Teroch Qir-zan

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Teroch Qir-zan
Biographical Information
Race Anzati/Sauvax Hybrid
Homeworld Zanbar (Lost World)
Clan Aliit Qir
Mother Oeju Zan (Adopted)
Born Ancient Times
Languages Anzati, Galactic Basic, Mando'a
Religion Manda,
Quote "Gar pirpaak vencuyi ner skraan."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.78 meters
Weight 90 kg
Coloring Blue with pink shading around claws
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation MandaPharma
Dukha Industrial
Title Aliit'alor be Qir
Master of Despayre
Al'morut be Morut'Qir
Rank Baarur'alor
Positions Company Owner and CEO
Prior Affiliation Order of the One Sith

Teroch Qir-zan is an Anzati/Sauvax Hybrid Mandalorian hailing from the lost world of Zanbar in the Mandalore Sector. He wears black and green Heavy Beskar'gam of moderate quality, and carries a silver-bladed lightsaber with a beskar hilt designed after what legend claims to be the first ever Mandalorian Lightsaber.

Early Life

Teroch was young when the Taung first came to the world he had been abandoned on as a child. A Taung warrior by the name of Oeju Zan was leading a band of warriors securing the planet for her clan when the feral young Anzati attacked them. Her warriors eventually subdued the child but only after he had disabled several, an act the Taung matriarch found quite admirable. She was unsure what he was, as the Taung had never encountered an Anzati before, but she knew he had the potential to grow up to be an impressive warrior so she allowed him to consume the soup of some of her clan's slaves as she learned to communicate with him. As the child had no name the Zan matriarch gave him a traditional Taung name meaning "Pitiless" in their language and adopted him into the clan. Over the next couple decades she taught the child Mando'a and instructed him in battle before dying of old age when Teroch was far from adulthood by Anzati standards. Sticking to the only family he ever knew Teroch continued to fight and grow alongside the Zan through the early conquests and into the Mandalorian Wars.


When the Mand'alor reformed the Mandalorians into the Neo-Crusaders and began a more organized conquest of the galaxy Teroch gladly joined up. Already a long-standing veteran warrior by this point Teroch trained new recruits for the wars where he distinguished himself well and was eventually granted the red armor of a Rally Master. He continued his service throughout the course of the wars until his ship had a hyperspace accident while on the way back to Mandalore leaving him outside of galactic events for several thousand years.

Aliit Qir

Roughly Year 100 BCGT the wreckage of an ancient Mandalorian ship was found by Swi'jek Qir-no of Clan Qir with an active stasis pod still inside. Finding himself back among Mandalorians was a shock to Teroch as much had changed since he had last seen the world. Indebted to those who found him, Teroch pledged to come to their aid if ever he was needed then set out into the galaxy to explore what had changed. He wandered for several centuries losing track of time as he tried to find his home planet of Zanbar again only to discover it had been lost for many years. Then one day in Year 19 CGT he returned to Mandalore to discover that once again the clan that had taken him in was gone, but this time not completely. Hera Qir-no, the last scion of the Qir, was trying to revive her clan after it had been nearly wiped out in a dispute with a rival. Seeing the chance to finally repay those who had saved him from an eternity in stasis Teroch, now using the surname of Qir-zan, sought out this young Mandalorian and pledged to help her in rebuilding her clan.

Training Sergeant

On Year 19 Day 202 Teroch was offered a job as a combat instructor for Dukha Industrial. He took the job with the rank of Ruus'alor. Although the CEO offered him a higher rank Teroch felt that training potential warriors was the job for a sergeant and nothing more. Not long after making himself known he received additional offers from other groups but as it would be a breach of honor to go back on a contract he refused and continued working for Dukha Industrial right up until the CEO offered him a founding position in the restructured Dukha Incorporated where he became a founding member receiving the title Master of Despayre. A title that he kept even after the reorganization was completed and he returned to Dukha Industrial.


Following his time in service to Dukha Industrial, Teroch took an opportunity to use his knowledge of battlefield medicine to form his own Medical Company. This had been a long term goal of his based on a need that he saw for the Mandalorian people to have one of their own to provide care for their wounded. After receiving funding aid from his partners at Dukha Industrial as well as from a number of Mandalorians he formed his company on Year 19 Day 287.

Seventh Uli Swap Meet and Death Hunt

Having discovered the benefits of swap meets for raising funding for his medical company, Teroch hauled all his available medical stock with him and attended the Seventh Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet. On his way he received word that Kai Oryk of Mando'ade was hosting the Death Hunt, a hunting competition started by a deceased Mandalorian that Teroch was not familiar with. While performing admirably well and initially considered a front-runner in the competition, Teroch finished the hunt with a small number of targets that he was unable to kill. He was however filled with great pride when his clan-mate Regulus Jagarnat managed to take second place in the hunt. During the downtime of the hunting and trading at the swap meet Teroch took the opportunity to assemble the collection of parts he had acquired over his long life and crafted his own lightsaber.

Bando Gora

Following the construction of his lightsaber, Teroch came to realize that he needed training in the nascent Force abilities that had been growing over the course of his life. With his primary loyalty being to Mandalorians as a whole this presented a difficulty for him as seeking that training from most sources could compromise that loyalty. Luckily, for Teroch, he had friends who were forming a Force cult known as the Bando Gora. Teroch traded his access to medical supplies for training with the cult initially under a Togruta named Kuuda Ki.

In the time after the founding of the Bando Gora, it was eventually revealed that the Force Users within the group were a continuation of ancient Sith teachings known as the Order of the One Sith. By this point Teroch was already deeply involved and took the title of Darth Custos while continuing his training under a new master Darth Cinerus. As he grew in power Teroch took his own apprentice in the future Darth Azymus.

It was not to last however, not even a year after the reveal of the One Sith, a pair of its members Morgan Sathel and Kaze Zill initiated a coup. Whether it was due to lack of honor, impatience, or sheer vindictiveness is not known but the most faithful of the One Sith refused to follow Sathel in spite of rumors that the Dark Lord of the One Sith had intended her to replace him in time. The One Sith disbanded its members going their separate ways and Teroch was back on his own, his focus once more upon his fellow Mandalorians.


While hunting for ancient artifacts on dark ocean worlds, Teroch contracted the Metamorphosis Plague. His body began to slowly change, picking up more crustacean traits to match the Sauvax species.

Notable Assets

Equipment and Weapons

Heavy Beskar'gam


Teroch wears a suit of Mandalorian-style Heavy Battle Armour painted black and green.

Heavy Buy'ce


Teroch wears a Mandalorian-style Heavy Battle Helmet to match his armour.

Mando Sen'tra

Teroch Jetpack Large.png

During the events of the first ever Galaxy Fest, Teroch acquired a Mandalorian Jetpack inside the Galaxy Fest Stadium.



Teroch's primary weapon is a silver-bladed lightsaber which he calls "Silver-saber" in his native language. The beskar hilt is designed after the legendary Darksaber of ancient Mandalorian lore. His preferred lightsaber form is a variant Soresu utilizing a riot shield in the off hand.