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Temperate breathable.png
System Taris
Sector Ojoster
Galactic Coordinates (115, 228)
System Coordinates (6, 5)
Astrographic Entry Taris
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: ocean, jungle, mountain
Rotational Period 24 standard hours[1]
Orbital Period 314 standard days[1]
Population 3,692,340 inhabitants
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Governor Eidola Pirates
Magistrate The Shadow Argon Nightwish


Located in the Outer Rim, Taris was once an urban planet. During the millennia before the Great Sith War, the planetwide city was rivaled only by Coruscant itself in its beauty and grandeur. Over the centuries, though, much of the cityscape fell into disrepair and ruin. By the time of the Great Sith War, nearly 4000 years ago, the cityscape was terrorized by swoop gangs and packs of rakghouls. Those natives with wealth and power escaped to the upper levels of the city, known as the Upper City, leaving the rest of the population to fester in the Lower City. In the fighting that occurred during the Sith War, Taris was eventually attacked and bombarded by the Sith, destroying much of the planet - an attack the culture never recovered from.

The term Tarisian was used to describe people and products from the planet. The planet's ecumenopolis quickly developed over a century of prosperity, and as a result the planet suffered from massive overpopulation. Once a galactic nexus, Taris' importance declined with the introduction of improved trade routes, and the planet rapidly fell into decay. The remainder of the planet's history was wrought with civil disorder and social unrest. As it turned to industry as a means of compensation for its economic troubles, its oceans became polluted, eliminating the planet's main food source. Famine spread among the lower classes while the rich hoarded what few supplies remained. The resulting strife led to the Tarisian Civil War, the start of lasting prejudices between the humanocentric Tarisian nobles and the largely alien underclass. The city became segmented, and the lower classes were banned from living in the upper levels of Taris[1].

Taris was a ecumenopolis, at least in that all its landmasses were covered in a large city. However, unlike other ecumenopolies, Taris had an ocean that covered a large part of the planet's surface. The ocean once possessed massive kelp farms that were used to sustain the planet's immense population. However, these farms were poisoned by pollution, leading to food shortages in the city[1].

The city itself was formed over a century of prosperity, a remarkable feat considering other ecumenopolies such as Nar Shaddaa took many centuries, even millennia, to form. The towers of the city were tall and gleaming, possessing a unique, universally-rounded appearance not found on other ecumenopolies. However, beneath the planet's initial pristine exterior lay the result of many years of lawlessness and oppression. In the Lower City of Taris, the largely non-human population lived in total poverty and desperation, prevented from entering the safer Upper City, which was almost exclusively inhabited by rich humans. Although much of the city would be rebuilt in the following centuries, many ruins remained[1].

Flora and fauna

In the upper levels of Taris there were feathered dogs used almost exclusively as pets. These unique creatures could be seen on leashes as their owners took them out on walks through the promenades of Taris. There were also large lizards that were domesticated and used to pull refuse through the Lower City[1].

One of the only species of wild animals on Taris was the simian tach. The tach possessed a unique gland in their heads that, when powdered, could be used to make Tarisian ale, a major export of Taris. As they were actually native to Kashyyyk[2], the presence of tachs on Taris may have been due to importation[1].

The rakghoul, the fiercest and most terrifying species on Taris, inhabited the Undercity. They were mutated humans that ruthlessly attacked anything outside of the protective gates of the Undercity. Contact with the rakghouls caused a sentient to contract the rakghoul plague, a terrible affliction that would cause the victim to turn into a rakghoul[1].

The oceans of Taris once hosted a variety of kelp and marine life that were harvested as food for the Tarisians. Most of these were later destroyed by pollution from Taris' many industries[1].


The city of Taris was divided into four levels: the Upper City, the Middle City, the Lower City and the Undercity. Each possessed unique inhabitants, lifestyles and problems. However it was believed that there was a fifth level, that lacked any significant conditions[1].

