The Blood Razors

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The Blood Razors
General Information
Status Active
Leader Blood Razor President Rar Lunko
2IC Blood Razor V.P. Vertair Thean
Headquarters Blood Razor Base, Skeebo III
Historical Information
Founded Year 17 Day 220
Political Information
Affiliation None
Industry Trading
"More than what you bargained for."
— Blood Razor slogan

The Blood Razors, also known as the Blood Razors Swoop Club, are a swoop gang founded by Weequays Rar Lunko and Vertair Thean.

They were formed from, and to assist, outcasted and disillusioned inhabitants of the galaxy when the big corporations took over. Their primary activity is trafficking black market goods in the guise of swoop races. They are currently based on a floating city platform, which has been dubbed Blood Razor Base, on the Outer Rim gas giant Skeebo III.

Although they are structured much like a standard swoop gang, they run a genuine trading organization with a distinct set of principles from their more clandestine activities. The original infrastructure was financed in part from the spoils of ransom and raided starships.

With a history in both military command and piracy, Blood Razor President Rar Lunko leads a swoop club that is part outlaw band and part legitimate trading business.

…Wanna buy some death sticks?


Abandoning the Second Galactic Civil War

Before the formation of the swoop club, the core members of the gang were fleet officers in the Galactic Alliance. Rar Lunko was commanding officer of Uther Von Kaldreon’s division in the Galactic Alliance fleet.

At the peak of Lunko's military career, the former pirate fell under suspicion due to his criminal contacts. Rather than get arrested and face the courts, Lunko decided to escape and begin setting up an independent operation on the other side of the galaxy. At least 10 other fleet officers decided to abandon their positions in the Galactic Alliance and cross the galaxy to join Lunko’s independent organization. Infighting soon diminished these numbers, but at least 4 of the original 11 defectors went on to form The Blood Razors Swoop Club.

The Weequays of the group, Lunko and Vertair Thean, started the swoop riding gang. They were soon followed by “their human” as they jokingly refer to him as, Amdaren "Hak" Hakaari. And the final member of the original defectors, Lunko’s favourite drinking buddy, the Dirty Duros, Colmax Watt also joined the gang. Free from a war they saw as misguided and futile, with their fellow Blood Razor swoopers they continue to ride together as family.

Best for Business

Openly Acknowledged Members


Patched Members

Blood Razor President Rar Lunko

Blood Razor V.P. Vertair Thean

Trade Route Captain Amdaren Hakaari

Sgt. at Arms Colmax Watt

Enforcer Kalsar Haron

Tail-Gunner Brogo Morose



Galactic Market Access


All listed outposts are Open To: All

Rolion outpost {Trading II Station}

Galactic Position: (249, 254)

System Position: (10, 19)

One microjump away from darkness planet: Maridun

Sertar outpost {Trading II Station}

Galactic Position: (313, 311)

System Position: (10, 0)

One microjump away from darkness planet: Elom

Jospro outpost {Trading II Station}

Galactic Position: (320, 211)

System Position: (10, 19)

One microjump away from darkness planet: Chadra

Ash Worlds outpost {Trading II Station}

Galactic Position: (413, 227)

System Position: (0, 10)

One microjump away from darkness planet: Millius Prime

Blood Razor Base {Commerce Centre}

Sector: Shadola

System: Skeebo (434, 172)

Planet: Skeebo III (10, 7)

Surface: (18, 17)

Ground: (18, 11)



Civic Centre



Commerce Centre

Slave Market

Crew Quarters





Trading I

Trading II

Asteroid Hideout

Merchant Space Dock


Ryll Patch

Death Stick

Bacta Ryfill

Transportation and Smuggling

Soldier Training

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