Tex Navos

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Tex Navos
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Lara Navos
Father Victor Navos
Siblings Lara Navos
Born Year -11, Day 202
Died Year 14, Day 299
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation
Awards Tex-Awards.png

Tex Navos was a Kuati with a troubled nature. Despite the promise of a blossoming childhood, neglect from her parents meant her life would go down a different path. Instead of living in the Imperial realm as her parents would have wanted, she turned to a life of an unsavoury nature. Mixing with criminal crowds and developing drug addictions, her childhood was not a normal one. As she grew throughout her teenage years she began to tame herself, but still embraced her rebel nature. As time passed she found ways to use her skills and beauty for her own personal gain, running small syndicates and raids throughout the Inner Regions of space. After several years of incarceration, she began to start embracing rebellion while enhancing her image in the business world. Such nature helped Tex get what she wanted, while remaining out of the law enforcement radar. Working with close friend and confidant Lilith Delcroix, she joined Dark Skies Gearworks and worked on the administration of the recycling business until its closing. While the legitimate nature of the company may have strained Tex and tempted her to return to a previous life, that eventual return only met Tex with death by her own hand in a haze of drugs and alcohol towards the end of the fourteenth galactic year.

A Promise Broken

Swimming Against The Tide

Tex was born on the Kuat Hospital Station in the Kuat System to parents and Imperial officers Lara and Victor Navos. Both seasoned Imperial star fighter pilots, their loyalty was always towards the Galactic Empire, leaving Tex to be second fiddle. Up until the age of five, Tex was confided to a small living quarters on various Imperial stations around the system, never allowed to travel or explore while her parents were out on duty. Rarely seeing them between tours of duty, Tex was raised by various support staff and medical droids, immediately changing her life prospects from one of luxury to one of neglect and rebellion against ones elders. As she grew to the age of seven she would begin to regularly sneak out of her quarters, memorising the various security protocols on each particular station to evade detection. Her escapades would allow her to steal various medical supplies and equipment, hoarding it in a personal footlocker that travelled with her. Very perceptive and quiet throughout each journey, she was rarely discovered as she stole Imperial equipment, however when she was, she was disciplined severely. Due to the nature of the offences, her mother and father were held accountable for their daughters actions, which meant Tex's own was far worse. Locked up by her mother and beaten by her father, Tex over the years contracted not only a number of painful bruises and broken bones, but an ever-growing hatred for all things Imperial.

When she wasn't being beaten or attempted to compromise Imperial protocols, she would spend her time learning about the various materials she had managed to collect. Mechanical devices, droid components and medical supplies gave her a multitude of possibilities as she filled the hours of solitude. As she grew older she managed to construct small devices to help with her adventures. On her thirteenth birthday she managed to manufacture a number of rudimentary electronic lock breakers that allowed her to gain access to the docking bay. Dodging various personnel and a number of armed patrols, she was able to gain access to a console and download a number of pilot training programs to her personal datapad for her to study. As she returned to her private room, she spent hours studying the various layouts of the ships and the various controls through the embedded imagery. Annals of Imperial starships from Kuat and Corellia were photographically downloaded into her mind as she learnt the ability to fly without even being inside a vessel. Hiding her personal datapad under a loose tile when her parents remembered her existence, Tex plotted her escape from her life of imprisonment and solitude.

Jailbreak - Escaping the Imperial Station.

At the age of fourteen she attempted her first escape. Evading various patrols throughout the station, she made it past a number of security checkpoints before being apprehended by security. Severely beaten by her father for the insubordination, she became even more enraged. After a number of weeks recovery and recuperation, she and her family were moved to another station in Kuat, the Golan II station, Kuat Sentry. While most Imperial security protocols were the same across stations, Tex was still forced to learn new patrol patterns and manoeuvres to avoid patrols. Complications also arose when she soon realised her personal datapad and supplies were confiscated and thus remained on the previous station. After a number of weeks of stealing various new supplies and an empty datapad, Tex navigated her way to the stations armoury in order to download a number of blaster and fighting proficiency programs. Using the walls of her room as training tools, she punched and kicked them as hard as she could, regularly causing herself pain and physical injury. After various sessions of medical treatment, her threshold for pain had increased and her flexibility had also seen a significant improvement. With the remaining plans she obtained, she built a rudimentary blaster, using plasteel pieces as ammunition. Engrossing herself in the craft, she would disassemble and reassemble her blaster hundreds of times per day. Once the task was mastered, she attempted it blindfolded, allowing her to not only commit the task to second nature, but to also heighten her perception as she listened to passing patrols in case they looked in on her. Days after her fifteenth birthday, she was ready to try escaping once again.

Succeeding where she hadn't before, she had managed to slice her way through security and reach one of the docking stations onboard the station. As she opened the hatch, she failed to realise a newly installed security protocol that raised the alarm throughout the station. As a red alert was heard throughout the station, Tex sprinted through the doorway, tackling a lone Imperial Security Bureau representative. As the officer lay unconscious on the floor, Tex grabbed her blaster, a Imperial Munitions 22T4, and began to prepare a shuttle for departure. As the shuttle powered up, various Imperial personnel began firing from inside the docking bay, including her father Victor. Pre-occupied with trying to stay alive, Tex placed a manufactured restraining bolt on an Imperial BD-3000 droid and tasked it to get the ship in orbit while she fought of her attackers. With her father screaming over the blaster fire, Tex was severely outnumbered, but had decent cover from the ramp of the shuttle. As her father moved closer, trying to board the shuttle and stop her, Tex found her window of escape closing rapidly. As the ship coaxed into life, Victor jumped for the shuttle in a desperate attempt to get onboard. As he hung on desperately as the ship began takeoff procedures, Tex crouched down and looked at her helpless father. As he screamed profanity and hatred at her, Tex simply took a deep breathe and smiled, before shooting her father repeatedly. As her father's body fell helplessly to the floor of the docking bay, Tex smiled and closed the ramp of the shuttle, before hastily engaging the hyperdrive to avoid a number of fighter squadrons.

With the ship safely in hyperspeed, Tex turned the blaster on the droid and watched as its various parts and components shattered at the force of a blaster bolt to the head. Completely relaxed at the thought of having just killed her own father, Tex disassembled the droids parts, collecting what was worthwhile. As she exited hyperspeed in the nearby Alderaan system, and with her salvage proving fruitful, she ejected the scrap parts and her stolen blaster out the airlock. Landing on the planet Delaya, she torched the vessel and sought refuge on the outskirts of Delaya City. Selling the remnants of the droid at a highly inflated price, Tex bought several weeks worth of basic accommodation and began her new life free from dictatorial parents and the Imperial insignia.

Finding Your Own Path

Her life remained relatively tame for several years after her escape. She watched two birthday's pass without the neglect of her parents, and her living situation had also improved since her time on the various Kuat stations. While remaining outside the scope of the law, she did however manage to pick up a number of unsavoury habits. She regularly was spotted in a number of alcoholic establishments which she accessed with false identification. Earning the little money she could cleaning bathrooms and pitting herself against others in minor fights, she found herself actually enjoying her lifestyle. As she approached adulthood she found herself in minor altercations on occasion throughout various bars, while also picking up a Death Stick habit to help pass the time and heal her various wounds. Her stature and abilities in fighting got her a number of jobs and contracts throughout the criminal underworld in the Alderaan system. Over the next few years she upped her cash-flow by beating the drugged out impoverished and harassing cowardly public figures. Outside of work hours she would drink herself senseless or smoke whatever drugs she could gain access to, while sleeping with anyone who shared her nature. Never one for relationships, she would still be splitting her time between a number of sexual partners, often avoiding the confrontation and simply joining sessions together where possible. Her rebellious nature, despite the vulgar appearance, was one she embraced and always wanted more of. The booze, the drugs, the sex made her life hers, and the free-willed nature let her do what she wanted, free from the captivity of others.

