The Death Watch

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The Death Watch
General Information
Status Active
Leader Lazarus Grimm
2IC Cer Killid
Owner Lazarus Grimm
Historical Information
Founder Peter Max
Founded Year 15 Day 241
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Industry Mercenaries

The Death Watch is a Mandalorian splinter group that opposes the Super Commando Codex[1] and the pacifist way of life of other Mandalorian groups.

The Death Watch (Kyr'tsad)

A clan-based Mandalorian state that is led by the Overlord.

Their main objective is to restore Mandalorians to their ancient glory as warriors.

The Death Watch is a founder member of the Rift Alliance.


DW Forces.png

The Death Watch is composed by warrior Mandalorians who follow the Canons of Honor,[2] a Mandalorian text of law and behavior aimed at helping warriors attain glory and personal honor. The Canons' texts were extrapolated from the Resol`nare,[3] the six central tenets of the Mandalorian culture. By following the tenets of the Resol'nare, with special emphasis placed upon loyalty to one's clan and engaging in combat, the laws of the Canons were satisfied, and a warrior earned their honor.


Assault on the Tresario Star Kingdom

Year 15 , Day 190

Nite Owls of Death Watch infiltrate the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Following the arrest and execution of a member of Clan Breviin by the Tresario Star Kingdom, the Death Watch retaliated with a covert operation. The operation was led by Overlord Peter Max and a squad of Nite Owls Special Forces, the operation consisted of selling outdated and fake intelligence information from the Krath Dynasty to Tresario’s King Jude Vatz and infiltrating their operations resulting in the liberation of 250,000,000 credits, a Modular Taskforce Cruiser and several intelligence cables.

It was the first appearance of the modern Death Watch in the Kingdom’s holo-forum.

Soon after the Operation, Overlord Peter Max declared a crusade against the Imperial Union.

Attack on the Imperial Industry

Year 15 , Day 230

As part of the crusade against the Imperial Union, a Nite Owl unit infiltrated Kuat Systems Engineering seizing several hundreds of thousands of raw materials from their factories and obtaining several intelligence cables from the Galactic Empire. The objective of slowing down the production of AT-AT walkers and learning the recruitment and training methods of the Galactic Empire were achieved, the operation was declared a victory in favor of the Death Watch.

End of the Strategic Disappearance

Year 15 , Day 271

Overlord Peter Max announces the end of the strategic disappearance, renames The Breviin Crusaders to The Death Watch, and announces the creation of an autonomous Mandalorian state.

The Return of a Hero

Year 15, Day 280

A Nite Owls Mandalorian infiltrates the Galactic Empire and captures an Imperial “Senior Captain [O-7]” who was later released in exchange for the remains of Krath Dynasty’s fallen warrior Nomak Drome from the Emperor's trophy collection and a sum of credits. The identity of the Imperial officer has not been confirmed by Death Watch officials due to a non-disclosure agreement signed as part of the ransom exchange made with Imperial Intelligence. Nomak Drome was considered a respected warrior by Death Watch.

Attack on the Imperial 1st Brigade (Immortals)

Year 15, Day 71

An operation led by the Nite Owls of Death Watch successfully infiltrated the Galactic Empire’s 1st Brigade and captured a total of 70 Storm Troopers and their equipment, seized an AT-AT Barge and an Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Derra Liberation
Mandalorian Crusade
D0ee60 581e0db2d17d4b9ab476544a00ac0e45 (1).jpg
DateYear 16 Day 159
LocationDerra IV
ResultThe Death Watch and Krath Dynasty Victory
The Death WatchTresario Star Kingdom
Commanders and Leaders
Peter Max
Malton Dias
Kevin Wolff
Death Watch Bloodguards and Nite Owls
500 Soldiers
3800 Soldiers
Casualties and Losses

Tresario Star Kingdom Defeated on Derra IV

Year 16 , Day 150

DW Forces 2.png

The Tresario Star Kingdom invaded the cities of Derra IV and razed buildings as part of a training operation according to Nite Owls Intelligence gathering.

