Thali`a N`ightshade

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Thali`a N`ightshade
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Biographical Information
Race Twi'Lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Daesha N`ightshade
Father Cazne N`ightshade
Spouse Sirius Constantine (deceased)
Partner Jarreth Darksky
Siblings Nat N`ightshade (deceased)
Ree N`ightshade
Draco Cannis(Deceased)
Children Kha`an Jix
Xhai Jix
Xa`ala Jix
Mys`ro N`ightshade (Deceased)
Aiko Constantine
Thomas Constantine
Elektra Constantine
Born 32 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Black Hand
Prior Affiliation Zann Consortium
Raging Banthas (dissolved)


Standing at 1.9m Thali`a is taller than most of the females of her race. She dresses in either leather or black pvc usually but always almost black clothing. She is always armed with her Nightstinger and her favourite Ryyk blade.


Thali`a N`ightshade was born into the Ani Clan on Ryloth to her Parents Cazne and Daesha. She has two brothers named Nat and Ree and also a half-brother, Draco.

The earliest parts of her childhood were relatively uncomplicated until when Thali`a was about 9 years old her mother has kidnapped and sold to a slave ring. Cazne tried desperately to save her but it was not to be and she was bought by a Corellian named Ivan.

One night, after a while in each others company Ivan and Daesha got drunk. The night went further than they both anticipated in their stupor and Daesha became pregnant. Feeling his wife Lucy would not approve, he released Daesha on the grounds she never spoke a word about it.

In time Daesha gave birth to a son, Thali`a’s brother. And although she loved him she knew it would bring shame to her as he had complete Corellian features, which Cazne would never accept.

Daesha travelled to find Ivan, finally tracking him down her and showed him their child. They both realised that they should have shown more restraint, being under the influence, but he explained as a slave she may have felt she had no choice. Daesha explained that her son would not be accepted in her clan and did not know what to do, so Ivan took Daesha and the child to his wife Lucy.

Lucy was at first unhappy with the situation, but looked on the child and saw her husband’s eyes “I will take him, I will love him as my own” she said. “I shall call him Draco” she smiled. She had in fact given him a longer name, but Draco was all anyone needed to know.

Thali`a missed her mother terribly while she was away and was overjoyed to see her returned to the family fold. But she seemed troubled by something and wouldn't speak of the time she had been held captive. So Thali`a respected this and supported her mother wherever possible.She had friends one of whom taught her to fly in his personal fighter and she became a skilled pilot.

Thali`a's Escape

Thali`a grew to the unusual height of 1.9, untypical for a female. This made her stand out from the crowd, which she found brought on too much attention to the natural beauty a Twi`lek possesses.

Rumours within the clan were abound about her possible kidnap into slavery as a dancer by the Maldor Slave Ring. After what had happened to her mother she knew that slavery and dancing were open to her,and that this would be inevitable. But Thali`a sought a better life away from Ryloth and with no support from her family,she sought assistance from a friend who gave her the use of a ship and without a word to her family made her escape. She has never seen them since.

Away from Ryloth

Thali`a travelled to many systems and planets remaining on her guard from capture and eating whatever was laid in her path. Fortunately the Twi`lek system is able to cope with anything, which helped her to survive.

Whilst finding her feet and in an effort to find new friends Thali`a visited various cantinas. One night she met a dangerous falleen, who was also very charming. The danger excited her and she became intoxicated not only with copious amounts of fungus ale and whiskey, but also by his pheromones.

They spent the night together, but the next day she remembered very little and went about her life.

A short while later she realised she was pregnant. The pregnancy moved on more rapidly that she anticipated and she went into labour a lot earlier than expected in an abandoned warehouse. She passed out and was rescued by a stranger. As she was still so young, she felt it best to give up the child as she felt she could not support him.

She wanted to find the father, but remembered nothing other than the cantina where she had met him. She asked around, but the only information she found that the likely person had been caught, arrested and sent to a prison colony on Kessel.

Thali`a then met a wonderful Human female Stephanie Barefoot who supported her when they managed to meet and gave her wonderful advice on different aspects of The Galaxy which were new to her. Thali`a and Stephy are best friends to this day.