While undertaking several contracts, she began to attract the eye of the authorities, in particular a number of Imperial delegates that were negotiating with the Tenloss Syndicate. After a number of surveillance operations and hours of research, the Imperial authorities located Tex. While she continued beating pathetic sellouts senseless, her mother Lara was summoned to Delaya by the Imperial Security Bureau. As she collected a Ryll stash for her employer, Tex was ambushed by her mother and a small squad of officers during transit from Delaya Beta to Delaya City. While her two companions were executed without question, Tex was apprehended by her mother for questioning. During hours of interrogation by her mother, Tex simply smiled and stared at her mother. With countless questions regarding how she managed to escape the station, Tex resisted all forms of harassment and simply shouted various vulgar profanities back at her despised mother.

Tex Navos File Photograph.

Disgusted and disowned by her mother, Tex was soon escorted to a Tenloss holding facility while transportation back to Imperial space was organised. Throw helplessly into the facility like piece of trash, Tex spent a number of days, including her twentieth birthday, inside the rundown facility. Regular fights and threats from the other inmates helped keep her skills sharp, not the mention happy, while she waited for the next step of her journey to begin.

When she wasn't fighting she was making new connections. She dodged a number of fights over several days as her body recuperated from her various minor wounds and met a number of underlings from a various galactic criminal enterprises. She listened intently as they happily spoke of their various exploits for the Hutts in the Outer-Rim and bounty hunters in the inner regions of space. Her rebellious nature struggled to cope with her time inside as she couldn't access her stash of drugs to keep her anger subsided. She made do with whatever contraband was floating around the holding facility that she shared with a number of sexual partners as she simply tried to make it through the day. Enjoying the power she had over others, Tex began to plan an escape for her and a group of her compatriots. Bending the other female inmates to her will, she encouraged them to follow her instructions through promises of riches and physical intimacy. After several weeks of planning, a number of inmates staged a riot which allowed Tex and her three associates to slip out of the prison. Close to her escape, she let her associates find a vehicle for their extraction, while Tex went in search of her mother.

After navigating a number of tight, burning passageways, Tex found her mother Lara fighting off a number of inmates. As she quickly incapacitated her attackers, Lara turned and faced her daughter. She screamed in horror wondering how her innocent looking daughter could be the cause of such mayhem. Tex simply smiled and explained how neglect and poor parentage lead her down this path, and that only her parents were to blame. Lara swiftly raised her blaster at her daughter, before becoming preoccupied with another inmate. Unloading a number of bolts into the inmate, she turned back to find Tex had closed in, and was slowly impaling her with a piece of glass. Casting her mothers blaster aside, Tex looked into her eyes as she twisted the glass in her chest, removing the last signs of life from her body. Releasing her grip, Tex watched as her mother collapsed on the ground in front of her. Unfazed by her action, she simply smiled once again and spat on her mothers motionless body, before returning to the holding facility exit and escaping in a commandeered Koro-2 Airspeeder.

Embrace Your New Found Power

Having successfully escaped two holding facilities in her lifetime, Tex now found herself in a position of control and power. Having instrumentally rescued a number of compatriots, she no longer needed to search for jobs to service enterprises, she could now search for jobs to service her own agenda. Unofficially forming the organisation known as the Red Star Ring, Tex and her associates began to build capital to help with their criminal activities. What began as petty theft and robbery for starships to finance operations, soon grew larger. Tex and other associates would reprogram stolen droids and starships to keep tracking threats to a minimum, while other new recruits would bring in more credits from pickpockets and other criminals. As the enterprise grew, Tex faced a number of leadership challenges, which soon grew into a growing pile of bodies as she dispatched all those opposed her. Her rebellious and violent nature that empowered her would not tolerate joint leadership, or insubordination of any kind. With a growing group of followers and an increase fleet, the Red Star Ring soon escalated into meagre forms of piracy, robbing haulers and other vessels of their cargo. This helped Tex fuel her various drug addictions, but also kept her followers happy with plenty of drugs, alcohol and sex to keep them entertained, not to mention a handy haul of credits.

As the operation continued to grow, so did her credit balance. Using her body as a tool to entice others to her will and with the promise of drugs and credits, Tex had unwavering loyalty. This loyalty ensured that her funds were reaching the millions within a very short time. Those her questioned her motives or nature were swiftly eliminated without hesitation, laughing at those who thought she did what she did solely for money. Despite all the sex and all the criminality she embraced, she did it because she enjoyed it. With her operations within the Alderaan growing rapidly, Tex handed oversight of Red Star's Alderaan operations to trusted associate Rass Volkov, before setting up another operation on Javaal in the Brentaal system. With another hub in place, profits continued to grow allowing Tex to experience a greater life of luxury that she had been robbed of during her childhood. Hung up in Administration of loosing the thrill of being on a job, Tex decided on occasion to embrace her inner deviant and undertake a spice run or robbery from time to time. Beating political figures while smoking a death stick never got old for her, as she truly enjoyed what she did. As a personal birthday gift for her twenty-second birthday, she decided to target a competitors cargo and run them out of business. Swiftly eliminating any resistance, she commandeered the vessel with her crew and began celebrating by plundering the haul. Unbeknownst to Tex however, the vessel had become a target of the Imperial Port Authority as was impounded before they could escape. Finding the whole ordeal incredibly coincidental and hilarious, Tex offered little resistance as she was arrested by Imperial officers and taken to Coruscant for imprisonment.

Something's Got To Give

Change of Pace

Tex was thrown into the Imperial prison system, locked away in solitary confinement with little hope of escape. Away from temporary prison facilities and facing charges including the murder of her parents, two Imperial officers, her chances of release were slim. For the next year she spent little time with anyone. Trapped within four solid walls, there was little to do other than think and combat withdrawal from her drug addictions. She kept her fitness up and her mind off the various withdrawal symptoms by beating the walls with her fists and feet, but when she wasn't, her mind wandered. Thinking back to her early childhood through to the actions in her life, she wondered what she would change. While she had a violent nature, her impulses were to act quickly, and she failed to see to bigger picture. She didn't play well with most people and didn't encourage debate, much like her parents. She sat in her dark cell and thought about what she would change. She wouldn't and didn't want to quench her need for drugs or sex, but impulse control would be a necessary change.

The new lifestyle of Tex Navos.

In an effort to get out of solitary confinement, Tex began to exude a changed nature to her captors. Around her twenty-forth birthday, she was released from solitary confinement and placed back with the rest of the inmates the Imperial Government had rounded up. While antagonised and berated daily, she resisted the urge to fight back, choices her methods of retaliation meticulously. Instead of embracing a fight, she would play one inmate against another, allowing her revenge to be done by proxy and thus avoid punishment. Despite the enjoyment she received from manipulation, Tex needed to rid herself of incarceration. Returning to her childhood ways, Tex kept to herself and began to study the various security protocols in effect. Through weeks of planning and preparation, Tex found a structural weakness in security. While being escorted with another group of inmates, Tex subtlety kicked an environmental alarm panel, causing a system-wide shut down of the various prison sectors. During the confusion, Tex snuck through a number of security checkpoints and onto a departing shuttle headed for the Outer-Rim. Given its non Imperial nature, Tex was free and clear once again.

Embrace The Second Chance

Free once again, Tex knew her chances of escaping a forth time would be minimal at best. As the shuttle landed on the Eidola Pirates world of Roon, Tex immediately began to restructure her life. Remotely accessing a cache of her funds from her days in Red Star, she siphoned off funds to newly created private accounts. With her credits secured, she hired a local programmer to build a small software program. Once complete, she adjusted the coding matrix and added additional processes to the command system which allowed her to gain access to the Imperial database for a short time. Through hidden encryption protocols she modified her identification file, changing her details and photograph to ensure safe passage through Imperial space would be restored, before destroying all access to the program. As she lay back and took a deep breathe, her old life of criminal enterprises had closed, but her free-willed nature was still continuing. She began to frequent a number of taverns throughout Roon, embracing her thirst for alcohol and drugs once again, but limiting her temptation to Death Sticks to ensure her mind remained sharp. Aside from her normal habits of physical intimacy and drinking, she also began to develop a Pazaak habit on Roon. Like before, she used her looks and powers of speech to entice others into letting her win. The habit was quite successful, but soon caused to have a lack of people wishing to play with her. Acknowledging a need for a new adventure and place of business, Tex secured a private vessel and soon left the Eidola occupied world in search for a new task to occupy her time when she wasn't drinking or screwing around.

