Tembre Fe`ll

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Tembre Helat Fe`ll
Tembre Fell Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Falleen/Corellian hybrid
Homeworld Sullust
Mother Eliuen Estet Fe`ll
Father Terak Fe`ll
Spouse Formerly(?) Syn
Siblings Elun Fe`ll (sister, deceased)
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Coloring Green
Hair Color Red/Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola, Huruk-Rah
Prior Affiliation Starsign Shipyards
Jedi Praxium
Bounty Hunter Alliance
Black Sun
Oracle Space Lines
Rebel Alliance

Tembre Fe`ll was allegedly a long-time member of Eidola Pirates, known for his occasional posts on the Galactic News Service (GNS) entitled The Occasionally Show with Tembre Fe`ll. He was married to Syn in Year 4 and his last record of employment places him in her personally owned production company, Starsign Shipyards, circa Year 7. Galactic News Service commentaries occasionally hacked by the Eidola pirates during Years 8-9 claim his affiliation with the pirates, but officially his status and whereabouts remain unknown and he no longer retains registration over any of his previously-owned assets, leading some to believe that he may be deceased.

The Occasionally Show

As host of The Occasionally Show With Tembre Fe`ll, Fe`ll provided the galaxy with satire of topical galactic events in irregular intervals on the Galactic News Service. In each of the four released episodes, he interviewed various notable members of galactic society, including Syn, Teniel Djo, Keir Santage, and Jessica Hyde. His interview with Santage was particularly controversial as Djo's father had been presumed dead or missing for years, and many speculated that the interview itself had been farcical or staged.

  • Episode 1: In his pilot episode, Fe`ll addresses formerly reputable middleman Bren Morgarr being threatened by the Galactic Empire under Vodo into performing a crooked middling service for them, and references the Empire's claims to combat theft and piracy.
  • Episode 2: Fe`ll's response to the Imperial Frank Bach calling Syn a whore on the GNS, shortly after the death of the rogue Noghri Dark Jedi Master, Thraken Solo.
  • Episode 3: Fe`ll's response to some uncharacteristically childish GNS releases from the Empire under Vodo that insulted the New Anzat Order and the Anzati species.
  • Episode 4: In a particularly controversial episode, Fe`ll discusses the state of the galactic economy following the sudden increase in mining costs and general galactic combat unreadiness.

Biographical Documents

Included below is the full text of a internal memo leaked to the Holonet by persons unknown. The following has not been and, for the most part, cannot be verified.



Tembre Helat Fe`ll was born to Terak and Eliuen Fe`ll, members of the marginalized Fe`ll house of Huruk-Rah. Terak Fe`ll had been cast out from Falleen Prime by Jor`lith Dur'aak and had settled on Sullust, finding refuge in the underground dwellings of the peculiar inhabitants of that planet. As a minor offshoot of the ruling Dur`aak house, a Fe`ll could be considered for royal succession, so while the birth was privately celebrated, it was hidden from the aristocracy of the Falleen.

For 18 years Tembre grew up in the dim, dank stillness of the caves. He inherited his father's love of piloting and signed his first commission at as a freighter escort pilot for the Sullustan Civil Defense Force. It was during a chance encounter with a Falleen ambassador during a refuel at an orbital station that Tembre came back into the attention of house Dur'aak.

Jor'lith Dur'aak's fears had born fruit. Not only did the house of Fe`ll survive, but had borne an heir, a rival to his own son's claim to the throne. By this time his son, Tholin, had already begun a secret project to incorporate human genetic traits into Falleen test subjects. Sensing an opportunity to eliminate the rival and further the research goals, he quietly added Tembre to the test subject rolls. Tholin forcibly acquired Tembre, seemingly unaware of the familial connection. He would later admit to knowing of the Fe`ll connection, perhaps explaining his later actions.

Months into the testing process, the first being known as Tembre Fe`ll died. His system gave out during a grafting procedure and the doctors were unable to revive him. After his death Tholin ordered a halt to the live experiments. Although they were achieving results, the stress of the transformations was too taxing and any meaningful gains were causing irreversible damage. Tholin instead proposed using the altered genetic structure of Tembre to clone a hybrid.

The first clone, designated Omega-Alpha would theoretically integrate the two species and retain the strengths of both with the weaknesses of neither. Although the results were nowhere near as spectacular as intended, they did succeed in creating a stabilized clone, rapidly aged to adulthood. Using brainwave data they had gathered from Tembre for the purposes of behavioral modification, they implanted memories into the clone. Initial testing proved positive although the clone was resistant to the behavioral modifications and seemed increasingly independent and single-minded. Omega-Alpha referred to itself as Tembre and, despite the physical differences, was a near-perfect duplicate.

Before Phase Two (intensive behavioral modification and mass clone production) could begin, Imperial agents attacked the facility. Tholin escaped unharmed and Omega-Alpha was unaccounted for and assumed dead or captured.

Years later, a seemingly unrelated human named Tembre Fell joined the Rebel Alliance. His tenure there was short, serving as communications officer for one of the fleets under Commander Hobbes, the former Supreme Commander of the Alliance. Eventually Tembre Fell became disenchanted with the Rebel Alliance and the feckless leadership of then Supreme Commander Shae Briston.

Tembre left the Alliance to run Oracle Space Lines, a small transport company that specialized in cargo and logistics. Leaked Imperial investigative records suggest that OSL was at one point suspected of being a front for the criminal syndicate known as Black Sun, although no record of any prosecutions exist. Given the close nature of Tembre Fell and Kosh Naranek, a major figure in Black Sun, this is probably more than idle speculation.

It was during his time at OSL that Tembre met Syn (then Syn Naranek), Kosh's wife. Hacked personal logs indicate that he was immediately taken with her, and when Kosh and Syn divorced, Tembre was quick to find a place by her side. The logs are less clear as to the exact timeline: divorce then courtship or vice-versa. After a very short time Tembre and Syn were wed in a private ceremony aboard Tembre's personal Carrack Cruiser, the Hangover.

It was soon after that Syn and Tembre were both revealed to be Falleen. Syn's nature had been concealed throughout her service in the Empire, and Tembre had voluntarily hidden his nature, hoping to blend into the human-dominated intergalactic community. Tembre and Syn then made the acquaintance of Tholin Dur`aak, recently crowned Prince of Falleen. Tholin recognized at once the former test subject Omega-Alpha and sought to rectify what he now saw as a horrible mistake. Using his new governmental powers, he granted Tembre an Earl-ship and restored the house of Fe`ll.

Though the clone Omega-Alpha was not truly Tembre Helat Fe`ll, son of Terak and Eliuen, secret documents signed by Tholin granted him all the status of a member of Huruk-Rah and granted him all that was right to him, save one. He shrewdly made sure to cut the ties of succession that had previously led to conflicts between their houses. This appears to not have troubled Tembre at all, who seemed disinterested in the very idea of rule. Soon after Syn was revealed to be the last surviving daughter of the third royal line of Huruk-Rah and a Princess of the Falleen. Syn soon founded Starsign Shipyards and Tembre joined her as head of Marketing.

This is his last known whereabouts and efforts to locate him have come up short. Although his personal ships have been spotted on long range scans, no sighting of Tembre Fe`ll has been confirmed for several years. Efforts to coerce Syn to reveal his location, their marital status, or even whether he is still alive have proven equally fruitless.