The Upper City was a beautiful area inhabited by the rich and powerful people. They lived in the highest reaches of the towering glittering spire shaped skyscrapers that dominated the planet's landscape. Here, the privileged surrounded themselves with the all the trappings of prosperity, oblivious to the suffering and oppression of those forced to dwell far below them. Although access to the Upper City was restricted, there were some non-humans there[1].

At some point prior to or during the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Order established a satellite training academy on Taris, ostensibly as a means of preparing its students for the more rigorous duties of patrolling the Outer Rim. The relationship between the Jedi and the Tarisian authorities was mutually beneficial and the planetary constabulary sought in vain for more Jedi to be stationed there. The pressing threat of the Mandalorians, rendered this wish untenable, with all enclave graduates earmarked for front-line combat duty. In the midst of the Mandalorian invasion, the academy was partially destroyed[1].

The Middle City was the most populous level of Taris. The middle class and working citizens of the planet's human population lived there. Many small business owners lived there, and most average people came to the Middle City to conduct business. Swoops and air speeders traversed through the air-traffic ways that cut through the many avenues of the Middle City towers. The Middle City was also the largest area, since a large portion of buildings were included in the jurisdiction of the "middle area". After the second escape of fugitive Jedi, massive riots rocked the Middle City, causing extensive damage. Although not entirely devoid of crime, the Middle City was notably more peaceful than the lower levels of Taris[1].

The Lower City was home to the lower class people who had not been born into the privileged classes of Tarisian society. Aliens were common there, as it was one of the few areas on Taris where they were legally allowed to live. Control over the Lower City streets was the subject of rivalry between swoop gangs. These gangs had pilots who competed in swoop racing, a popular sport on Taris and other planets (among them Tatooine[3] and Manaan[4]) since 4,000 BCGT[1].

As one descended into the slums of the Lower City, the signs of urban decay became undeniable. Filth and refuse littered the streets. Burned out vehicles and shattered windows served as stark reminders of the violent wars of the swoop gangs fighting for control. Denizens of the Lower City struggled to survive amidst the violence and filth of the urban wasteland[1].

The Undercity was a village on the ground level beneath the immense skyscrapers of Taris, which was right above Taris's sewer system. It was a dark, wild area inhabited by the Outcasts, people who were, or whose predecessors had been, banished for their crimes. The Outcasts never saw the sky in their miserable lives, and nobody had hope that their lives would ever turn for the better. The inhabitants of the Undercity believed in the Promised Land[1].

The area outside of the Undercity village gate was extremely dangerous because of rakghouls, semi-humanoid beasts that could infect humans with the rakghoul disease. The Outcasts had to keep infected people isolated from the rest of the society because they would inevitably mutate into rakghouls. Few ventured outside of the gate, and many of the ones who did perished[1].


Taris was a very segmented society, naming the layers of the cities where each class of citizen lived, Middle City, etc. After the Civil War, the humans on Taris banned all but a select few non-humans from the Upper City, making it exclusive only for the wealthiest citizens. Most aliens that ventured into the Upper City without a permit were arrested. The Middle City had mostly humans in it as well, but had many aliens there too. Conversely, the Lower City was mostly aliens, and crime was rampant. The Undercity was avoided at all costs, and only the Outcasts dwelt there[1].

Justice was swift and harsh on Taris, and criminals were either executed, or banished to the Undercity, depending on the severity of the crime. The Lower levels, while heavily-crime stricken, were occasionally patrolled by surveillance droids. The law-enforcing division of the government was known as the Taris Civil Authority, headed by a Constable. During the Mandalorian Wars, the Civil Authority had several patrol ships in orbit[1].

One of Taris societies few reliefs was swoop racing. As the rumored birth place of the swoop bike itself, swoop racing was huge on Taris, and some of the best swoop racers came out of Taris. The Galactic Swoop Racing Circuit started on Taris with the Tarisian Season Opener[1].