Overlord Peter Max ordered the fast deployment of the Bloodguard (Death Watch main forces) to attack Tresarian positions as part of operation Derra Liberation. After a few skirmishes, the Tresario Star Kingdom deployed their force composed of Battle Droids and special sniper units obtained control of the eastern city of Derra IV for a day. On the following day, Bloodguard forces regrouped and attacked Tresarian positions once again and recovered control of the city.

A Death Watch Nite Owls Mandalorian who infiltrated Tresario’s army provided their positions to Bloodguard warriors. As part of the operation, Death Watch captured 200 Battle Droids from Tresarian field supplies in Derra IV. After weeks of fighting, Krath Dynasty’s forces led by Grevendar Togl arrived to provide support to Death Watch armies, after a joint offensive that resulted in several losses for the Tresario Star Kingdom and the announcement of their retreat by Commodore Kevin Wolff.

During the operation, Death Watch destroyed 133 Battle Droids, 4 Super Battle Droids and captured 200 Battle Droids.

The Death Hunt

Year 16 , Day 301

The latest edition of the Death Hunt came to a conclusion in cooperation with Mandalore. Participating warriors demonstrated great skill but at the end, one and only one was declared the new Death Hunter. Belloq Tull of the Trade Federation became the new champion, was given the title of Kyram Beroya by Mand'alor Andrew Panzer during a ceremony at the Knights of the Fountain Serroco camp, and awarded the prizes that came with his victory.

The Death Hunt is a regular event pitting the best hunters in the galaxy against their prey and against each other. Former death hunters and notable contestants returned to test their mettle, leading to battling and challenges between the different hunters. As in ancient days, the Death Hunt is organized by Mandalorians seeking to find greater challenges and prove their strength. The current Death Hunts are organized and protected from outsiders by the Death Watch, led by Overlord Peter Max. Providing a short statement to Krath News, Max said, “This is a Mandalorian cultural event to find the best warriors of the galaxy, I would like to extend an invitation to all of those who claim to be warriors to learn the Mandalorian ways. I would also like to thank our sponsors for their support, especially those who continue to support us every year."

The following organizations were publicized as sponsoring the Death Hunt this year: The Krath Dynasty, Corporate Alliance, Zann Consortium, Dread, GeneTech, NexCore Mining Corporation, Dark Star Hellions, The Wraiths, Kolkpravis, Dead Man Lines, and Moonlight Transit Co., now The Black Light Pirates.

Operation Resol`nare Serroco

Year 16 , Day 265

DW forces 3.png

The Bloodguard joins Operation Serroco to support Mandalore's forces. The Tresario Star Kingdom attempted to invade Serroco but was easily defeated by Death Watch and Rift Alliance forces.

TBI intel chief captured

This one is the las one fo real.jpg

After Nite Owls confirmed that Mikhail Ryun and Intel chief within the TBI wanted to assassinate Overlord Peter Max, the leader soon coordinated a joint operation along with the Kingdom of Elysia to capture the Tresarian officer, Mikhail was tricked into joining the Kindom od Elysia to spy on them, little did he know it was a well-set operation to capture him. On Year 16 Mikhail was tried and executed by a Rift Alliance Military commission.

A warning to the Bounty Hunter`s Guild

Year 17, Day 181


Death Watch officials announced the capture of the “soon-to-be” leader of the Bounty Hunters Guild, Ildris Elgar. He was apprehended during a joint operation with the Chiss Ascendancy, a fellow member of the Rift Alliance. The leader of Death Watch, Overlord Peter Max, has accused the Bounty Hunters Guild of increasing espionage attempts detected on Death Watch channels. He released the following statement during an emergency press conference called by Death Watch officials: "The Bounty Hunters Guild's authorities have made an attempt to spy on and capture Death Watch Mandalorians. This is a petty strategy planned by their puppet master, the Tresario Star Kingdom. Our Nite Owls special forces are ready to deal with the Bounty Hunters Guild at all levels. We have already identified several of their members." According to Peter Max, a thorough investigation by the Death Watch revealed the Bounty Hunters Guild to be operated by the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Max went on to say: "We will absolutely not tolerate harassment by invaders and agitators, regardless of the severity of the offense.We will respond firmly and will not hesitate to wage a ruthless war."