Thali`a lured men with her attractiveness and charm in order to survive and gain enough financially. This enabled her to arrange the tattooing of her face and chest in order to gain some individuality. It was then she met Xer`rac Jobal, who provided her with the individuality she craved.

Thali`a and Xer`rac spoke regularly and he became her rock. They formed a strong friendship and he introduced her to Ximaro Jix, the notorious President of The Dark Star Hellions and his younger brother Xakic.


As she was now in a strange place and with nowhere else to go, Xakic offered Thali`a work which she accepted without hesitation. Thali`a and Xakic spent a lot of time together and grew close. They married in quiet ceremony of their own.

As her own family had done nothing to try and prevent her capture, she now felt that with her husband and best friends by her side that she finally had the family she had always desired.

When Xakic offered Thali`a work she promised to do everything to support him and so armed with high motivation, skills and a strong work ethic she continued to work hard until she was recalled home.

Still with the overwhelming desire to support her husband, Thali`a joined Xakic at Invisible Economy and Zer Corp, now Raging Banthas.

She remained loyally by Xakic's side, giving him unwavering support in his position as original President of Raging Banthas.

Xakic left briefly to travel to Sluis. On his return Thali`a noticed changes in him. He had taken a contaminated serum. Xakic started to look more serpent like which she found endearing.


Thali`a and Xakic started a family...his blood line. They knew that their child would grow quickly, but he grew at astonishing rate. One day Xakic was working away and Thali`a went to visit friends Scott Hood and Neria Derycke, she suddenly went into labour. They rushed round her and did everything possible to make sure that Thali`a and her baby were ok. They were successful, Mother and baby fine, although helping Thali`a through labour resulted in Neria breaking her hand from supporting her. Thali`a remains apologetic and continues to gives thanks for their help.

K2.png Kha`an

Xakic returned to hold his son and also thanked Scott and Neria for their quick help. Thali`'a took Kha`an, whom they named their son to see his uncles and aunts, who were delighted at their news. One of his Godfathers, Nexus Luvisi congratulated them and took Kha`an in his arms. Thali`a could see what was going through his mind...he was going to train her son when he was old enough. "He trains well" she thought and smiled. She also looked to Kha`an's Godmother, Xalitus Swindler who in her words said "I shall teach him to hunt". Thali`a waits for that day. Not only would he inherit his fathers business acumen and mothers winning personality..but also the skills of his Aunt and Uncles.

Year 14 day 116 as Thali`a sat in Hellions Tavern, going briefly to the bar for some well needed water, she felt a crippling pain. "Oh no" she said as she collapsed to the ground. Her baby was arriving prematurely. Friends rushed to help her through her labour..notably Kathlen Stewart and Dr Aiko Constantine. She wished there had been time to not make it such a public occasion, but Kathlen refused to move her.

Thali`a was concerned for her sons welfare, but she was well looked after. Very soon Xhai was born and Thali`a's first thought was to contact Xakic.

A Realisation

During a discussion between husband and wife, they reminisced about things they had done while younger and Thali`a told him about the cantina. It had been years, but something flashed up in Xakic’s eyes. He realised that the person she had met up with was him. He had been drunk too and after spending all the time in prison, the pair hadn’t realised who each other was until now. More so that he had a son. Thali`a was so happy that the father was Xakic, but wondered what had happened to their boy.

One day Thali`a had a strange feeling, and her lekku started to twitch; as if someone she knew was close. It soon became apparent, when a stranger walked up and introduced himself. “Hello, mother” he said “ I am Mys`ro, your son”. Thali`a could reads his thoughts…knew it was the truth. She called Xakic immediately and he welcomed his son without hesitation. Mys`ro started working immediately for Raging Banthas with the guidance of his mother and father.


Thali`a was happy that her family was growing but one day she started to feel a little unwell. A crazy sickness feeling she had felt three times before. She was expecting another child. She informed Xakic straight away and he took all precautions to keep her safe in the untamed galaxy. But she sensed something was different this time and as the child grew inside her she knew what it was....this child was a girl. Thali`a and Xakic were about to have a daughter.

A Further Surprise

One day as Thali`a sat in Hellions Tavern, enjoying a well earned rest she was approached by Draco Cannis, one of Xakic's Hellion brothers.He sat down next to her and began to tell her something.

