The Black Hand

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The Black Hand
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kratos Musashi
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 68
Political Information
Industry Mercenary

The Black Hand was a secret society of influential conspirators that was formed in the aftermath of The Derra Virus. Originally, the society housed Abyssin sentients seeking refuge and then began to take in other followers who wanted to live freely in a galaxy without criminals, tyrannical leaders or those who would force their religion upon them.

It was envisioned that the Black Hand’s mission was the preservation of civilization which would be free of tyranny and corrupt governments. They believed in a world which would be operated not through religion or the use of the force, but through information, money and technology. Their mission was to build a safe haven where sentient beings could roam freely without persecution.

The Black Hand began as a group of notable warriors that were united in their ritual combat techniques. They swore an oath to protect the Hand with their lives from all who threatened it. Based within an ancient castle on the planet Bheriz, the Hand grew in wealth and numbers and remained stable and strong.


  • BlackHandBanner.png (Year 15)
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