A New Dawn

year 17, day 172

Death Watch Production company known as the Basilisk Industry was funded by former Akaan´Alor Phoenix Hamid. The New President of Basilisk Industry Phoenix Hamid said: “We were able to form our production faction. I welcome everyone who has joined our side and also promise great future for everyone who works with us. Let’s get strong together and don’t forget we don’t fear anything in the valley of Death.”

Commander turned traitor

Year 17

Fragdo traitor.png

Former 2IC Fragdosk Fyezz looted and attempted to destroy Death Watch by expelling all active Mandalorians from the main database, Overlord Peter Max addressed Fragdosk´s actions in a message to all Death Watch Mandalorians who have shown their loyalty to Death Watch and Re-Joined the Organization;

“Sucuy gar ner vode, in an attempt to stop our movement, Fragdosk Fyezz stole our credits, battle droids and some of our raw materials, Fragdo served Death Watch for many years , however, his true intentions were revealed last week when he performed this coward action and then ran away, I can assure you this was nothing but a small setback that has already been resolved, our credit reserves are currently stable and we can easily produce thousands of more battle dorids to replace those stolen, I am now declaring Fragdosk Fyezz dar'manda and approving any operation to arrest him, Death Watch is now stronger than before and security measures will be taken to ensure that this does not happen again” Nite Owls infiltrators later confirmed that Fragdosk was corrupted by the Tresario Star Kingdom, who in Peter Max´s opinion have attempted to hide their actions because of shame that their operation did too little damage to their target. it was confirmed that Fragdosk is dead, Death Watch commanders believe he committed suicide as regret from his actions.

End of an Alliance

Peter max news RA leaving it.png

Overlord Peter Max announced to Death Watch´s News agency “The Liberator” that he would withdraw Death Watch from the Rift Alliance. This move, while perceived as radical by some, would allow the Death Watch to take any necessary actions against any organization without worrying about diplomatic repercussions.

“We will no longer have to go to any council to conduct our military action against our enemies” stated the Mandalorian.

According to sources, other factors contributed to this move. The leadership of Death Watch was concerned with increasing political pressure from the New Republic towards the Krath Dynasty regarding Krath’s policy of sharing Republic technology with Rift Alliance members. There had also been several intelligence leaks from NRI containing private Rift Alliance discussions. These sources also claimed that the New Republic had defamed the Death Watch for performing operations which the Death Watch claim did not exist.

“We witnessed how the New Republic treated us as a nuisance, almost as an obstacle, even. The Rift Alliance has been fighting the Imperial Union with far more tenacity than the Galactic Alliance has done. The fact that the Galactic Alliance continued to look at us as secondary to its efforts was both frustrating and baffling. Many years of loyalty and assistance to the Galactic Alliance were repaid with betrayal by the New Republic. However, we would not want to affect the Krath Dynasty´s position within the Galactic Alliance, so we chose to leave the alliance. Despite this, we retain the warriors worthy right to keep all technology produced by our own resources.” One senior official within the Death Watch was quoted as saying.

The Death Watch leader regrets the capture of Lazarus Kell and other Krath officials including a Mandalorian from Aliit (clan) Ar'Klim, and stated:

“While the New Republic was offering material aid to Krath, we were on an operation to recover and rescue those who were captured. We consider the life of great warriors as being worth far more than any technology the NR can offer. Be sure that the capture of our brothers will not go unpunished. Varro Belle, TSK, and their affiliates will feel the wrath of the true Mandalorian faith.”

This announcement was made just one day after Peter Max met with Rift Alliance leaders and informed them that the Death Watch would focus on restoring Mandalorians to their ancient customs. Max, who has often blamed other Mandalorian organizations for misguiding their members and clans into following mercenary and pacifist ideologies, announced a desire to steer all Mandalorians back to their historical warrior ideology.

The Death Watch is now a completely independent entity, unaffiliated with any governing body. Instead, they seek the warrior’s path of honor.

