The Exchange

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The Exchange
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General Information
Status Active
Leader Crane Baxa
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 26
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite The Exchange


Mutual profit. Mutual survival.

The Exchange is a band of steely-eyed individuals bound together by a spirit of common advancement. We run in the company of profit minded cut-throats where the credit is king. Reward however does not come without risk, and so we look out for each other as we participate in a variety of operations. Weapons, ships, and opportunity can and will be provided to those that seek them. If you want credits, we want you.

Para-military and commercial services are not currently offered to the public at this time - however - feel free to Darkness Message the current leader with any business proposals you have in mind. All client work is managed through written contracts. The Exchange does not discriminate based on species, home world, or political affiliation (unless it would violate a preexisting contract).

Contact us now to begin what can become a very beneficial partnership.


Phase I

While the present day Exchange is vaguely descended from the criminal syndicate of the Old Republic era, it is ultimately an altogether different beast.

Prior to the rise of the Empire, The Exchange was nearly eliminated during a conflict with the Hutt Cartel. While The Exchange's empire of crime splintered, local Exchange bosses circled their respective wagons and broke off into smaller less influential outfits. Whether as mercenaries, bounty hunters, or smugglers these descendants of the once mighty Exchange would continue on amidst a network of traditional commercial interests after the collapse of the shadow network that originally funded their creation. Unbeknownst to most, one band of mercenaries continued to cherish and romanticize the memory of their once mighty Exchange. Gathering their resources and rebuilding their infrastructure, these men survived and perfected their trade.

This new Exchange first entered the public scene on Day 26 of Year 9 when it claimed control of the Woldona system. Deploying the full weight of it's paramilitary forces, they became the sole authority in the Sevetta sector.

No longer an empire of crime, it's ultimately debatable whether or not these men had any concrete links to The Exchange of legend. Regardless, the outfit was already ingratiated into the Woldona system, who's populace reveled in the idea of a phoenix reborn. This spectacle proved persuasive despite the negative reputation for criminality which originally characterized The Exchange. The Exchange's past opposition to Hutt cartels also proved popular with Outer Rim denizens on the border of Hutt Space.

Unfortunately for men like Mateo Akita, Sotar Loreandel, and Aiden Taan this new Exchange would not be seen into perpetuity, as a new wave of scum and villainy plotted to mantle The Exchange once more.

Phase 2


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