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Techno Union
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ted Winner
Owner Trade Federation
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 213
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Industry Vehicles
Holosite Techo Union

Founded initially as Kuat Vehicles it was quickly renamed Techno Union, when the previous Techno Unon was renamed Kuat Ships on the same day Kuat Vehicles opened.


Creation of the Techno Union
For many years the Trade Federation was a bastion of free trade in the universe. No real headquarters they had the freedom to move their cargo as they pleased. Under the expert leadership of Viceroy Corbin Esco the Trade Federation grew and grew and eventually they grew so large that they attained government status. Wars were fought and a base of operations was set up in Vinsoth and the Glythe Sector the former hiding place of the criminal Ace Menshu who the Trade Federation had displaced. Without any more enemies the Trade Federation went about their business, however they now had a problem. Now they were bogged down with not only a planet but also a whole sector of space that they had to protect from possible encroachment. Between protecting the Glythe Sector of space and trying to protect their convoy the Trade Federation realized it was spreading their ships too thin. They had to have more ships. At the same time the Trade Federation had many people working around the clock to design new fighters, freighters and capital ships for their use. Perfecting several designs the Trade Federation wanted to start producing them right away, but another problem arose as they discussed who should build their equipment. It was decided that they could not risk having their technology being sold into other governments or companies hands. The Trade Federation decided in the end that their best bet of getting their ships and keeping their technology to themselves was to create their own factories, or to buy factories. The Techno Union was born under the leadership of the well known and respected Larbac DarkClaw. Larbac quickly brought the Techo Union up to status. Building a class 4 shipyard and many city's and facilities. Late in Year 7, after years of service, Larbac DarkClaw steeped down. To fill his shoes, a newcomer and former Trade Federation Minister Jacob Jansen was promoted to President.

The Rise of the Techno Union
With the Techno Union under his command, Jansen commissioned the construction of many Shipyards to be built in the Valrar System. As the Shipyards were completed, orders for Techno Union products, especially the W-23 Star Hauler, flooded in. With the increase in sales, the number of Techno union Employees also swelled, and the Techno Union membership numbers grew to its highest point to date. After witnessing the growth and success of the Techno Union under Jacob Jansen, the Trade Federation beckoned to Jansen, offering him a prominent position in the Confederacy. Jansen accepted, and Krayt Fel was appointed President of the Techno Union. Moving over from his Corporate Alliance leadership position, Fel was an optimum choice for Jansen's replacement. Fel focused the Techno Union on private and military orders, commissioned more Shipyards to be constructed, and helped improve the overall efficiency of the Techno Union. During the reign of Fel, the Techno Union signed a partnership with Starsign Shipyards, establishing the Confederate Shipyards. Both Factions worked together to mass produce the needed ships for the military and private orders that were placed from all corners of the galaxy.

Militarization of the Techo Union
With the Confederate Shipyards in full production, the Techno Union began to shift its focus from the private sector of ship production to the military sector. The new Techno Union left all civil operations to Starsign Shipyards, was reduced to a skeleton crew, left their Valrar home and relocated to a less densly populated area more suited to the demands of military ship production. After a considerable amount of tenacious and tedious work, a functional core of that production base was finally completed and the first few ships began to trickle off the production lines. However, workforce and raw material logistics were no match to the demands of the Trade Federation and the CIS. Fel decided to resign. The leadership was offered to Olwin Froon, a seasoned shipwright who was Starsign Shipyards' COO and Production Director at the time. On Y09 D324, Froon took over what was left of the Techno Union, began to whip logistics and paperwork into shape. After a few weeks, his friend and right hand Vas Felix, Starsign's former Logistics Director followed. Together they streamlined operations and soon all shipyards were running at peak performance, producing battleships for the Trade Federation and affiliates. Unfortunately the Techno Union ran into a severe shortage of members. So severe was this shortage, that the TU was forced to take members from the Trade Federation Ministry of Defense. These members helped, but nevertheless the Trade Federation Cabinet announced that the Techno Union would be merging with Starsign Shipyards simply because there weren't enough members to keep both up and running. It was decided that beginning Year 10 Day 174 both companies would run under the TU banner because of it's roots as a CIS faction. It was also determined that Olwin Froon would stay on as TU CEO, and that SSY CEO Solomon D`ark, would become the new TU COO, replacing Vas Felix who had previously held that position. However D`ark almost immediately stepped down due to what he called "personal matters". Ex-COO Vas Felix was immediately recalled to the position which he accepted gladly. With a major restructuring of the Trade Federation to streamline production and increase efficiency, Olwin Froon was asked to become the Minister of Production of the newly formed Ministry of Production, the Techno Union now with Vas Felix at the helm was integated into The Trade Federation and became The Department of Naval Production (whilst still keeping The TU identity) in the newly created Ministry of Production and continues the work of building the ships that protects Trade Federation interests and keep the wheels of trade turning.

The Future of the Techno Union
The Techno Union has a bright future ahead with an ever expanding member base employing more than 16,000 ship builders, and governs more than twenty seven million beings. For the time being, the Techno Union has very limited public sales while an internal restructure is implemented. While this process is underway the work of increasing our production base continues apace with the construction of shipyards and ships to service these yards. New and experienced pilots and shipwrights are always welcome to join the Techno Union family, and help take the Techno Union brand into the future.


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