The Ashla Covenant

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The Ashla Covenant
General Information
Motto Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction
Status Active
Leader Tal Dorn
2IC Vika Talaan
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 326
Political Information
Industry Religious

Founded in Year 13 Day 326, The Ashla Covenant serves as an "umbrella organization" providing; a foundation for doctrinal study centered upon the Ashlanian Codex, economic support and vocational training for its subsidiary Divisionis consisting of the Guardian Diplomatic Corps, the Guardian Rescue Corps, the Guardian Engineering Corps and the Guardian Defence Fleet, all protected by the Falleen Federation

The Ashla Covenant is based upon an anchient belief that worships the natural order of the force, referred to as Ashla. This religion was uncovred by Tal Dorn, who discovred an anchient codex while prospecting on Jentares IV. With the help of a Twi’lek elder, he and Drega Loas, at this time acting Vicar of Ketsujo Nemuri, translated the Codex And discovred resemblance to the Guardian’s Code of Gallantry that was used by the Guardians of Dorin. Drega resigned as Vicar and he, Tal and a few members of the Guardians of Dorin all left their respective orginizations to form The Ashla Covenant, after getting blessing from the Jedi High Council. Drega went on to contact galactic governments to form alliances with, before setteling on the Falleen Federation. The Federation gave the Covenant the planet of Zolan I, on which the Covenant Guardians built their capital, [TAC] Haven. The Covenant adopted a leadership system with the Guardian Conclave as leaders.