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Posted by Syn on Year 5 Day 196

Location Unknown

Syn Becket-Fe`ll looks up from where she was originally staring blankly at a random point off camera on the bridge and begins to speak.

"Feel there shouldn't be a price on honesty? Can't afford the outrageous fees the Myorzo Corporation charges for their middleman services? Visit the TPA's Trader Ratings ( today, and select a level 5 trader with no instances of theft in their history from the list who will in most cases be more than happy to volunteer middleman services at no cost at all!"

At this point, in a spectacular display of special effects, a white card with the mail address "" is held in front of the holocamera, the hand of the holder plainly visible at the side of the card.

"I can be contacted at this address should you require free middleman services, or perhaps I can put you in touch with other notable traders such as Thraken Solo or Teniel Djo, who I am sure would be pleased to offer their own.. services."

She winks suggestively at the holocamera before the screen fades to black until the next fascinating news report.