As she traveled and got her affairs in order, Tex found herself wanted to disappear from the limelight for a while. She had enough credits to live her life, and taverns could be found all throughout the galaxy, but anonymity and peace were hard to find. Scouring through the various registered and non-for-profit organisations in existence, Tex became intrigued by the operations being run by Lilith Delcroix under the banner of Dark Skies Gearworks. The operation was neutral, but also had an aura of Imperial and criminal leanings which seemed to fit with Tex's history. Landing on the outskirts of their corporate headquarters on Vorsia, Tex observed the organisation for a number of days, trying to understand the culture and operation of the business. Its legitimate nature was new to Tex, but the administration and understanding of such a business was not very different from that of ones she had seen before. Appearing as a tourist in a local tavern, Tex watched Lilith Delcroix with some colleagues before enticing her over for a conversation with a cool glass of Corellian Ale. Speaking openly about her past, Tex revealed her struggles and her desire for change, at least in parts of her life. Her days of theft and robbery were done, and Lilith appeared to understand wholeheartedly. Not known for agreeing to business with a handshake instead of a blade, Tex smiled and shook Lilith's hand, thus beginning her new endeavour in life with Dark Skies Gearworks.

Somewhat strange, she wasn't in control. She had plenty of downtime to relax and enjoy life but she wasn't in control of her assignments. All through her childhood she fought for control, but ever since her experiences with Red Star, she knew she was better off letting others run operations. Undertaking physical labour operations and transport roles, Tex felt at peace running the errands without the stress of looking over her shoulder, or having to manage petty criminals on a daily basis. Whenever she wasn't working, she could easily be found in a nearby tavern, but it was her home. She had money and had purchased a small residence just outside the Dark Skies Gearworks headquarters, but she was rarely there due to her assignments, or the fun she was having with others at the tavern. Her life had changed, but many things still remained the same. However, despite all she had been through, she now felt that given everything, she was at peace.

Dealing with your Issues

Tex had found herself advancing through Dark Skies Gearworks to become a trusted friend and colleague of Lilith Delcroix. As an unofficial second in charge she found herself receiving a large office in the Masterforge headquarters on Vorsia Companion, right next the Lilith. While they worked together closely, Tex would often undertake assignments to allow her to see space when she could. Regularly embracing her drug and alcoholism, she would frequent various drinking establishments throughout the galaxy where she would often get into trouble. One such occurrence happened while resting on Vorsia III where she was attacked by a drunken female, who she was easily able to subdue and drag back to her ship. However, instead of torturing the woman like she might have done previously, she allowed her to rest in comfort. As she lay on the guest bed, Tex sat in the corner, admiring the beauty of the lady. When the lady awoke, Tex greeted her in the cockpit of her vessel and introduced herself to the heavily hungover lady who identified herself as Rina Waran. Over several hours Tex relayed stories about her past, and quickly identified the similar struggles and endeavours Rina had also encountered, which soon turned into a sexual affair that lasted well into the night.

As their friendship grew, Tex began to confide more and more with Rina, allowing her to become a personal aide and confidant who would in turn assist her in her work with Lilith. Rina was more than happy to work with her, which created strong trusting relationship, that would every-so-often evolve into a sexual one. Happy with their arrangement, Tex found herself with another individual she could trust implicitly with her personal and professional secrets. While the number was only two, Tex felt happy that both Lilith and Rina were people in her life. Through her work in Dark Skies Gearworks, Tex helped Lilith implement new construction and production initiatives for the people of Vorsia, creating greater profit margins for the recycling company while also encourage a greater range of sales for a range of galactic consumers. While she would still regularly screw around and cause trouble, Tex still found herself in a place of peace, once she enjoyed and one she continued to nurture with her two confidants and loves.

This Looks Familiar


As her career with Dark Skies Gearworks was continuing nicely, Tex found herself commencing an open relationship with Lilith, who had recently ended a long term relationship with her partner. While Tex always desired the heart of her, she was willing to do whatever was necessary to keep her happy, even if it meant an open relationship at first. As they grew closer together, discussions soon began to lead towards a joint living arrangement together, while office productivity was slowed due to their now physical relationship. As Tex began an assignment far from Vorsia, she was ecstatic to begin planning for their new living arrangements, and perhaps the chance to move towards exclusivity as she desired. Unexpectedly however, after a short time in the relationship, Lilith had decided to resume a closed relationship with another, something Tex was immensely frustrated and saddened by, given her own agenda. Having been delivered by the news on a private communicator while out on assignment, Tex found herself drowning in alcohol at a local cantina in an attempt to quell the pain. Stumbling to her ship, Tex only consumed more, before she collapsed on her bed. Shattering a bottle of alcohol, Tex found her thoughts wandering towards suicide, something she had only considered as a child once before. Slowly cutting herself on her arms, she began to watch the blood pour from the wounds in her skin, only wanting to see more. Dropping the bottle on the ground, Tex lay down on the bed and let the blood flow as she fell asleep, wondering if she would wake the following morning.

Tex spending some time with Quora Preves.

Awakening the following morning, Tex cleaned up her wounds, concealing them beneath her customary leathers before completing another day of assignments. Returning back that evening, she was greeted by Rina Waran, her close friend who had heard the news. Trying to understand more about what had occurred, Rina began to ask Tex a number of questions, some of a very personal nature. Visibly distraught and unwilling to answer, Tex shrugged off the questions and wanted some privacy, however Rina persisted. With a lack of answers coming to her, Rina began to hurl insults towards both Tex and Lilith, exclaiming that any such relationship was doomed from the outset and that Lilith was insignificant. Enraged at Rina's comments, Tex punched Rina in the right cheek which soon fuelled into a brawl. The two skilled fighters fought, casting aside friendship as their anger grew, striking each other repeatedly. While Rina was able to dislocate Tex's left shoulder, Tex was able to capture Rina in a tight headlock, cutting off her air supply. As Rina gasped for air and tried to calm Tex down, Tex simply gripped tighter, screaming at Rina for speaking ill of Lilith. Regardless of how she felt given recent events, Lilith was the only person Tex considered a love of her life and despite the recent events of rejection, casting aside and arguable betrayal, she wouldn't tolerate another speaking ill of her. Encapsulated in rage, Tex grip only tightened around Rina's neck more and more, and Rina soon began to breathe her last few breathes, before her eyes rolled back in her head and her eyelids closed, as her last breathe escaped her body.

As Tex released her tight grip, Rina's motionless body fell to the ground. Disgusted at the friendship she once held with Rina, Tex hoisted the corpse over her right shoulder and carried it out of her assigned BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, the [DSG] Hephaestus. Slowly moving due to the wounds caused by Rina, Tex placed the body of her previous friend and confidant in an abandoned EVS Construction Droid she had abandoned after it malfunctioned on assignment. Sealing the droid cockpit, Tex climbed down a ladder to the ground of the planet Ktil V in the Ktilac Regions and smashed her left shoulder against the body of the droid, knocking her dislocated shoulder back into place. Exposing several wires from one of the droids legs, Tex initiated a short circuit and casually walked away from the droid, before it imploded on itself, disintegrating the corpse of the once beautiful Rina Waran. Boarding her freighter again, Tex was now alone, both in location and in a relationship, as was now forced into a position of having to consider if she could continue to work with Lilith again, and whether she would even be willing to see and talk to her once more.

New Dynamic

The hyperspace journey back to Vorsia was slow. Tex turned the engines down to prolong the journey and spare her from the inevitable awkwardness the would ensue upon her arrival. Still covered in blood from her battle with Rina, Tex spent a large amount of the journey in her personal refresher cleaning herself, before the autopilot disengaged upon entry to the system. As Tex landed the shuttle and passed control over to a newly initiated acolyte, Augustus Hawkes, Tex returned the capital building to collect various items from her office. While Lilith was occupied offworld, Tex removed various essentials including a sizeable amount of alcohol and Ryll from a hidden compartment within her desk and headed to the bowels of the capital. For a number of days Tex found herself moving between bars and taverns, drowning her sorrows while fuelling her growing desire for deathsticks. As her frustration and anger continued to grow with each beverage, she would inevitable cause trouble, fighting various patrons that looked at her with a disconcerting look. As the skin from her knuckles continued to fall away with each punch, she would compensate with another drink to numb the pain.