Draco explained he had ventured on some travels, eventually ending up at Ryloth. On his sightseeing journey he was approached by a Twi`lek lady. She seemed to know him. As a matter of caution he switched on his holorecorder. She told him about her past, what had happened… was Daesha. She also told him about his sister, Thali`a.

Draco said he knew then that he knew his sister,it was her so he had kept the recording to let her listen to it. As they spoke, they knew it to be true. Draco and Thali`a were siblings. They already knew they had a kindred spirit,the same thoughts but just thought it was coincidence…now they knew why.

Life and Death

Thali`a kept busy with everything she could do given her pregnant condition. Xakic moved her closer to home, where hospital facilities were available. not wanting a repeat of the last two times Thali`a went into labour. She carried out her duties but one day felt a bit strange..something or someone was missing. Thali`a checked her datapad for the jobs people were carrying out and noticed that one person had not been responsive and went to investigate. She arrived at the ship, scanning for danger and upon entry she found the worst thing. The son she had lost for so many years was lying on the cockpit floor. Thali`a ran up to him but he was clearly dead. She checked for wounds and found is still unclear on his cause of death, whether suicide or natural causes. Thali`a took his body back home. While still upset she continued with her work but one day felt the twinge she remembered well...contractions. Not wanting to make a scene she mentioned it to a friend. She was transported to hospital and returned a while later with a beautiful small bundle in her arms. "Hey everyone" she said as she walked through the doors "Meet Xa`ala, our little girl". She contemplated quietly to herself and thought "your sister too Mys'ro. Where one life ends..another begins"

New Start

Over time it became clear that things had changed and the couple parted ways. Thali`a decided to head off to see more of the galaxy. She had learned a lot in recent times and worked hard, so she made the decision to take some time out for hunting. She knew she could gain work if needed. Packing up her things, Thali`a headed to her ship and set off to seek some adventure. She found this with Zann Consortium after receiving a call from her now ex-brother-in-law Ximaro Jix. Ximaro understood Thali`a and how she worked; would be able to utilise her skills and although known by most for his reputation as a crime lord was one of the most solid people she had ever met. Thali`a vowed to put everything into Zann Consortium.


In time things became clear, her best friend Sirius Constantine was the one true person for her. They courted each other and were quickly engaged. In year 14 day 318 they married. Thali`a wore a metallic blue dress which hugged her slender figure. The ceremony was conducted by a good friend and was attended by some close, personal friends and her new step-daughter Aiko Constantine. Her step-son Thomas and her own children were staying with friends.

Thali`a and Sirius continued to work for their own organisations, grabbing time together when they could. One day Thali`a discovered she was pregnant; relaying the happy news to her husband. However their joy was to be short-lived, when one evening in Year 15 Day 212 after 259 days of marriage, Thali`a received a communication that her husband had been captured. Despite her attempts to reason with his captors, Sirius was executed in cold-blood by people he considered to be his friends, leaving her devastated.

Before his untimely demise Thali`a and Sirius had been expecting a child. She was born a few months later and Thali`a named her Elektra.


As time passed Thali`a befriended Jarreth Darksky, a somewhat dark and mysterious personality;very unlike her late husband. Spending a lot of time together working made them realise they had a lot more in common than they thought and they became a couple.

The Black Hand

After retiring from service with Zann Consortium, Thali`a looked for another path. In a passing conversation with Lexor Gregain she found work with The Black Hand after being approved from Supreme Commander Kratos Musashi where she still work to this day as the overseer of logistics


Thali`a is an avid ship collector, not necessarily looking for rare or modified ships as such, but she prides herself on her fleet. She has been gifted a number of ships, either as part payment for work she has completed or simply as gifts through friendship.One such ship is her prized Adz, a belated wedding gift from her friend Fures Nocti. It came a complete surprise to receive such a dynamic ship as the Adz, which she named SST N`ight Prowler, never thinking she would ever have one to add to her collection.

SST N`ight Prowler-Adz gift from Fures Nocti.
Thalia Adz.png

Bone Daddy

While in service with Zann Consortium, Thali`a was gifted a prize from one of her brothers Xek`ail Saverem. It's name was affectionately known as "Bone Daddy"

Bone Daddy.