The Aruu Legacy contributes to Riviera Medical on Dathomir

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Hacked by Keibak Aruu on Year 5 Day 358

Onboard the YT-2000 Ultima in system Quelii (90, 293).

The Holoprojector flashes to life. A familiar Kaminoan being appears before you...

"Today we have some interesting developments on the planet Dathomir. Almost 28 years ago, Maila Aruu an MD, now known as Maila Aruu-han, was researching a tribe on Dathomir along with her husband, Krucek, a field scientist who speciallized in the research of rare creatures.

During their research, they discovered several mineral deposits that could be vital to all beings. Especially for creating medicine. Unfortunately there were only rare amounts of these minerals. It has been almost all been dug up.

During their research and time on the planet, they founded a research city in which they called it Aruu. They had built several facilities with the aid of several donations made by independant contributors and business owners.

It was during their stay on the planet that Maila Aruu had become pregnant with the now Governor of several cities on Dathomir, Keibak Aruu. Shortly after his birth, the couple had claimed some land and founded what would eventually be a city named after their new born son. They eventually claimed more land that amounted to several thousands of acres.

At a certain point, the cities Keibak Aruu, and Aruu where being attacked by Nightsisters, rumored to have skills in the Jedi and Sith arts. But this is of course unconfirmed if there exists beings with such powers. The Aruu family were forced to evacuate from the planet as a result, and unfortunatly almost all those apart of the tribe had perished.

It has now been several years and it is said that the planet has been desolate without any signs of Nightsisters. But many who have travelled to the planet say that they are just hiding, waiting to make their move against those who trespass on their sacred land.

The now divorced couple have met up to discuss the situation on the planet, still having legal ownership over it. They had both decided to hand over part of the land to their son and name him Governor over two of the cities, Keibak Aruu and Aruu.

This is what Maila Aruu-Han had to say about the transaction:"

"I am confident that our son can handle the task of restoring these two once beautiful cities to its former state. We couldn't have picked a better individual to lead in this restoration. And it was only fitting to return the land with his name on it to our son Keibak." Claims Maila.

The Kaminoan continues "what of the other property on the planet? Well a good friend of the family Ezekiel, currently the Supreme Medical Consultant of Riviera Medical has inherited the other cities as an act of good faith in his profession. Krucek Aruu had spoken to us about the decision."

"Ezekiel has known us both for a few years now, and is one of Keibak's best friends and a great business partner. We trust him with the material found on the planet. We know he will do much good with it. In fact it was Keibak who suggested that we hand the land over to Ezekiel rather than give it to himself." Says Krucek.

"Many although do not express faith in Keibak due to his once association with Horizon Corp and Venom Kazvar. And many Rebel sympathizers do not think that he can do much good to the system either, being that he was once an Imperial."

"I only worked for Mr. Kazvar. I was never really friends with the guy, nor did I ever know what he did behind the scenes." Keibak told reporters. He later added "And yes, I was an Imperial. The Empire is not as bad as you all think. Just like the Rebel Alliance is not that bad either. They just believe in different things. Different ways of leading their people. I dont speak for Riviera here, but I PERSONALLY respect both political groups and hold nothing against them."

As to what Governor Aruu plans on doing with the renewly founded cities on Dathomir "I plan on keeping the planet looking as beautiful as it does now. I also plan on building cities on it so that the whole universe could see its beauties and ignore the Rancors and non-existant Nightsisters and see what the planet really is like. As far as the cities to Riviera... for the time being I have been left in charge of those until we can figure out a plan to construct facilities on the planet and possibly expand our property even further."

"Many citizens in near by systems and sectors have expressed concern towards the economic conditions and galactic traffic. Senior Economist, Myziel Bontes had this to say regarding the matter."

"This only means good for the beings through out the Galaxy. Dathomir, or even the Quelli system and the Ottega sector have always been shun away from business and tourists. This will give people a chance to see more and possibly expand on their travels through out the galaxy. People, this is good for the economy. And the system is so far enough out of the way from Imperial and Rebel activity that it wont interfere with their business and at the same time its close enough for all beings to take part in. I see only good things with this, especially with the partnership between Riviera Medical and Keibak Aruu." States Mr. Bontes.

"Their is about enough land claimed now on Dathomir that eighteen cities can be constructed on it. Sixteen of these possible cities are owned by Riviera Medical. Good things are expected to happen with this transaction and we are certain that Citizens all over the galaxy are anxious to see what develops."

The Holoprojector fades out