Her life had turned upside down, her trusted friends had either died by her hand or taken up league with another, and her prospects were falling back towards a previous life of crime and promiscuousness, instead of a calm and soothing lifestyle. After a sixth straight day and night of boozing and hitting Ryll, she eventually awoke in strange building. Her head pounding as if a Bantha had sat on it, she looked around to try and figure out how she had arrived in such a place, or remember anything from the previous days adventures. Her hand strapped in ice and her customary leathers replaced with a silk robe, Tex wondered where everything had gone. As she stood up and looked out the large window of the building, a lone woman walked into the room and identified herself as Quora Preves. The red headed beauty had been observing Tex for a number of days as she got into trouble with various fights, even participating in a sexual adventure Tex had undertaken with a now unknown Corellian traveller. Surprised at her lack of memory of the events, Tex simply shrugged as she watched the beauty explain current events. Curious about their previous adventure, Tex spent the rest of the day with Quora, allowing them to rekindle lost time and share an intimate experience.

Sobering up, Tex exchanged pleasantries with Quora, before slowing returning to the capital building. Spending the time to forget about her loss and undertake some new experiences, Tex decided that she could not necessarily forgive, but understand and shrug the pain off and continue her job. While her nature had changed and trust had been shaken, she could still work a legitimate lifestyle but lost the desire to remain civilised, thus mixing past and previous lifestyles to save herself from the pain occurring again. Arriving back at the capital, Tex took a deep breath, before entering through the large doors of Lilith's office. While the atmosphere was awkward, after talking for several hours the relationship began to mend, showing signs that they could indeed work together as the once had before the professional crossed with the personal.

Hunter Becomes the Hunted

With work in Dark Skies Gearworks beginning to return a state of normality, Tex resumed some basic assignments in between administrative work to keep herself busy. While several tasks were close by and simple objectives, some forced her to travel through less than favourable territory. Using an assigned YV-666, Tex undertook a minor logistical assignment to retrieve a number of GRZ-6B Wrecker vessels abandoned after a purchase agreement between Dark Skies and an independent party. While the wreckers were located within friendly territory, Tex received a weak transmission from the outskirts of the system. The transmission, while faint, spoke of a small weapons cache docked within a derelict Victory Star Destroyer I abandoned by the Imperial fleet. Given the safety of her location, Tex abandoned her YV-666 and boarded her personal X-Wing T-65 fighter, The Delcroix, to conduct some reconnaissance on the transmissions location. Upon further analysis of the embedded communications fragments, the feed was transmitting from the Imperial controlled Shulstine system. While Tex was a wanted fugitive from the Imperial authorities, she was confidence her previous work to subdue her identity within the various Imperial protocols would remain intact. Regardless, she prepared for the possibility of an ambush as she arrived within the system.

Noticing the Victory Star Destroyer I orbiting the planet of Shulstine V, Tex was initially skeptical, however given its close proximity to the Shulstine Recycling IV station, logic stated that the ship was soon to be hauled for scrap. Powered down and lacking any form of hailing or docking protocols, Tex prepared to radio for assistance in the recovery of the vessel before a number of Interdictor-class Heavy Cruisers and an Imperial Star Destroyer I revealed themselves from the far side of the planet, hidden from sensors and began to jam all transmission from her ship. Locked down and unable to retreat to hyperspace, Tex was soon caught in the tractor beam of the Imperial Star Destroyer I and began to consider the amount of pain she would soon endure. While caught within the beam and unable to avoid its web, Tex scanned the vessel while still possible against the Imperial database, however the vessel matched no known signatures. The ship had no known point of origin or assignment within the military and thus was not actively part of the Imperial fleet. Puzzled at her recent discovery, Tex sat quietly and took several deep breaths as she prepared for capture.

Remembering the Lost

Bringing Back Memories

As her X-Wing T-65 ground to a halt within the docking bay of the Imperial Star Destroyer I, Tex was swarmed by a number of personnel who escorted her to a large open cell within the bowels of the ship. She noted their casual appearance, most likely mercenaries, and not stormtroopers or various other possible Imperial personnel. Incarcerated once again, Tex was chained to a chair and left in the darkness for what seemed like an eternity. While somewhat familiar territory to her childhood, she was at a disadvantage as she was unable to move. Her legs could twitch and she could move her fingers, but the metallic chair wouldn't even sway with her movements. As she sat she felt her muscles tense and her bones lock in place. Hours passed without food, water or visitors, causing dehydration and physical pain as cramps and other muscles spasms began to struggle with her body, even forcing her to relieve herself in the chair.

Captured again, under different circumstances.

The following day, Tex finally received a small cup of water, along with an injection of nutrients to keep her body from shutting down. Weak and barely able to move, her shackles were adjusted to move her hands above her head, before a number of mercenaries began to beat Tex with various implements. With her threshold for pain relatively high, she was able to withhold screaming for several hours, putting on a facade of enjoyment as the renegade troops enjoyed themselves, but as time passed and the various implements became more brutal, she couldn't contain her displeasure as she began to scream and weep from the immeasurable suffering she was incurring.

Beaten and bloody, her shackles were returned to the chair and the mercenaries departed, returning her to the shroud of darkness where she slowly bled on the floor. As she quietly wept, Tex tried to distract herself from the pain by closing her eyes and imagining a different environment, one of time back on Vorsia with Lilith during their brief fling, one of peace and relaxation, one of pleasure and enjoyment that would remove her from the horrors of her current environment. While vivid flashes graced her consciousness, the pain of her beating quickly returned as it gripped her nerves with each brutal blow. As bruises quickly formed, the pain gradually began to become manageable, and sheer exhaustion meant she was able to close her eyes and gain whatever moments of sleep she could take. As she awoke from the temporary place of relaxation, she felt a soft pair of hands resting on her shoulders. The sound of breathing radiated throughout her ears as the figure failed to speak, simply brushing her hands across Tex's shoulders slowly. As large fluorescent lights engulfed the room, temporarily blinding her, the figure walked around to look into Tex's eyes. As Tex closes her eyes to protect them from the blinding lights, she could listen to the heels of the figure move around her, before she opened her eyes slowly to see an Imperial officer standing in front of her. Obviously female, Tex analysed the cybernetics apparent on her face, trying to put a name to the face. Simply standing with a smile, the female looked familiar to Tex, however she struggled to concentrate and identify her. As soon as the officer spoke however, identification was obvious. A regular visitor to Tex during her childhood, the officer was a close friend and confidant to both of her parents, both now deceased Imperial officers thanks to Tex. Smiling, Tex spoke several words of profanity before being greeted with a punch to the side of her face. The various cybernetics made it seem as if her head was going to fall off given the strength and force of the punch. Leaning her head back and chuckling quietly, Tex listened as the officer introduced herself once again, as Izrina Huros.

Izrina Huros, Renegade Imperial.

Several hours passed as Izrina explained her passion for finding Tex and exacting revenge on behalf of Lana and Victor Navos. For years she had pursued every lead and investigated every piece of information in order to find the perfect moment to move in for the kill. While Tex was interested in what the officer had to say, she smirked and chuckled at the flattery, in an effort to distract her from her story. Izrina continued the tale while taking a moment to hurt Tex whenever it took her fancy, whether it meant punching her, slicing her or taunting to increase her enjoyment. Her banishment from the Galactic Empire because of her unhealthy obsession forced Izrina to capture a number of vessels from the military, an action that made her a target for the Imperial authorities as well. The tale brought Tex moments of enjoyment as she explained to Izrina that she had become everything Tex had, an outsider, a killer, a pest to the Galactic Empire, spitting at her feet, spraying blood over her finely pressed Imperial officer's uniform, an action that caused Izrina to increase her punishment of Tex. Cutting away Tex's leathers, she created a hole in her upper back under her right shoulder. Temporarily moving into an adjacent room, Tex tried to look over her shoulder and see what was occurring, but her actions were fruitless. As Izrina returned, she stabbed a burning implement into Tex's back, causing immense pain and discomfort. As she finally stopped screaming, Tex tried to catch her breath, squirming in a baseless attempt to free herself from her shackles. A callous, laughing Izrina showed Tex her creation, an Imperial insignia that was burnt into Tex's back, a brand that henceforth forced her to wear the thing she hated most on her body.

