gran
Homeworld Kinyen
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Lord Marshal
Positions Retired Contract Assassin
Former Black Sun Marine Commander
Former Black Yojimbo Sub-Commander
Retired Black Watch Overseer
Former Ranger One
The Antarian Rangers
Warlord of Casit

Tar Alaks is a male Gran and the former Lord Marshal of the Black Sun crime syndicate. Alaks succeeded Dark Prince Corvis Orion who had orchestrated Black Sun's infiltration and annexation of the Antarian Rangers. However, by the time Alaks was installed as ruler of the crime syndicate, Black Sun had entered a period of decline. In order to strengthen it, Alaks demanded that every member reaffirm their oath of loyalty. Alaks also undertook covert takeovers of Aurora Technologies and Aurora Mining Technologies, both of which were absorbed into Black Sun. Aurora Technologies was reborn as a Black Sun nationalized ships producer. Tiring of the strain of leadership, Alaks abdicated as ruler on Year 12 Day 336. He remains the only Lord Marshal in Black Sun history. Following Alaks' retirement, Banquo Knox returned to leadership, marking his second reign on the throne.


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...Beginning of biographical fragment...

...Four years earlier (Year 8)...

"Sir she wont see you. Sir she is busy she.. Sir you cant go in there!"

The Gran officer shouldered off Vigo Amaranalah Jou's attendant as he walked into her quarters. Drawing and leveling his sidearm at the attendant as he tried to follow. Candor lacking and no real sense of shame the Gran walked directly into the Vigo's fresher station where she was occupied in the shower. Announcing himself with a slight throat clearing he patiently awaited her to finish her cleaning rituals before he would receive her attention.

He had been punished for his impudence that day. Though the news he brought had probably saved half the fleet from Eidola Pirate raids he had still received severe punishment. that was the day he learned about human pride, or rather learned of it. He never experienced the emotion, if you could call it that. He was always more of a doer then a carer. Case and point was the filth he found around him. He did not care for it but he did not care about it either. He was here to do business and that's what would happen.

...Three years earlier (Year 9)...

"Enforcer Alaks, a moment of your time?" The junior officer asked from behind his command chair. Tar sat now on the bridge of a much smaller much more agile craft. a Bayonet Cruiser of his own. Granted permission by the Family Council of the Sun to carry out Black Watch's business from her, the 'Kinyen Freedom' aptly named for his homeworld was his place of work. "Yes?" He replied, allowing a hint of annoyance to seep into his voice. "Sir, the operations have completed against MerrSonn Tech. Our agent Elix Solaris has estimated that the stolen arms and ammunition to be worth no less then seven billion credits - galactic standard currency."


Ah yes the feeling he would miss. The gratification of a plan of nearly a year in the making all coming together with perfect timing. He had felt it many times in his career with Black Sun. Many victories but none so important to him as his ascension to the Council.

...Two years earlier (Year 10)...

"We have come together this day in the ruins of Golgotha to announce the addition of others to this Family Council. Vigo Tar Alaks, step forward and receive your honor." Speaking was the Dark Prince Corvis Orion, to the Family Council. All gathered together in the bowels of the 'Ill Gotten Gains' Black Sun's flagship a Darkstar-class Battleship, the only one known to exist. "I thank you my brothers, my Prince, for this honour. I have worked many years for this Family and I will work many more. For our greatness."


How well that had worked out. He couldn't help but laugh. He had to. The oaths had sworn, the blood he spilt was all for not. The Gran looked over the deep scar crossing his right palm. Cut and re-cut so many times when performing blood oath ceremonies with prospects turned full members of the Family. They had sworn their lives to the Family, to the Prince. To him.

...Six months earlier... (Year 12 ~Day 150)...

"Tar I`m trusting you to move us forward. It is all on your shoulders now." Yet again it was the voice of Corvis Orion. However this time he was not speaking as Prince but to the Prince. The day Tar Alaks ascended to Dark Prince of Black Sun. "I will not forget this honor my old friend. I will care for the Family because it is all the family I have."


A lie. He had not only broken his blood oaths but his word to his greatest of friends. His anguish had he any, would have now taken over and thrown him into a fit of sadness and self hate. However this was not of Tar Alaks. Pity and self loathing were traits humans could carry but they are not of his more noble blood. No he would move on and carry himself forth. He would rebuild a business and yet again be known the galaxy wide for his artistic works of espionage and assassination.

Here in the vile pit known as Tortuga he would raise himself a new army and plunge forward into the darkness to forge out a new existence. Eventually.

Hanging his head between his hands he let a soft chuckle escape his lips. For now though he had to make the bar attractive. So turning on the stool he slid to the ground, a short drop that ended with the creaking of old floor boards. "I'll pay a hundred credits for every man woman and child that helps me clean this place up.. a day." To his entertainment no less then a dozen patrons began scrambling about collecting rubbish and tucking it away, wiping tables with dirty foul smelling rags, and sweeping the dirt from one side of the old rotted floor to the other.

...End of biographical fragment...

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Lord Marshal of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Corvis Orion
Tar Alaks
Year 12 Day 150? — Year 12 Day 336
Succeeded By:
Banquo Knox