New Akaan'alor

Maltron Akkan alor.png

after the betrayal of Fragdosk Fyezz, Overlord Peter Max re-assessed security measures, and evaluated its command staff before assigning a new Akaan'alor. However, after months of vacancy, today Death Watch officials have announced the promotion of Clan Delitrox leader Maltron Dias to Akaan'alor of Death Watch. “Maltron Dias has served Death Watch for many years. He has proven his skills as a pilot and warrior on many missions and assaults against the Tresario Star Kingdom. We have no doubt he will be a great leader and will bring glory to his clan and the Death Watch!” Peter Max declared on a holo-transmission to all Death Watch personnel.”

Blockade over Antar

Antar cities under siege.png

Death Watch officials confirmed that the Krath Dynasty installed a shield blockade over the cloud cities of Antar.

Overlord Peter Max and General Phoenix Hamid have condemned the action and Max stated that it was considered an act of War by the Krath Dynasty.

Death Watch´s Nite Owls were ordered to be on high alert and ready to take action, “it saddens me that our old friends decided to side with their more powerful allies after all we did for them it seems technology is the what most matters to the Krath Dynasty, the condition they set to maintain access to our cities was clear, they wanted us to bow, they wanted to keep looking down on us, it seems that after all they don’t know us well, No Mandalorian ever Bows! And we rather have war than become slaves of the Krath!” Peter Max stated to this news agency.

According to Death Watch Senior warriors, it is likely that Overlord will call in a new crusade, the target is not confirmed but will be likely the previously mentioned Government.

The Shadow Dominion

Year 17 Day 328


The leaders of Death Watch and the Zann Consortium announced the creation of the Shadow Dominion Alliance to the Galaxy. All members of the Dominion have agreed to participate in aggressive military actions across the galaxy, overt or otherwise, promoting crime and warfare.

"Krath Dynasty has for years utilized the Death Watch to their benefit, but continue to reject us as equals,They would rather keep our people as enforcers to attack the Imperial Union and other organizations while they reap the rewards. With Zann, we do not have to deal with businessmen, politicians looking to gain a technological advantage, or anyone else. We've observed Zann simply doesn't care about such frivolous things and if they want to take something, they simply take it. From here forward, Death Watch and Zann Consortium will be taking whatever they want from whomever they please, together." Peter Max

A New Crusade

On Year 17 Several operations coordinated by the Death Watch and supported by the Shadow Dominon resulted in the following captures:

Cos Jetbag - Sosking guard and former Ediola member.

Braf Savek – Tresarian Spy

KuKhal Bass- Bounty Hunters Guild member

Jor PanokaSosking Guard Member

Serroco Deployment Year 18

Serroco Liberation
Mandalorian New Crusade
DateYear 18 Day 200
ResultDeath Watch Retreat
The Death WatchTresario Star Kingdom
Commanders and Leaders
Peter Max
Malton Dias
Kevin Wolff
Death Watch Bloodguards and Nite Owls
500 Soldiers
5000 Battle Droids
Casualties and Losses

On Year 18 Day 219 Bloodguard forces initiated operations against the Tresario Star Kingdom in Serroco.

First day of Battles Tresarian forces received the Death Watch with heavy fire, a battle between approximately 300 Battle droids and 48 Death Watch Mandalorians and 48 Aliit Ghost Militia Mandalorians supported by 48 Zann Consortium forces resulted in a victory for Death Watch, this victory ensured the deployment of our ground base of operations.

Later that same day, a surprise attack of the enemy forced Death Watch to retreat from their offensive advance, Tresarians were able to mobilize 436 Battle droids and were supported by Sniper squads, Death Watch forces were outnumbered and managed to lower the enemy numbers greatly, however, they were forced to pull back Momentarily.

Battle Outcome After several days of battles, Death Watch forces were outnumbered and were forced to retreat and begin Guerrilla style operations to deal with the Tresario Star Kingdom army composed by thousands of Battle Droids. The assault ended in the destruction of 378 Battle droids and the loss of 577 Mandalorian Warriors.

Guerrilla Operations Death Watch forces managed to destroy 70 battle droids in sceral ambushes in the jungles surrounding the main city of Serroco.

The Overlord Dies

On 18 Peter Max died of mysterious reasons, little is known about his death.


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