As time passed and another beating concluded, Izrina left Tex alone to enjoy the darkness once more. While the pain ripped through her body, Tex was no longer weak. Her mind was focused on its goal and she knew what had to be done. Using every once of pain she endured as a motivation, she gripped the chair and centred herself as she waited for the mercenaries to arrive. As they arrived an escorted her to the medical bay for her daily nutrient shot, she appeared to be in a state of exhaustion and dire health, however she was far from it. As one mercenary carried her down the hall, she let her arm hang as she casually reached for a blade from the warrior's boot holster. Quietly and slowly removing the blade, she hid the blade in her sleeve as she was dropped on a medical bay table for her treatment. After the shot was administered, giving her an array of vitamins and other necessary nutritional particles, She was grabbed by a mercenary again, however this time she swung her legs around, tightening them around the mercenaries neck, relieving him of oxygen as she flicked her wrist and sent the knife into the throat of her other escort. Twisting her legs and tightening her grasp on the weakening man, she watched as he struggled for his last few breaths before death gripped his body, allowing Tex to release her grip and watch him fall to the floor.

Now It's My Turn

Relieving the mercenaries of an Imperial Munitions 22T4 blaster each, along with several combat knives and Class-A Thermal Detonators, Tex centred herself and adjusted her damaged leathers, before kicking the door control to the medical bay and heading for her shuttle. Holstering both blaster pistols, she quietly dispatched the various patrolling guards quietly with her combat knives, hiding the bodies in a number of rooms along the way as she attempted to remain covert in her escape. Evading a number of surveillance checkpoints through the use of the vents and malfunctions, Tex arrived at her impounded X-Wing T-65 and initiated a power cycle. As she climbed into the cockpit, she sat and thought about what she had just endured. The horrors and pain she had experienced due to someones lust for revenge only meant that if she escaped, she would be pursued to the ends of the galaxy once again by Izrina. Smirking, she armed the X-Wing, firing one of her torpedoes inside the docking bay, punching a hole in the ship's armoury and various other support levels, cutting off the lower levels. As she climbed down the ladder to the docking bay floor, she opened the small cargo hold at the base of The Delcroix and removed her personal RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, a gift from Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix, and began to move towards the bridge of the Imperial Star Destroyer I. With the launcher on her back, and alarms firing throughout the ship from her attack, Tex this time decided on the pair of Imperial Munitions 22T4 blasters, quickly dispatching the officers that greeted her at each turn. Despite her skills, the odds against her weren't great and the number of troops between her and the goal would create quite a challenge. Regardless of the expected outcome, Tex continued her attack, executing officers and troops alike in a fury of blaster fire. As squads cut off the various hallways, Tex greeted them with several Class-A Thermal Detonators, which quickly cleared the small corridors, making her task easier at each turn.

Soon reaching the Bridge Outer-Access corridor, Tex became pinned down by small squad of stronger troops, no doubt Izrina's personal escorts. Taking a hit in the left shoulder, Tex fell backward and struggled to maintain composure as she forced herself behind over. Out of detonators and with the internal cores of her blasters overheating, she was running out of options. As the two remaining troopers advanced on her position, Tex hastily surveyed the room for an advantage, an exit or a way to flank them. With her both the entrance and exit locked down, and no desirable escape routes evident, Tex crouched behind cover, before diving to the other side of the room. As the troopers fired on her position, she forcefully threw her combat knives at them, landing one through the chest and another slicing the side of the neck. As she hit the floor and looked over the recently deceased troops, she began to laugh at her success. The smile was soon removed from her face as she attempted to stand, as a blaster shot had hit her right thigh, causing her to bleed once more. Stepping over the corpses of the two guards she had just killed, she retrieved a combat knife before she began to analyse the door control panel. As the ventilation systems passed air throughout the loud room, Tex struggled to concentrate as she attempted to hot wire the panel. While she had great experience with hacking Imperial protocols as a child, she was out of practice and struggled to see the necessary ports she required due to the pain she was experiencing. Feverishly tugging at wires and hacking security protocols, she watched the surveillance camera analyse her out of the corner of her eye, before the door soon opened.

Revenge by a RPS-6 Rocket Launcher and a stray Proton Torpedo.

Remaining behind the doorframe, the nervous renegade Imperial officer fired her blaster towards Tex, hitting the edge of the door panel as she hurled inaudible profanity towards her. Patiently, Tex closed her eyes and stretched her hearing, ignoring the pathetic words of the Imperial and instead analysing her for a way to outmanoeuvre her. As the blaster fire continued, Tex bit her lip and crouched down, attempting to hold the pain at bay and remain quiet while she waited for the moment of opportunity. As she withheld her attack, Izrina's speech became more frantic, more nervous with each syllable. She she unleashed a flurry of fire at the door, Tex kicked herself away from the wall with her good leg, before dispatching her blade into the body of Izrina, striking her in the right breast, penetrating her lung. As the officer collapsed against a computer panel, she looked back at Tex as she gasped for air, unable to lift her blaster and return fire. Slowly, Tex stood up with a smile and looked at the dying renegade from the doorway. Slowing removing her RPS-6 Rocket Launcher from her back, she primed it and flung it on her shoulder. Without a word, she felt her hand twitch and launch the rocket as a smirk graced her face, and she watched as the incendiary device shot towards Izrina, before detonating into her flesh, transforming into a wide array of burning fluid projectiles, along with a large portion of the central computer console. Disarming the empty launcher, Tex flung it back over her shoulder and slowly hobbled back towards her X-Wing T-65.

As various parts of the ship begin to raise automated malfunction alarms, Tex knew the ship would soon go critical and that time aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer I was short. Having trapped the remainder of the hostile forces on the lower decks, she easily made it back to her ship by using the main passageways, and quickly disembarked the docking bay. As she moved away from the large vessel, she noticed a number of explosions began to rip through it. From the bridge to a number of lower docking bays, the explosions grew in size. As the ship began to loose its gravitational fields and fall, two TIE/ln Starfighters escaped the barrage from the lower docking bay and commenced pursuit. Using her shields, Tex allowed the TIE/ln Starfighters to overshoot her as she slowed to a halt, before unleashing a barrage of fire from the ship's heavy laser batteries, swiftly destroying the renegade Imperial fighters. Ripping parts of her leathers from her body, Tex attempted to patch her two more extreme wounds as she entered the coordinates to her YV-666 into the computer. With the coordinates entered, Tex engaged the hyperdrive engines as left the system as the Imperial Star Destroyer I critically failed and exploded an array of scrap throughout the Shulstine system.

Exiting hyperspace, Tex quickly docked within the assigned YV-666 and plotted a course back to Vorsia. As the capital-class ship entered hyperspeed, Tex moved to the rear of the ship and began to administer first-aid. While the two blaster wounds weren't severe, they were still rather painful. Fumbling through her personal belongings, she poured herself a large glass of Kuati Whiskey and placed a black cylindrical deathstick between her lips. As she ignited it and exhaled a plume of smoke from her lungs, she soon felt more relaxed and subdued from the pain, allowing her to stitch up her wounds temporarily until she could return to Vorsia. With her wounds contained and wrapped, she turned her attention to the brand placed on her back. Looking in the mirror, she witnessed the emblem and felt rage and disgust grip her consciousness. Despite overcoming unlikely odds and defeating her enemies, she still felt at a loss given what they had done to her once fair skin. Unwilling to wear the brand for even a moment longer, Tex grasped a Laser Scalpel and began to remove the Imperial emblem burnt into her back. While operating over her shoulder and under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, she was still able to remove the brand from her skin, but now had to wear a small cylindrical scar on her skin for the remainder of her life. Stripping out of her leathers, she put on a pair of loose black pants and a Dark Skies Gearworks hoodie located within an adjacent closet. While not used to wearing such casual attire, she was bruised, bloody and now burnt, an appearance she didn't require anyone to bear witness to.

Analysing the dossier of the Falleen, Livintius Var.

