The Condemned

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The Condemned
General Information
Status Active
Leader Caeda Rastyk
Owner Classified
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 181
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Mercenary

A Brotherhood of the Damned

Descendants of the prisoners of a hidden prison planet in the north east quadrant, the Condemned have had a hard past, being forced to stay on the prison for crimes they had not committed has taken its toll and forged the mindset of liberty; for all, above all. Having finally managed to obtain passage off planet, the group has decided it best to work towards the liberation of all beings, sentient and not.

Operating as individual agents under a single banner no member of the Condemned is subservient to the rest. Each agent has their own plan to further the cause and are free to carry out their own agendas. As the Condemned support liberty for all beings they do not condone the enslavement or imprisonment of the innocent however, they are still fully willing to aid in the chase and capture of those proven guilty.

From acting as game wardens to the completion of daring search and rescue missions the Condemned are open to any and all contracts if the payment is right. As agents of liberty the Condemned will put it all on the line to ensure all beings have their share of freedom.