As the YV-666 exited hyperspeed in Vorsia, Tex removed the wreckers into one of the orbiting storage stations, before docking her personal X-Wing T-65 into the orbiting Hospital Platform XQ-2, the Orbital Sanctuary and checking into the hospital facility under an alias. While a prominent figure within Dark Skies Gearworks, the various bruises on her, along with the wounds and the hoodie draped over her head meant she was barely recognisable. Despite her hatred of droids, Tex allowed a number of FX-7 medical droids tend to her wounds. Spending a number of days under observation, she recuperated to a standard that could then be managed by the use of drugs and alcohol, and removed herself from the hospital station against doctor's advice. Undocking her vessel, she moved herself down to Vorsia Companion, where she travelled to the city of Angel Falls, knocking on the door of Quora Preves, who was immediately worried and concerned. Spending several days with Quora allowed Tex to explain the entire story to someone while resting and recuperating in the comfort of a friend. As the hatred and displeasure began to flow out of her as she spent more time with Quora, she began to return to a state of happiness as she shared her bed, before thanking her for the accommodation and returning back to the headquarters of Dark Skies Gearworks to bury herself in administrative work, away from other prying eyes of sentients.


Given her recent ordeal, Tex decided to seek the help of another. While perfectly capable of protecting herself, she felt she could use someone to do the brunt of the security of her, so she could focus on other aspects of her life. Scouring through ads of many professionals, she regularly saw the same old facade of service, devotion and loyalty that would send them cowering after the first signs of trouble. All her hope was not lost when she came across the dossier of a Falleen male but the name of Livintius Var. His nature was one of service, and he had seen a great deal of combat. Arranging an initial introduction, Tex met with Falleen to get an initial understand of their desires, as well as their general attitude and nature. Impressed with his personality and opinions, Tex returned to the Masterforge to analyse his history further. As she read through the hundreds of feeds and correspondents, she quickly understood his devotion to the cause he fought for, along with his true identity as a criminal on the run, along with a list of his suspected victims. While the list was long, it was full of reputable and respected hits she had analysed, and knew his skills were up to the task. As she prepared to contact him for a meeting, she analysed her surveillance feed and noticed Livintius was targeting her with an X-45 Sniper Rifle. As a smirk formed on her face, she told him to pay her a visit, and leave the rifle with security in the lobby.

As he arrived, the pair discussed the opportunity and what it meant to both of them. They shared stories about each other and how their lives were very similar from the points of parents, being on the run and mixing with the wrong crowds. Tex was quick to affirm that she would be back in a criminal enterprise had it not been for Lilith Delcroix and her guidance, a service she was more than willing to provide Livintius through his struggles to a new lifestyle. As the hours flew by. Livintius quickly got a grasp on the person Tex was, and that she was the right person to protect. With a shake of hands, the two formed a partnership that would ensure not only security for them both, but an avenue for wisdom should one party require guidance. While Livintius installed a number of amended security protocols and defences to Tex's lifestyle, Tex began to install him within her social structure, granting her access to a great deal of her belongings as well as contacts and access to various areas of Dark Skies Gearworks. Given their close proximity, Tex need to ensure Livintius was noticeable when necessary, and invisible when required. While the relationship was one of exploration at first, Tex quickly grew to trust her colleague as his devotion became apparent. She felt more relaxed at work, while allowed her to be more productive and efficient, something she regularly shone admiration and appreciation on Livintius for.

Friends Become Enemies

Watch Your Back

Time had passed. Livintius had continued his security efforts around Vorsia, Lilith Delcroix had gotten married for the second time and Tex had found herself in a comfort zone. Work had slowed in an administrative sense, allowing her time to travel throughout the galaxy on recycling jobs, keeping her new skills sharp while quenching her occasional thirst for violence and explosives. While conducting recycling operations for a new client within the Manda system, Tex received an encrypted transmission from Alderaan, with a simple photograph attached, signed off by R.V. While the sender was clear to Tex, she was struck by the content, a visibly distressed Quora Preves being held captive by her former friend and ally Rass Volkov. His motives unclear and his intentions even more unknown, Tex assigned control of her various assigned GRZ-6B Wreckers to the main control centre of her YV-666 to complete the task for the client, while boarding the [DSG] Morning Star 04, a Dark Skies Gearworks owned YT-1300 freighter with Livintius to ascertain information from Alderaan.

The transmitted photo of a captured Quora Preves.

With a long hyperspace journey ahead of them, the Kuati and the Falleen poured through every document they could find, every newsfeed they could decipher to understand the reasoning behind Volkov's sudden change of attitude toward Tex. As she continued her discovery through the documents, Tex began to form her own opinion. Given that Dark Skies Gearworks had grown close to House Hawkes and their efforts towards the restoration of Alderaan, Rass was attempting to send a message of restraint, one that would encourage a former ally to influence other parties involved to minimise their enthusiasm. While the thought was there, Tex knew the thought was not the truth, and that affiliations were of little concern to her, she simply wanted to conduct her business without need to analyse everyone she came into contact with.

As the blue haze of hyperspace deteriorated upon their arrival to Alderaan, Tex quickly landed and escorted Livintius throughout the various cities she had previously frequented during her previous life as a criminal entrepreneur. Tavern after tavern yielded limited information as to the location of Quora or Rass, but all hope was not lost. In a clear desire to send a message, Tex instructed Livintius to hack the local newsnet with knowledge of her location to draw Volkov out. Implanting a small tracking chip under the skin by her left wrist, before waiting patiently in a former meeting spot in the basement of an abandoned office building for Volkov to appear. Hours passed as she waited alone in the dark room, sitting down on a number of crates to keep herself comfortable, the audible sounds of rain hit the ground outside the cracked windows, but time continued to tick by without contact. Moments before she planned to depart the building and return to Livintius, Tex was intercepted by two hooded Kaleesh, who demanded her surrender if she wished to see her friend once more. Rasing her hands slowly, she felt a smirk grace her face as she waited for the inevitable shock to the head that would render her unconscious. After several moments, she was hit from behind by what felt like the butt of a rifle, causing her to fall motionless into the hard duracrete floor.

Wake Up, Say Goodbye to a Friendship

A foggy haze caused her head to slowly move from side to side. Pain erupted through her nerve endings as Tex tried to open her eyes. Chained to a chair she couldn't move her arms, instead looking up to see her friend Quora tied to a chair opposite. The large, dirty tiled room was empty but overly lit up to disorient and confuse, something Tex was struggling to fight. As she analysed her unconscious friend, she noticed a number of deep cuts and abrasions, not to mention a large burn across the side of her face from the right eye down to the chin. Her beauty had been destroyed and replaced with the look of a disfigured beast, Quora would never be the same. As a tear slid down her right cheek, Tex shook the chair in an attempt to find a break point, one that would not reveal itself. As she struggled and grunted from the pain, she grew more panicked and frantic as she wondered if her friend was even alive. Trying to kick her ankles or spit on her to wake her proved fruitless, all efforts were in vain. Relaxing in the metal chair, realising her efforts were in vain, Tex waited for someone to arrive. As the metallic lock loosed, the door swung open and her two Kaleesh attackers entered the room. Without a word or question, one unsheathed a vibroblade from a hidden holster and forcefully implanted it under Quora's left breast. While Quora momentarily opened her eyes and winced from the pain as the last ounces of life began to escape her body, Tex could do nothing but scream in fury as she watched her friend die. In a rare showing of regret, Tex screamed out for forgiveness from her innocent friend as she watched Quora's neck muscles relax and her head fall to her lap motionless. Remaining silent from several moments, Tex caught her breath before looking at the murder and screaming various profanities. Without question the Kaleesh attacked, slicing through Tex's left wrist, cutting off both her hand and removing the tracking device from her body that was easily detected. Screaming in immeasurable pain, Tex watched as her hand fell to the floor, blood slowly dripping from the open wound as she tried to centre herself away from the agony.

Rass Volkov, the instrument of the double cross.

As the blood loss became more severe, Tex began to drift in and out of consciousness, struggling to maintain composure as she witness the door open once more in a haze. In walked the illusive figure of Rass Volkov, former ally and friend within Red Star Ring. While his attitude was one of arrogance and ego given his rise to power after Tex's renouncement of her previous way, he still showed a modicum of respect towards his former friend and confidant. While his questions were short and to the point, he simply wanted to know what House Hawkes had planned for Alderaan, and how he could halt their operations to continue the prominence of his growing criminal enterprise away from the watchful eye of Augustus Hawkes. Despite her pain and suffering, Tex failed to answer the questions, simply laughing and spitting in Volkov's face at the sheer disgust of what he had become. While she could have done similar things had she been in Volkov's position, Tex was smarter and wiser than what she was when running the criminal organisation, and was willing to accept death rather than bow to the will of another. Restraining himself from more physical adjustment, Volkov simply decided to punch and kick Tex to encourage her to change her ways, even resorting to desecrating the body of Quora Preves further to encourage good faith. Despite his various manoeuvres, Tex wouldn't budge. She simply caught her breath and took her mind off the loss of her limb by thinking of those she cared about most. Escaping into her imagination allowed her to block out the pain and the questions being thrown at her, slipping her into a sense of tranquility away from her troubles. Despite her inherent state of bliss, Volkov grew impatient, deciding to simply end Tex's life rather than pursue another pointless line of questioning.

As he struggling to decide on the right way to end her life, Volkov was interrupted by blaster rife as Livintius had managed to track Tex's location. Through analysis of the former active beacon within Tex's now defunct wrist, Livintius had tracked her to the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship, Phalanx, and managed to place a blaster bolt in each of the Kaleesh guards defending Volkov, striking one square in the back of the head, while shooting another in the small of the back. Before the Falleen was able to attack Volkov, he was hit in the stomach, causing the blaster to fire a shot at the base of Tex's metallic chair, destroying its stability, knocking Tex to the floor. While Livintius and Volkov struggled throughout the room, Tex attempted to pry herself free. With the chair no longer bolted to the floor, she was able to slide out of her restraints while the others continued their battle down the corridor of the ship. While her legs were free, Tex was having trouble adjusting to her new physique. A stump for a left arm was not helping her pry her right hand free from its shackles. Minute upon minute passed before she was able to grasp the restraint with her teeth and bite it free. Finding her feet, she rested her back against the tiled wall to gather enough strength to walk. Removing the blindfold from Quora's body, she used it to tie off her wound, limited as much blood flow as possible, before grasping the vibroblade from a deceased Kaleesh guard, and cutting Quora free. While she had no way to safely remove her body from the ship, Tex decided to lie her flat on the ground and hold her close for a few moments, giving her friend the tragic farewell she deserved. She had given her trust and assistance to Tex, something that ultimately cost her everything she had. As she kissed to top of Quora's head one last time, Tex let her friend rest and she found her feet again, and began to navigate her way down the many corridors of the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship, following to the sounds of the battle to find Livintius.


Ambling down the corridors of the ship, Tex passed over corpse after corpse riddled with blaster fire. Unable to tell if Volkov or Livintius had fired the shots, Tex hurried faster towards to sounds of combat to aide her friend. Unable to maintain consciousness at her fast moving pace, Tex stole a Vacuum Survival Suit from a large storage locker, using the oxygen from it to keep her mobile and alert. The high from the oxygen managed to increase her vitality, returning her to a combat ready state as she charged towards the bridge to find Livintius and Volkov engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Both were bruised and bleeding, struggling from breath from and evidently long fight. As Tex watched them battle, she hugged the wall to a small arms locker, collecting the Class-A Thermal Detonator and a combat knife that were secluded inside. Sheathing the knife within her suit, she heard a scream, to which to turned to witness Livintius Var impaled on a vibroblade. At a loss for words at the thought of witnessing another friend die, Tex removed the knife and placed it in her right hand, gritting her teeth before furiously running toward Volkov. Removing the vibroblade from Livintius, causing the Falleen to collapse helplessly, Volkov attacked Tex, to which she immediately parried with her small knife and punched him in the side of the face. Despite the loss of a limb, Tex was still a worthy opponent.

Tex says goodbye to the Phalanx.

Given she had taught Volkov the majority of his skills, she was able to predict his actions to make the fight fair. While she sustained a number of cuts and bruises, Tex was able to kick the vibroblade free from Volkov's hand in a spin kick, before wildly slicing her blade across his chest, impaling him through the ribs in a final blow. As Volkov remained upright, struggling to breathe, Tex looked down at Livintius through her Vacuum Survival Helmet and saw that he had departed. Purely enraged by the pain she had suffered at the hands of Volkov, Tex walked over to a storage locker and strapped a jetpack to her back, before returning to the primary walkway to witness her former ally draw his final breaths. Reaching into her pocket, Tex grasped the Class-A Thermal Detonator and began to run towards Volkov. Launching herself at him, she activated the countdown and forcefully launched it into his throat. As she looked at him in the eye, she whispered a last profanity at him, before kicking away from his chest, planting the blade deeper as she flew off him. With her arms behind her in a graceful pose, Tex felt the blast from the Class-A Thermal Detonator propel her through the main view screen, into the vacuum of space, allowing her to watch her blast set off a chain reaction on the bridge that would destroy the ship.

Alone again, without the aide of a friend, Tex lay helplessly as her body fell through space, hoping the straps on her jetpack would withstand the pressure. The blast from the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship had managed to hurl her towards to the warm planet of Raisa within the Alderaan system. The lack of atmospheric distortion allowed Tex to fall towards the planet without the fear of being burnt to a crisp. As she hurled towards the surface, she activated the jetpack in gradual frequencies to bring her to a relatively safe landing. As she hit the ground of the warm planet, she lay helpless. Withdrawn from the blood loss and running on a lack of oxygen, her will to live was fading. While she still had friends back on Vorsia she could rely on, she had lost two of her closest companions within the space of several moments. Closing her eyes, she wondered if she was the walking death to all she met, or if perhaps she was destined to enter a life of solitude to protect those she cared about. As she awoke several hours later, she was in a hospital bed in Raisa Beta. While the majority of her wounds had received care and were beginning to heal, her left arm was still without a hand. Refusing care from the local droids and medical staff, Tex checked herself out from the medical facility and boarded a local transport shuttle to return her to the YV-666 she had tasked with completing recycling operations in the Manda system while she considered her medical options to repair her damaged body.

After several days deliberation, Tex thought it best to seek to aide of a friend instead of an organisation for her cybernetic work. Bruised and beaten, Tex stumbled aboard the YV-666 and set a course for Anzat to visit Anzati doctor Kira Morbus. While their previous interactions had been sparse, Tex felt a connection to the lady and could sense their similarities. While Tex was in need to a new cybernetic hand to replace her loss, she also needed improved medical care and something to help with the losses she had just endured. Docking into the Anzatan Research for Scientific Excellence S-II Research and Development station, Tex manoeuvred through the halls to the office and medical centre of her friend, to whom she was welcomed with open arms. After their initial pleasantries, Tex lay down on the medical table and closed her eyes as Kira commenced the surgery. While the pain was immeasurable, Tex refused any form of sedative, wanting to experience the pain. While she gritted her teeth, she thought of the suffering she had endured, trying to forget the experiences. With a new cybernetic hand in place, and several Bacta patches cleansing her body, Tex requested Kira's additional services, wanting to eradicate the memories of the last days. As the Anzatis proboscises slid through her nostrils and grasps the memory banks of her brain, Tex felt lightheaded as information was stripped away from her in a feed. As it concluded and Tex's consciousness was returned, she tried to remember previous events, only to remember the loss of her hand and nothing else. While she understood that her friends had departed, she had lost the memory of their pain and suffering. Remaining under observation for several days on the station, Tex was left in the capable hands of Kira's daughter, Kryssa Sallos to care for her while she found her feet once more, adjusting to her new hand. Over several weeks of recuperation, the two became close, commencing a physical relationship which inevitably came to a close once Tex had concluded her required rehabilitation.

Revisiting Old Attitudes

Revisiting History

Departing Anzat space, Tex returned to Vorsia onboard her assigned YV-666 with a new cybernetic hand to adjust to. As the long blue haze of hyperspace occupied a lot of her time, she continued to analyse her left hand for possible improvements and adjustments. While her previous experience as a child had been working on circuit boards and lock breakers, she had a limited amount of practice on cybernetics. Tinkering with its vibrations and expandable inputs, she ran several diagnostics to interpret its efficiency, ensuring her artificial left hand was comfortable and effective. As she closed the various ports and slots on the hand, it looks almost like a regular hand. Returning to the cockpit of the vessel, she disengaged the engines and commenced a orbiting pattern of the planet. Quickly deciding that given her traumas she needed a break, she decided to board her personal X-Wing T-65 fighter, The Delcroix, and visiting a number of Trading Stations throughout the Outer-Rims to grow her persona finances. After a number of negotiations, she was able to sell the fighter in a straight trade with a Veltraa-Class Cruiser known via it's identification tags as the Incognito. After transferring a number of her personal assets onto the cruiser, she could feel conflict growing inside her. Political issues inside Dark Skies Gearworks were changing her views on the organisation, and her recent legitimate nature was causing her greater stress and anxiety than usual. Needing to release her inner demons, Tex traveled to the nearby Therenor system within Falleen Federation space, landing on Therenor Prime.

Unleashing her lust for violence.

With her once buried urge for violence now an uncontrollable lust, she moved through the various forests and jungles in her customary black leathers and an AXM-50 blaster rifle. Encountering swarms of Acklay, Akk Dogs and Boma Beasts, she mercilessly shot them down one by one, blood pouring from the various corpses which brought a big smile to her face. A black cylindrical deathstick pumping plumes of smoke out, enhancing her senses while she slaughtered countless creatures. As the beasts decreased in number, Tex began to move back to her Veltraa-Class Cruiser to clean the blood from her body. Closing the boarding ramp, she locked the AXM-50 in a wall cabinet, before moving to the refresher to clean herself. The warm water cleansed her body, letting her relax after her violent nature had consumed her. As a soft towel dried her body, she took a seat at the table and removed a small compartment, tossing a small bag of Ryll onto the wooden surface. Knocking out a small mound of the white power, she leaned down and inhaled it up her nostrils, before she quickly leaned her head back and felt the hallucinogens grip her consciousness. As her eyes rolled back into their normal position, she stood and walked into the cockpit, engaging the autopilot to return her to Vorsia, before returning to the main quarters to take another mound of power. While out of control with her drugs and violent nature, she didn't care, and simply continued her consumption as she ever so slowly returned home.

Familiar Territory

Upon returning to Vorsia once more, Tex was introduced to a Black Sun operative, Leigh Kellan, by Lilith Delcroix. Given their similar personality traits and desires in the realm of criminal activity, they soon formed a strong relationship and commenced a private relationship. Despite their regular time apart, they remained in regular contact through holocommunications while on assignment. Leigh was busy conducting White Star operations for the Black Sun, while Tex continued to occupy her mind with blasting away on recycling operations for Dark Skies Gearworks. While their initial time together was one of euphoria and enjoyment, intense erotic adventures and drug infused excitement, it abruptly changed as their regular time apart caused Leigh to become more hostile in her character. Severing communication for a time to control her building frustration and anger, Tex travelled to the secluded hideaway owned by the late Quora Preves, where she undertook a Ryll binge, snorting all the drugs she could while drowning her sorrows and frustrations away on Corellian Ale and [[Twi'quila. As she concluded her week of solitude, she returned to the news feeds of her now ex-girlfriend dating a former employee and confidant of Dark Skies Gearworks, Kyran Caelius, something that only infuriated her further. As she remained on the planets sprawling surface, Tex spent an afternoon in a local tavern on the outskirts of Vorsia Companion to drink away the news of her misfortune, before inevitably deciding to return to the Dark Skies Gearworks headquarters once more. With Kyran Caelius having departed, her jealous nature was quelled as she could at least return to working closer with Lilith, without the distraction of another trying to backstab her, as she tried to guide the tired Forgemaster on her desires to take a step back from corporate leadership and into a more relaxed and peaceful environment.

Given their recent undesirable experiences, both Tex and Lilith were growing tired of their roles. While Tex's lust for destruction and death was still always going to be apparent, the corporate environment and its less appealing corporate responsibilities were beginning to take their toll. Over a number of discussions, it was soon decided that Dark Skies Gearworks would close its doors as an official corporation, and become a private funded enterprise that would conduct operations when both the company and the clients desires. The loss of its corporate identity meant that both Tex and Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix would spend sometime away from the hardships of leadership and from the clutches of managerial bureaucracy. As the both met on the surface of Vorsia Companion, the Diathim and the Kuati toured the halls of the Masterforge headquarters, setting a number of frame charges around the structural strongpoints, as they enjoyed their final moments inside the headquarters facility. As the exited the building, Tex tossed Lilith a small, compact detonator with a cheeky smile, before looking back over the building as Lilith pressed the small red button, initiating the demolition sequences on the charges, transforming the majestic building into a collapsing pile of duracrete and rubble. As she removed a black, cylindrical deatstick from a container in her pocket and placed it between her red lips, she turned to Lilith and embraced her with a warm hug, before boarding her personal Veltraa-Class Cruiser Incognito and ascending to the moon's orbit, with every intention of keeping in touch with her most trusted confidant. Reaching the orbit and free from any affiliations or alignments, Tex decided to travel to the nearby militia controlled planet of Denhui-Eight to drop of the radar for a time to gather her thoughts and consider her next move carefully.

Too Hard to Resist

Off the radar was something she had lost touch with given her time within Dark Skies Gearworks. Bored and regularly drunk or under the effects of Ryll, Tex struggled to pass the time as her once buried lust for violence could only grow stronger inside her. With Lilith away on personal endeavours, she no longer had a watchful guise to steer her on a legitimate path. Without the supervision or physical contact, Tex began reestablishing contract with old associates and began to run small trafficking operations throughout the nearby systems to earn some income. As the shipments grew larger and the income increased substantially, Tex found herself raiding more and more targets, slaughtering helpless mercenaries in the process as her violent nature grew ever so much stronger. Despite the increase in activity and enthusiasm for violence, her psyche was weakening. She grew more and more dependant on alcohol and hallucinogens to get through the day that she began to loose her grip on reality. What began as simple forgetfulness and blackening out, soon grew into hallucinations of former associates Quora Preves and Rina Waran, people she had once lost. As the hallucinations followed her every minute of everyday, schizophrenia began to grip her soul, right through her brain as she struggled to keep her grip on reality. Passing more responsibility onto her associates, she took a backseat role in her operations while she attempted to control her damaged consciousness. With her absence growing around the criminal underworld, she eventually cast aside and ripped off from her various investments as others believed they could operate without her dipping into the takings of each job.

Continually drinking more and more alcohol and barbiturates, she wandered the halls of her Veltraa-Class Cruiser, bouncing off the walls like a pinball in a haze of hallucinations, before collapsing on the floor of her main living quarters. Burning up, Tex ripped off her skin tight black leathers from her body and crawled naked on the end of her bed, sitting up as she swayed, trying to take another mouthful from her open bottle of ale. As she took several mouthfuls and consumed the remaining liquid, she felt it drop from her grip and hit the floor, before rolling across the room. As her eyes moved into the back of her skull, the hallucinations of Quora and Rina called to her, wanting Tex to return to them, to grasp her away from her pain and suffering. Unable to question what was real and simply an impulse of her brain masquerading as the truth, Tex dropped to the floor and fumbled through her belongings, grasping her DL-44, before lifting herself into a chair in the corner of the room. Lighting gripping it, she ran it across her naked body, up her stomach and over her breasts, looking at the shiny metallic instrument she had used so frequently throughout her life. With the call from her associates beckoning, she placed the muzzle of the blaster inside her mouth and closed her eyes as her drug induced shaking of her fingers pulled back the trigger, causing a blaster bolt to rip through her skull, splattering various parts of Tex's brain and skull across the wall behind her as her head was thrown backward before her head jerked forward. As the blaster fell into her lap, Tex slumped in the chair motionless, as her soul travelled to the unknown in the company of her former associates.

Notable Galactic Positions
Preceded By:
Overseer of Red Star Ring
Year 9, Day 138 - Year 11, Day 202
Succeeded By:
Rass Volkov